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The EuroJackpot promo code is not required to play the lottery. Even without any EuroJackpot bonus code for 2024, you can join and claim prizes every Tuesday and Friday. The EuroJackpot prizes range from a few Euros to an impressive €120 million!

EuroJackpot Promo Code 2024

EuroJackpot Offer Details
EuroJackpot Promo Code Not Available
EuroJackpot: Minimum Prize €10 million
EuroJackpot: Maximum Prize €120 million

Our guide provides everything you need to know about EuroJackpot. We seek to answer questions like how does EuroJackpot work, which countries can play EuroJackpot, how to check EuroJackpot results, and more. Read on for a comprehensive guide on EuroJackpot.

1. What is EuroJackpot?

EuroJackpot Currently available
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EuroJackpot is a popular lottery operating across many countries in Europe. Having debuted in March 2012 with six countries involved, it is arguably one of the fastest-growing lotteries, with 19 countries involved today. The lottery brings up players aged 18+ from the accepted countries to participate in jackpots that may go as high as €120 million. Participation is twice per week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, and as more players join, the popularity of EuroJackpot keeps rising.

The idea behind the lottery replicates progressive jackpots, such as those available at Spins4Crypto with our Spins4Crypto promo code; the more people play, the bigger the prize pool. With 19 countries involved, it explains why the prizes are in the range of millions each week. Each draw has a minimum jackpot prize of €10 million, rising to €120 million as more players participate.

2. Which Countries Can Play EuroJackpot

While debuting in March 2012, EuroJackpot started with six countries and has grown to accommodate 19 European countries. They are:

  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden

All draws are held at 8 pm CET in Helsinki, Finland. So, can a non European play EuroJackpot? The answer is yes. For example, if you are visiting a participating country, you can purchase tickets at retail stores and participate in the EuroJackpot lottery for prizes.

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3. How to Bet on EuroJackpot

EuroJackpot operates like other popular national lottery games, with two sets of drums, such as Powerball. The task is to select five (5) main numbers from 1 to 50 and two (2) more Euro numbers from 1 to 12. You will be predicting as many numbers as possible, and should you correctly predict all seven (7) numbers, you win the jackpot. However, the prizes do not stop at the jackpot since there are 11 more tiers beneath the top prize, with prizes to be won.

You can also use the ‘Quick Play’ option when purchasing tickets. The option will randomly generate a set of numbers for you.

Win up to €120 million in EuroJackpot!

3.1 EuroJackpot Tickets

There are two ways of purchasing tickets to play the EuroJackpot lottery. You can buy online or at an authorized retail store.

Purchasing online will require you to set up an account with the national lottery in your country, and this is a good option since these tickets can be automatically checked on your behalf. You will be notified if you have won a EuroJackpot prize.

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Another way to purchase EuroJackpot tickets is through retail stores across participating countries. The play cards will be available so you can mark the numbers and have the cashier provide a ticket confirming your picks and draws. You will wait for the draw to find out if you have won.

3.2 EuroJackpot Prizes

One highlight of EuroJackpot is that the lottery has among the largest prizes. As mentioned, the minimum jackpot for EuroJackpot is €10 million and will continuously grow each week as players participate until there is a winner.

It operates like a progressive jackpot, where if it is not selected, it will roll over while boosting ticket sales and increasing the top prize after each draw. The maximum jackpot for EuroJackpot is €120 million. With 12 different tiers, the EuroJackpot works on a model that allows as many winners as possible.

4. How to Check EuroJackpot Results

The EuroJackpot lottery draws are weekly, every Tuesday and Friday at 8 pm CET in Helsinki, Finland. Are you wondering how to check who the EuroJackpot winner is today? The main website of the EuroJackpot provides this information. You can check winning numbers from the last draw under the ‘Winning Numbers’ tab, or go to the ‘Prize Check’ tab to enter your numbers and see if you qualify for the other prizes.

5. EuroJackpot Review

EuroJackpot is a big lottery operating in several European countries and rates highly for its impressive prizes, including the maximum jackpot of €120 million. With tickets easy to purchase and draws happening twice a week, there is always a chance for you to grab all sorts of prizes without any EuroJackpot promo code needed. The only drawback is that you will not find any promo code EuroJackpot 2024 deals for new or existing players.

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6. EuroJackpot Promo Code FAQ

6.1 👍 Is EuroJackpot legit?

EuroJackpot is a legal lottery. It is a merged jackpot lottery of all national lotteries from 19 countries, including Italy, Croatia, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

6.2 🗺️ Is EuroJackpot the biggest lottery in Europe?

EuroJackpot is among the biggest lotteries in Europe. It rubs shoulders with EuroMillions, arguably the biggest in Europe.

6.3 😎 How can I win EuroJackpot prizes?

You can win EuroJackpot prizes by matching the correct main and Euro numbers. You will win the main jackpot if you correctly match five (5) main numbers and two (2) Euro numbers.

6.4 ❓ Is EuroJackpot registration code required to play?

You only need to set up an account at your national lottery or purchase retail tickets to play while in a participating country - you do not need any EuroJackpot promo code to play the lottery.

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