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No Bhutan Lottery promo code is required for players signing up. Instead of a Bhutan Lottery bonus code for 2024, you can click on our links to access the main website. Once in, you can play a variety of games with generous prizes, some going to the millions!

Bhutan Lottery Promo Code 2024

Information Details
Bhutan Lottery Games Phuensum Lotto 5/36, Thuensum Crosswords, Thuensum Race 6, Thuensum Bingo, Bhutan Daily Raffle, Thuensum Terdrup, and more!
Ticket Price From Nu. 20 Per Ticket
Bhutan Lottery Promo Code June 2024 Not Available

On this page, we welcome our Bhutanese players to learn more about our latest promo code Bhutan Lottery 2024. From how to register for an account, buy Bhutan Lottery tickets, play lottery games, and claim prizes, our Bhutan Lottery review has got you covered. It all begins with clicking our links to start, and you could be the next big winner!

1. How to Play the Bhutan Lottery

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To begin your journey at Bhutan Lottery, you must create an account, and this is where you need to check with us for any Bhutan Lottery voucher code. You will copy it to use while signing up if one is available. The next step is to click on the links on our page to access the Bhutan Lottery website. Below is a step-by-step guide on signing up:

  • Tap β€˜Sign Up’ on the top-right side.
  • Create your unique username and enter a password.
  • Confirm you are 18+ and agree to the T&Cs.
  • Complete your registration by providing personal details, including name, date of birth, gender, address, mobile number, and employment status.
  • Make your deposit and complete the process.
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The next step after registering a new account is signing in and choosing the games to play. For example, the Bhutan Lottery Phuensum Lotto and Bhutan Lottery Thuensum Crosswords, arguably the most popular games, will first require you to buy tickets, which go for as low as Nu. 30, to start playing. Each game will have a set of instructions on how to play, as we will show you later in this review.

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2. How to Claim Prizes at Bhutan Lottery

Claiming a prize at Bhutan Lottery is similar to other national lotteries, where the process depends on the amount in question. Here are the important details you need to keep in mind as you claim prizes at the lottery:

  • Phuensum Weekly and Bumper Lottery winners must submit the prize-winning lottery and other necessary documents within 60 days.
  • Scratchcard prize winners must submit the prize-winning Scratchcard within 30 days after sales closure.
  • Redemption of prizes above Nu. 10,000 will be at the head office, Bhutan Lottery Limited.
  • Redemption of prizes of up to Nu. 10,000 will be at the respective Dzongkhag Sales Agents.
  • Accompanying documents to surrender at the BLL office and Dzongkhag Sales Agents office in addition to the prize-winning lottery tickets and scratchcards include:
  • One passport-size photograph of the winner.
  • A valid copy of the ID card or other identification documents.

3. Bhutan Lottery Offers

Now that you know how to use our Bhutan Lottery promo code, register, and play, the next step is diving into the offers, specifically, the games to expect. As mentioned, each game will have instructions on how to play, have a ticket price, and provide the prize you can expect. Below is a review of the popular Bhutan Lottery games:

3.1 Phuensum Lotto 5/36

It is one of the most popular games in the lottery. The tickets are priced as low as Nu. 30, and you can purchase them through sales agents. The game starts each Monday and Thursday at 5pm, and the task will be to pick five (5) numbers between 1 and 36. Matching five (5) balls with the ones drawn wins the progressive jackpot. At the time of this writing, the progressive jackpot stood at Nu. 2,186,389. After the main draw, a bonus ball is drawn from the remaining numbers, and matching it increases the chances to win. Besides the progressive jackpot, there are other payouts, including:

4 Balls + 1 Bonus Win Nu. 100,000
4 Balls Win Nu. 10,000
3 Balls + 1 Bonus Win Nu. 2,000
3 Balls Win Nu. 90
2 Balls + 1 Bonus Win Nu. 90
2 Balls Win Nu. 30
1 Ball + 1 Bonus Win Nu. 30

3.2 Thuensum Crosswords

Thuensum Crosswords is another popular game at Bhutan Lottery. The card game requires you to choose your lucky card and scratch the winning letters, with each card priced at Nu. 30. You win a prize when you complete three (3) words and a jackpot prize of Nu. 500,000 when you complete nine (9) words.

Each crossword board will have 14 words, and you will have 18 letters to scratch off. You match the letters on the board with any letter you scratch off. The rule is the more words you match, the better the prizes.

3.3 Thuensum Bingo

Players can also play Bhutan Lottery Thuensum Bingo, an instant 35-ball Bingo game featuring prizes of up to Nu. 500,000. Each card goes for Nu. 30, and you can purchase up to four (4) cards per game.

Each card will have 24 randomly chosen numbers from a total 75 numbers. You will then match the 35 randomly drawn balls against those on your cards. The task is to match the column, row, left diagonal, right diagonal, corners, cross, letter H, and outside frame patterns for prizes.

To play more online bingo games we recommend checking out the Betwinner casino and sportsbook. Plus, new players signing up with our Betwinner promo code get an exclusive sports betting bonus up to €130 (or currency equivalent).

3.4 Thuensum Race 6

Also in the fold is Bhutan Lottery Race 6 game, with a progressive jackpot of Nu. 648,254 as of the time of this writing. The game has its ticket price going for Nu. 50, and the good news is that you can play every 30 minutes. It is a pari-mutuel pool game, where the prize pool depends on all the tickets sold in the game. That means the more the players join, the higher the prize pool and number of prizes.

The task will be to pick six (6) lucky numbers from 1 to 28 and match the drawn numbers. You win the progressive jackpot if you match all the six (6) numbers in the first draw.

3.5 Bhutan Daily Raffle

Closing our list of popular games is Bhutan daily raffle, with a guaranteed ten (10) winners daily. The ticket price is Nu. 20, with draws made every night at 9pm. Like Thuensum Race 6, the prize pool will grow on each ticket purchase. You stand to become a winner if the numbers in your ticket match the numbers drawn. The table below shows the prize distribution:

1st Wins 35% of the pool
2nd Wins 15% of the pool
3rd Wins 10% of the pool
4th Wins 8% of the pool
5th Wins 7% of the pool
6th Wins 5% of the pool
7th Wins 5% of the pool
8th Wins 5% of the pool
9th Wins 5% of the pool
10th Wins 5% of the pool

4. BhutanLotteryPromoCode Review

Let’s admit it: Bhutan Lottery does not come out as a top lottery but serves its purpose to the Bhutanese players. While the game selection is not wide and does not encompass the popular draw and Scratchcard games, the few on board are thrilling with impressive prizes.

Other positives include a friendly and responsive support team. However, the lottery features a few drawbacks, including the missing Bhutan Lottery app and Bhutan Lottery promo code 2024 deals. Therefore, we invite players from Bhutan to check out our picks of the best VPN friendly casinos for 2024 to get the latest bonus codes and promotions at top casino brands.

5. Bhutan Lottery Promo Code – FAQs

5.1 βš–οΈ Is Bhutan Lottery legal?

Bhutan Lottery is fully legal. It is a state-owned lottery for the residents of Bhutan and operates under Bhutan Lottery Limited.

5.2 πŸ“² Can I download a Bhutan Lottery app?

There is no Bhutan Lottery app to download. You can only play online or through the sales agents within the country.

5.3 πŸ€‘ Can I claim promo code Bhutan Lottery deals?

Unfortunately, no Bhutan Lottery bonus code 2024 deals exist for new or existing players. However, there are generous prizes to claim from the lottery games.

5.4 🎁 What is the promo code at the Bhutan Lottery?

You will not require any Bhutan Lottery promo code but you can still use our links to sign up and play the lottery games.

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