3-way Handicap

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3-way Handicap

Handicap betting is a great way to even the playing field for a bet. It can make even the most one-sided of games even for betting purposes. However, there is more than one way to place a handicap bet and the 3-way Handicap bet is a great example.

1. What is 3-way handicap?

The 3-way handicap is available in many sports but for the purposes of this article, we are going to use football, which is one of the most popular sports for betting.

If you consider a basic outright bet for a football match, there are three options from which to choose. They are home win, draw and away win. The 3-way handicap works in a similar way to an outright bet in that you can bet on the home win, draw or away win. You may find the draw is called a tie at some online bookmakers but it means the same thing.

The big difference between an outright bet and a 3-way handicap bet is that the teams do not start with the score at 0-0. One of the teams will have an advantage or disadvantage placed upon them for the purposes of the bet.

The advantage or the disadvantage must be considered at the end of the game when settling the bet.

2. How does 3-way handicap work?

On the final day of the 2018/19 Premier League season, Liverpool are hosting Wolverhampton Wanderers at Anfield. Liverpool need a win to have any chance of claiming the title and are coming into the game on the back of a great result against Barcelona.

Liverpool are the big favourites for the match with the betting at just 1/3 for a home win, 9/2 for the draw and 13/2 for an away win.

These odds are not great but if we look at the 3-way handicap market, there are more tempting bets available. Liverpool defeated Barcelona 4-0 so it would not be a shock to see them repeat that score or something similar against Wolves.

You can bet on Liverpool -3 in the 3-way handicap at 11/2 and this means they start the game with a 3 goal deficit. If Liverpool win the match by a 4 goal margin, the bet will be a winner.

If you think Liverpool will win by 3 goals, you could back the tie in the 3-way handicap market at 9/2 and this is the major difference between a basic handicap bet and a 3-way handicap bet.

Remember, you are betting on the final margin of victory, not the goals scored.

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