1XBET Casino VIP Loyalty Program

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Thanks to the huge selection of online casinos available today, the leading companies are having to come up with new and exciting ways to tempt and keep players on their websites, with the 1XBET casino VIP loyalty program being a great example.

1XBET Casino VIP Loyalty Program

1XBET Loyalty Promo Information Details
Availability For all new players
Number of tiers Eight
Section Casino
Where to place bets Casino, live casino, board games, slots, lotteries, etc.

1xbet has been in business since 2011 having started life as a Russian bookmaker. With strong links to the Eastern European market, 1XBET has since expanded to cover many countries throughout the world thanks to its Curacao license. There are many ways in which 1XBET tempts new players and keeps regular players coming back for more at their casino. The 1XBET casino VIP loyalty promo is one of those reasons and below we take a closer look at exactly what it has to offer.

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1. 1XBET Casino Loyalty Promotion Review

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The VIP loyalty program at 1XBET casino is split across 8 1XBET casino VIP Cashback Loyalty Program levels, with every player beginning on the first level which is Copper.

So, every new player signing up for the 1XBET casino VIP cashback loyalty promotion will be begin at level 1 and at this level of the loyalty cashback club at 1XBET casino, players receive a 5% cashback based on lost bets. The bonus is paid out once every 7 days and you will need to accumulate 300,000 experience points to climb to the next level, which is Bronze.

It is worth pointing out there is nothing complex about the cashback loyalty program at 1XBET casino and it is only based on the amount you use the casino for your online gaming. You can also spend a minute to read the related article and check whether using our MyChance Casino bonus code entitles you to take part in a cashback program.

2. Levels in 1XBET Casino VIP Loyalty Cashback Promo

Having obtained 300,000 experience points, you will move to Bronze level on the 1XBET casino bonus loyalty program. While at this level you will receive 6% cashback from your lost bets plus 150 experience points per every one Euro wagered. That's an increase of 50 experience points per every one Euro wagered compared to the Copper level. You will receive the cashback bonus once per 6 days and you need 1 million experience points to move up to the next level on the cashback loyalty promo at 1XBET Casino.

The remaining tiers of the 1XBET casino loyalty club are Silver, Gold, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, and VIP Status.

Level of 1XBET Loyalty Club Cashback Details
Copper 5% cashback on lost bets
Bronze 6% cashback on lost bets
Silver 7% cashback on lost bets
Gold 8% cashback on lost bets
Ruby 9% cashback on lost bets
Saphire 10% cashback on lost bets
Diamond 11% cashback on lost bets
VIP From 0.05% to 0.25% cashback on all bets

As you move through Silver to Diamond, the percentage among of the cashback moves up 1% each time. So, when you reach Diamond status, you will receive 11% cashback based on lost bets. However, to reach this level of the bonus loyalty promotion at 1XBET casino you will need to amass 25 million experience points. That's a total of 10 million more experience points than the previous level, Sapphire.

In addition to the percentage of cashback based on lost bets increasing as you move up the levels, the number of days you must wait to receive the cashback amount reduces. So, by the time you reach the Diamond level of the 1XBET casino bonus cashback program, you can claim your bonus on a daily basis. Plus, the experience points you gain at the Diamond level per one Euro wagered is 400. That's four times the amount you receive at the initial level of Copper. Now we come to the most exciting element of the 1XBET casino loyalty club, VIP status.

3. VIP Status in 1XBET Casino Cashback Program

This is the most prestigious tier of the 1XBET casino cashback loyalty club and it is easy to see why. To reach this level you must have at least 75 million experience points. In terms of the cashback percentage, there is a significant change at this point in the 1XBET casino bonus cashback promo.

Game Type Most Popular Games
Slots Jellyfish Flow, Book of Tribes, Epic Gladiator, and more!
Lottery Keno, Bingo, Scratch cards, and more!
Table Games Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, and more!
Virtual Sports Golden Race, Global Bet, Konect Games, and more!

At VIP status you will receive 0.05% to 0.25% cashback on all of your bets. No longer is the cashback amount based on lost bets, it applies to all bets placed in the 1XBET casino. So, although the percentage has decreased significantly from the Diamond level, it now applies to every single bet you make in the casino, which is fantastic. In addition, you can take this bonus daily so there is no waiting around to receive your funds.

The percentage of cashback you will receive at VIP status of the VIP loyalty promotion at 1XBET casino differs depending on the type of game you are playing. Slots is 0.25% cashback, Live Casino is 0.1% cashback, Lottery is 0.2% cashback, and Table Games is 0.05% cashback. It is worth keeping this in mind when you are playing games at the casino and thinking about the cashback program at 1XBET casino.

Don't forget we also have a tremendous 1XBET promo code you can use when creating a new account at the casino. Why not take advantage of the 1XBET casino welcome offer and join the 1XBET casino Loyalty Program today? You can as well check the welcome offer available when using our Poker Stars promo code about which you can read in the related article and compare it to the benefits from 1XBET casino VIP loyalty program

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