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- post your tips and win without any risk! 100% free
Become an even better tipster! Take part in competitions for beginners or advanced players and earn cash prizes while learning to bet correctly. Additionally, share your experience with the community and become a valued mentor and inspiration for others.
So you play for fun but want to win real prizes? Take part in a simple 1x2 competition where you will find new soccer events every day. Predict results and earn rewards on a daily and weekly basis and learn from experienced tipsters to become an expert yourself, at the same time.
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30 000 € per year
Prestigious Tipster League

Compete against experienced players to get the Tipster of the Year title and 15 000 € in prize money.

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€300 / week
1x2 Betting Competition

A simple and fast game with prizes up for grabs every day.

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Share your passion for sports betting with the community from all over the world

Exchange of valuable information, opinions and analyses - this allows our community to grow and helps tipsters to achieve better results. Every year, over 50 000 users join JohnnyBet to educate themselves and upgrade their skills. You should do it too!
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The Tipster League with a prize pool of €30,000

Win big prizes without risking your funds! Compete against skillful players and develop your analytical skills using the experience of the largest tipping community.
€15,000 for the winner
You don't risk your own funds!
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Get your favorite teams' soccer jerseys every month
Play for the Tipster of the Year title
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Be even more PRO!

Increase your profits by developing your skills and competing with the best tipsters.
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Publish tips
Place your bets on current events by posting your tips in just a few quick and easy steps.
Analyze statistics
Use your knowledge to analyze and improve your results. The statistics available on the website will make it much easier for you!
Exchange information
Be active and share your thoughts! Benefit from exchanging valuable information and building relationships with other engaged users.
Teach others
Become a mentor and inspiration for less experienced players. Gain recognition and take advantage of the opportunities that service offers to PRO players (including donations and the possibility of cooperation with JohnnyBet).

Get to know the opinions of JohnnyBet users

The JohnnyBet Tipster League is just like a Champions League for tipsters, where the best players compete for the most valuable trophy. - asenlv, Tipster of the Year 2021
I appreciate the convenience when adding sports betting tips. Thanks to the automatic coupon creator, I save time, which I can use for additional analysis of events. - epatetuka, Tipster of the Year 2020
Thanks to my activity on JohnnyBet, I have gained many followers who have the opportunity to submit donations as a thank you for the winning tips I share. - ivan4v, Tipster of the Year 2018
For a long time I've been looking for a tool that allows me to store all my coupons and use the statistics. At JohnnyBet, I have everything in one place and I can see in black and white when I win the most and when it is better to let go. - Thanos04

Adding tips has never been so easy!

Use the search engine, thanks to which you can quickly find the event, league or sports discipline you are interested in.
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Select the betting market and add your prediction.
how to add your betting tip
Write an analysis, select a stake and click "Publish Coupon".
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See betting forecasts of the best Tipsters

FIFA World Cup 2022
08:00 | 21.11.2022
magno brito
Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time
Odds and prediction
-333 for England
Premier League 2022/2023
07:30 | 01.10.2022
Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham Hotspur
Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time
Odds and prediction
+280 for Draw
La Liga 2022/2023
10:15 | 01.10.2022
Real Valladolid
Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time
Odds and prediction
+200 for Draw

Enjoy unlimited access to statistics

Become the undisputed king of Tipsters and gain recognition from the community. Collect the well-deserved fruits of hard work and become the unrivaled role model for less experienced tipsters.
Create your own private league
Create private leagues and invite your friends to join. Have fun and compete within your own league to find out who is the best tipster!
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Check out the best betting tips... for free!

Follow free betting tips from Tipster of the Year and other players to help you generate high profits! Thanks to the extensive notification system, you will always be up to date and you will not miss any valuable information which might increase your chances of winning.
Profit of the Tipster of the Year - Season 2022
Yield of the Tipster of the Year - Season 2022
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Free tipster competition with prizes

1x2 Competition with a prize pool of €300 weekly

The Betting Competition is a type of entertainment full of emotions without any risk. Predict match results and become an expert by competing against sports fans from around the world! In addition to weekly rewards, get bonuses for the best score of the day!
€70 every week
for the best tipster
€5 every day
for first place
Get in the game
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Become an expert

Learn and enjoy the game as you boost your skills. Predict the outcome of the best football events that are waiting for you every day.
betting competition with prizes
Make a bet
Pick your answer in a simple 1x2 system based on real odds.
Watch the ranking
The sum of the points earned will contribute to your score and position in the ranking.
Train and get daily and weekly rewards.

Choose your answers and see how simple it is

I love competing in the 1x2 betting competition. Its simple formula means that you don't have to spend a lot of time to confront your sports knowledge with sports fans from around the world and play for prizes. - fizz06
JohnnyBet is a website where you can win big prizes while having a great time. I recommend JohnnyBet as a trustworthy website. - Zari85, the winner of the prize of 10 000 €
I found JohnnyBet by accident looking for free betting tips and I stayed for longer. Here I can easily follow the best tipsters, and the notifications system keeps me informed about the betting tips published even a few minutes before the event starts. - kubson

Join the largest Tipsters League and take part in JohnnyBet betting contests!

Show off your skills! Play and win!
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