KSI vs Logan Paul Betting Tips

KSI vs Logan Paul Betting Tips

Apparently, fights between YouTube personalities are now an official sport. After defeating Joe Weller in February this year in front of 8,000 live spectators, YouTube influencer KSI will take on another colleague in a two-match series against Logan Paul. The initial fight is scheduled for August 25th in Manchester, while the second one will take place in the United States at a later date.

While neither of those two is a skilled enough boxer to cause any serious attention, please don’t tell that to their fans – online community is eagerly anticipating the showdown and speculating about the possible winner. Considering that estimated 25 million viewers saw KSI-Weller within 24 hours after it was posted, the figures for the upcoming fight could be even more staggering due to immense social media following of both participants. That’s why figuring out KSI vs. Logan Paul betting odds has become an obsession for a large number of people, even with the first match nearly two months away.

1. KSI vs Logan Paul Predictions

The fights will follow amateur boxing rules, with the winner declared either by a knock out or by referee decision based on points scoring. There will be a maximum of three rounds, with each round comprising 90 seconds of boxing action. Standard rules will apply, so there is no space for low blows or wrestling in the ring and the contestant able to land more clear punches to the head or torso will win. Obviously, it would be foolish to expect professional-level quality from those two fighters, but the event has an old-school flavor that might appeal to some fans. However, the biggest draw will be the clash of two outsized personalities, trying to assert their macho dominance without true competence.

1.1 KSI

In addition to his endeavors in the boxing ring, KSI is famous as a successful video blog author, and has tried his hand as a rapper and entertainer. Born in 1993 and based out of London, he started working on his online presence nearly 10 years ago. His YouTube channel is immensely popular, with 18 million subscribers and more than 4 billion total views for all videos, most of which are related to sports gaming, including the popular soccer games such as FIFA and PES. He followed up his online success with release of a music album in 2016, so his foray into celebrity boxing continues an unpredictable pattern for this British self-made star.

1.2 Logan Paul

Meanwhile, Logan Paul has a reputation as enfant terrible of the YouTube community, frequently causing serious controversy. Born in Ohio in 1995, he burst onto the scene through the video sharing platform Vine, before moving to Facebook and YouTube, where he now has nearly 16 million subscribers. He gained notoriety for his casual attitude towards sensitive issues, most notably for showing the body of a suicide victim he found in one of his videos. Because of this, many people would be happy to see him take a beating in the ring. Paul also appeared in multiple TV shows and numerous ad campaigns, monetizing his online popularity to a considerable degree.

1.3 KSI vs Logan Paul stats

KSI vs Logan Paul statistics KSI / Logan Paul
Total Followers 18.2M / 16.8M
Engagement (amount of subscribers that watch the videos) 55% / 34%
Average views after 24 hours 1.6M / 4.6M

2. KSI vs Logan Paul Betting Odds

Right now, KSI vs. Logan Paul odds are pretty one-sided, with UK’s participant seen as a clear favorite by most bookmakers. In addition to enjoying the home court advantage, KSI also has the experience of his previous fight against Weller, while Paul is completely untested. Bet365 offers 1.40 odds for KSI to win, while bets on Logan Paul are offered with 2.75 odds. It is entirely possible that odds will fluctuate as the match gets closer and big bets start coming in, so it’s a good idea to continue tracking this movement in the coming several weeks.

KSI vs Logan Paul Press Conference

If you are looking for smart KSI vs. Logan Paul betting tips, this match might be very difficult to properly evaluate due to extreme lack of data about fighters. None of them are known as heavy punchers or imposing physical bruisers, so the probability of a knock out is not great. More likely, the first match will be a defensive affair as the contestants try to adjust to each other’s style and strategy. Of course, there is always the possibility that someone will make a silly mistake and get exposed to a fatal strike, but such things are very difficult to predict with any certainty. The outcome of the first match will inform bettors about real balance of power in the ring, allowing for more accurate KSI vs. Logan Paul predictions in the follow up bout.

3. KSI vs Logan Paul Bet365

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