€47,000 per year

Tipsters League

Season 2023/2024
The Tipsters League is a competition for all sports and betting fans who want to win huge prizes, without risking their own money. Compete with the best tipsters from around the world, for the title of the Tipster of the Year and a grand prize of €15,000!
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Free Tipsters’ League with prizes
With an annual prize pool of €47,000, the Tipsters’ League is divided into a preseason and a main season. Check out the detailed competition schedule below:
Season 2023/2024
August 2023 – May 2024
Compete for the prestigious Tipster of the Year title and €15,000 prize for the winner. Meet the previous winners:
2022/2023 Biro85 2021 asenlv
Preseason 2024/2025
June 2024 – July 2024
A two-month preparation period for the main Tipsters’ League season, in which you compete and play for a €2,000 prize. Meet the previous winners:
2023/2024 MonaLisa 2022/2023 Lider75
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Add tips and analyze
Go to the Coupon Creator and start betting on events. Thanks to the intuitive creator, you can do it in seconds.
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Keep track of the leaderboard
You are playing for monthly and seasonal prizes. Check your current position in the competition in the leaderboard or on your dashboard.
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Fight for the Tipster of the Year title and a €15,000 prize! The total jackpot is at least €47,000 - including cash prizes and original football shirts!
JohnnyBet Private Leagues
Compete with your friends in private leagues and see who has the best picks! Each league creates an internal ranking for its members. All added predictions take part in the Tipsters League with a total prize pool of €47,000.
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Register to type private league code
Create your own league 788bd42bc30da374955f4701617071df7c27b53844e22be6f3f90309fe0c0fae 273x153
Register to create your own league and invite your mates. May the best one win!
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Prize €15,000
Become the Tipster of the Year
Publish your picks and compete for grand prizes!
The Tipster of the Year is a prestigious title awarded to the best tipster of the main season. The winner receives the main €15,000 prize, a surprise gift, and special recognition on the JohnnyBet website.
Tipsters` League results
Season 2023/2024
General information
To whom the Tipsters League is addressed?
JohnnyBet Tipsters League is addressed to fans of sport results predicting, that is people who provide trustworthy and useful information from the world of sport, as well as for those users, who want to learn professional betting. If you are looking for entertainment or fun, we encourage you to take part in other JohnnyBet's contests.
How to join the JohnnyBet Tipsters League?
To enter the contest, simply log in to the JohnnyBet community, go to the Coupon Creator and start creating coupons in the "Tipster League" mode. Thanks to the intuitive creator, you can do it in seconds.
Which coupons count in the Tipsters League?
Before adding coupons, please make sure that you have the Tipsters League mode enabled (check in the top right corner of the Coupon Creator), as only coupons created in this mode take part in the competition.
How long does the contest last?
Each full season of the Tipsters League lasts 10 months - it begins on August 1 and ends on May 31 of the following year.
How to remove coupon?
Tip carefully - there is no possibility of editing or removing the published coupon.
Have you found a suspicious coupon?
If you think that the coupon that was posted contains false information, please report it to us! At each coupon in the upper right corner, you will find a drop-down menu. Use the "report a violation" option and describe the problem to the moderator.
What are the prizes?
There are two types of prizes - monthly and seasonal. The best tipsters of the season receive cash prizes. In addition, each month, three tipsters with the highest profit receive original football jerseys. To learn more about prizes for each place in the ranking visit our Rules section.
What is the Tipster of the Year title?
The Tipster of the Year is a prestigious title awarded to the best Tipster of the season. The winner receives the main prize, a surprise prize and also a special badge on JohnnyBet platform.
I've won the contest. How to claim the prize?
Prizes will be transferred directly to PayPal/Skrill accounts after user verification. Make sure you have assigned the correct PayPal/Skrill address to your account. Go to PayPal/Skrill settings
My friend and I are both playing in the contest. Can we share the same PayPal/Skrill address?
Every tipster needs to have his own unique PayPal/Skrill address. Having several accounts with the same PayPal/Skrill address will result in blocking and non-payment of the prize.
Private leagues
What are private leagues?
Private leagues are an additional feature in the Tipsters League that allows you to compete not only in the main competition, but also with your friends. The participants of a private league are those invited by its creator. Participants predict sporting events and compete for the best ranking positions in the given private league.
How can I join a private league?
You can create your own private league and invite other users to it (by giving them the league code) or join an existing league. To join a league, enter the code you received from the league creator in the appropriate field on the "Private Leagues" subpage.
How do I invite friends to join a Private League?
To invite your friends to join a private league you have created, send them the code of your league. Once they use it, they will automatically be added to it. You can find the code for your league under the 'Settings' tab in the view of your league.
How many private leagues can I join?
You can join up to 15 private leagues.
How long does it take to compete in a private league?
Private Leagues last from the moment they are created until the end of the current Season or Pre-Season. In addition to the overall ranking, monthly rankings are also available in the private leagues.
Which coupons count in the private leagues?
Coupons count both in the private leagues and in the main Tipsters League. Before adding coupons, please make sure that you have the Tipsters League mode enabled (check in the top right corner of the Coupon Creator), as only coupons created in this mode take part in the competition.

If you are a participant in several different private leagues and publish a coupon in your profile, it takes part in all of these leagues and in the Tipster League main competition.

In order for your coupon to take part in the private league, its date must fall within the league period, as well as you must be a member of that league at the time the coupon is added.
If I participate in private leagues, do the coupons I publish also count towards the Tipsters League main competition?
Yes, coupons placed in a private league also take part in the Tipsters League. In that way, you are not only competing against participants in the private leagues, but you are also competing for prizes in the main competition (prize pool: €47,000).
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