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Dear Tipsters,

the survey and final results of the Tipsters League will appear at the beginning of next week. Future results will appear as scheduled. Thank you for your patient. Good luck

hello what have I done I only type what is offered, I do not understand if there is a mistake by the provider I can not help it, that is not a wrong tip submission please answer thanks
vor 18 Stunden
wie lange ist man gesperrt ? und ich es nicht verstehe soll man jetzt jede qoute in frage stellen

sind sie zumindenst so fair und erklaren mir das denn NMB2018 und andere waren nicht einmal 1 woche gesperrt
Half time / full time market odds are incorrect. For example the Portuguese games. Please remove the wrong coupons. Thanks.
Good afternoon, I am writing to notify you of a system failure. I have some coupons that appear winner and are losers. And I saw that last month the users were penalized for the same system error that is why I notified them so they can. correct the error occurred. and to not receive any sanction for error in your system
wrong coupons have been canceled, so ask everyone whose play cards over/under stop place more bets. I reported at least 50 picks and ready to report another 50 tips. This is a competition, but the fake odds kill the joy.
Dear Tipsters!

Due to the recent problems with the coupons for table tennis we would like to inform that all the wrong coupons have been canceled. Every similar error that will occur in the future will be corrected up to date.

Thank you for reporting us the incorrectly settled coupons. That’s how we can help our Community getting better slightly_smiling_face
Hello, i cannot access the site fifa 20 league
por favor sigo esperando respuesta del porque me bloquearon en la semana 268 ? que falta hice... porque yo solo hago los que ustedes dicen creo yo... espero su respuestas y la devolucion de los premios
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