Hot Hot Penny Slot Machine Free Online

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Hot Hot Penny Slot Machine Free Online

Hot Hot Penny video slot machines are very popular because they offer players with bigger pay-outs and more opportunities to get those pay-outs. Effectively, when you play a Hot Hot Penny video slot game, chances of bonus features being triggered will be higher.

In this article we will try to tell you more about the Hot Hot Penny feature, games that have it and where can you play those slots.

1. What is the Hot Hot Penny Feature?

Hot Hot Penny is a feature introduced in a series of slot machines created by the WMS Gaming. The feature itself is so popular that people are looking for Hot Hot Penny slot machines, while it's only a bonus featured and there is no such machine physically.

So what is it and why it's so popular?

Basically Hot Hot Penny brings some extra bonuses to the game. The bonuses range from extra wild symbols on reels to bonus free spins. Each slot machine with Hot Hot Penny logo have additional bonuses on it. To activate the feature, player needs to make a side bet per line (usually 10 credits per line) which will result in much higher hit probability. It makes the reels to be re-spun (once) if there are no bonus symbols. So you can say that Hot Hot Penny is giving player a second chance.

2. Hot Hot Penny Slot Machines

There are few slot machines that have the Hot Hot Penny feature installed. Those slots are: King of Africa, Blue Lagoon, Gem Hunter, Emerald Eyes, Planet Loot and Whipping Wild.

To give you an example on how Hot Hot Penny slot machine looks like, we'll bring you the King of Africa slot preview. So you could get the feel.

King of Africa’s theme focuses on African cultural symbols, animals, and landscapes. This game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. Combined with its bonus features, this means that you get multiple extra spins! Here are some highlights of King of Africa.

1. You can spin with a bet as low as 30p to as high as 150 pounds.

2. Get 3 or more bonus tree features in your spin and you get 8 free spins!

3. The hot hot penny feature becomes active when you get only 2 bonus tree features. This gives you an extra chance to get the third bonus feature.

4. You get a cash prize worth 10 times your stake followed by a picking screen with anything between 3 to 5 picks.

5. Your pick screen will contain either free spins or coins. Coins will give you more spins. 3 coins means 30 extra spins, 2 coins 10 spins, and one coin five extra spins.

Triggering the bonus feature is not rare with the Hot Hot Penny slot feature. So, you can get huge pay-outs!

If you’re not a big African safari fan then you can choose the adventure themed Gem Hunter or even the Pacific island themed Blue Lagoon. Most features in these two games are similar to that of King of Africa, providing you with a lot of variety of styles to choose from. Blue Lagoon is only different from King Africa because it provides 30 pay lines as opposed to 20.

3. Can I Play Hot Hot Penny Slots Online?

Unfortunately, non of this slots are available online. You can only find them in stationary casinos. That means, sadly, no Hot Hot Penny download is possible so you are going to have to stick with classics and look for other popular titles. You can check our collection or read more articles about popular slot machines on our site. Take a look at our review of Hot Chance slot machine game or read about new mobile slot games on JohnnyBet. Even if there's no way to play Hot Hot Penny slot machine free online there are hundreds of other options waiting for you! Good luck!

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