Advanced Guide to Casino

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Advanced Guide to Casino

If you have spent some time at an online casino and feel that you are ready to take your gaming to the next level, it pays to read our advanced guide to casino. You will know a little more about the games you are playing, how the casino profits from them and how you can turn the tables and minimise the house edge that they have.

And so this advanced guide to casino gaming will become a crucial resource as you go from being somebody that plays casino games for fun to somebody that knows how to make money playing them.

So if you want to know how to win more at the casino and be more successful, read our advanced casino strategy guide for everything you need to know.

1. Understanding How the Casino Makes Money

We guess that from one of our articles you already know how casinos work and how to choose one that is the best for you. Now, if you want to beat the casino, first you must understand how they beat you in the first place!

They do this thanks to their house edge, which is a built-in profit margin percentage that pretty much every casino game – from blackjack and roulette to baccarat and poker – has.

While software firms programme their games differently, below is a chart outlining the house edge that common forms of casino games have:

Game Payout % House Edge
Blackjack 99.20% 0.80%
Baccarat (Banker Bet) 98.83% 1.17%
Baccarat (Player Bet) 98.37% 1.63%
European Roulette 97.30% 2.70%
3-Card Poker 96.60% 3.40%
Video Slots (On Average) 96.00% 4.00%
Video Poker 95.35% 4.65%
Caribbean Stud Poker 94.74% 5.26%

As you can see, you can already improve your chances of winning simply through your choice of game!

And as we will discover later in this advanced casino guide, there are ways in which you can bring those house edges down too!

2. How to Win at Blackjack

The house edge in blackjack is 0.80%, which clearly gives the casino a minor advantage over players. However, with the application of advanced blackjack strategy we can bring this house edge down even further.

This advanced casino strategy is known as perfect strategy, and can reduce the house’s edge to around 0.30% when applied correctly.

The information you need is displayed in a perfect blackjack chart, which details how to play every combination of hands that you can be dealt.

Blackjack system chart If you follow this blackjack system chart, you will increase your chances for winning!

On the left-hand column is your hand, so your total score in points and also other combinations containing an ace or where you are dealt a pair. Find your score and then scan across to the top column to see what you need to next based upon the dealer’s upturned card.

Perfect strategy will let you know whether to hit, stand, double down or split, and if you follow this religiously in-play you will greatly improve your chances of long-term success. Remember that you can always keep this page open on your computer/phone and refer back to the strategy when you are playing at an online casino such as Melbet (just remember to insert our Melbet promo code into the appropriate field in the registration form)!

3. Counting Cards in Blackjack

You’ve probably heard about card counting, or maybe even seen it in a Hollywood movie.

But here’s the thing: anybody can count cards in blackjack, although you should note that this advanced casino strategy can only be carried out in physical casinos, and not online.

Decks Number Casino Advantage
One Deck 0.17%
Two Decks 0.46%
Four Decks 0.60%
Six Decks 0.64%
Eight Decks 0.65%

This is because you need to be playing blackjack where the deck of cards is not shuffled regularly, so that you can establish your pattern and make accurate predictions as to which cards might be dealt next. That rules out online blackjack because that uses a random number generator in its traditional version and a shuffling machine in the live casino.

So focus on casinos in your local area where the blackjack dealer uses as few decks as possible – less decks, the greater your edge. Then, you will need a card counting strategy.

4. The Hi/Lo Strategy

To make your count as accurate as possible, you need to assign each in the deck with a category, and the most common way to do that is with the hi/lo system.

As the name suggests, you assign a value of 1 to cards in the deck numbered one to six, a value of 0 for seven to nine and then -1 to number ten and the picture cards. With each card that is dealt you keep a running count, so based on the values explained above if your count is a high positive number then you know that there are high point cards left in the deck – conversely, a negative count suggests there are low value cards still in the deck.

If you have powers of concentration and good discipline, card counting is a fantastic casino strategy. You can use our tips in one of the casinos recommended by us. JVSpin casino promo code registration, for example, is simple and opens the door to attractive promos and exciting games. Find the review of this and many other brands on our homepage.

5. Advanced Roulette Strategy

Given that roulette is a game of pure luck, how can we have a strategy that enhances our chances of winning?

One way some players have tried to find an advanced roulette strategy is to adapt a staking plan that ensures every win adds to their overall profit – the Martingale system, for example, dictates that you double your stake after each losing spin, and when you do win you will bank a profit that negates those previous losses.

But think about it: if you go on a lengthy losing streak and are doubling your stake every time, soon you might have busted your bankroll. Don’t forget most online roulette games have a maximum stake too, so you’ll eventually hit a ‘ceiling’ with your bets.

One of the tips we can give you is to play European Roulette where possible over American Roulette. The reason is simple: there is only one zero in the European version, and so now the house edge is lower.

As Albert Einstein once said: ‘the only way to beat roulette is to steal money at a time when the dealer isn’t looking.’ Even a bona fide genius couldn’t find a way to beat the house!

6. Online Slots Strategy

As one of our articles says, like roulette, online slots are 100% random and pure chance – so how can we come up with a casino slots winning strategy?

You don’t have any control over the reels, but you do have control over which games you play. There are slot with high RTP – which means Return to Player – and these give you more consistent wins, albeit with smaller prizes.

And then there are slots with huge jackpot prizes, so you can try your luck at landing a life-changing sum of money. Now you've come to the end of our advance guide to casino and it is time to make a good use of all the new knowledge in practice.

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