How to Win at Roulette Online

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How to Win at Roulette Online

Naturally everyone would like to discover how to win at roulette online, but as results are determined randomly that is basically not possible. However, here we introduce various roulette number strategy systems worth considering, to act as a guidance. We also explain the basics of the game, and recommend several of the best brands to visit at which to play.

1. What is Roulette and How to Play it

The roulette wheel is probably the first image many people have when thinking about casinos, no wonder many players wonder where and how to play online or how to deal with roulette download game PC. The gaming wheel has been played in various forms for more than 200 years after originating in France, and online casinos now have multiple versions to play. Online roulette rules are much the same as those at a high street establishment but with certain variables.

They all have what are referred to as 'pockets' numbering from 0 to 36 circling the wheel, which are split between the colours red and black, with zero having a green 'pocket'. There is an American version that has a double zero pocket, which is also green. From 1 to 10 and 19 to 28 the odd numbers are red and the even numbers black. This is reversed in the ranges 11 to 18 and 29 to 36, with odds black and even red.

It should be remembered that this is a game of chance, so there is no win at roulette guaranteed. The croupier spins the wheel at high speed before adding a tiny ball spun in the opposite direction. Players can place bets in the form of chips, on where it will land, although there are many ways of how to win at online roulette.

With an individual chip, it is possible to bet on an outright number, odd or even, black or red, high or low valued numbers, or cover several grouped numbers. There are inevitably plenty of online roulette tips for gamblers to refer to, but usually after experiencing the game for a period of time, players will use an online roulette system, that suits their playing style the best.

2. Top Roulette Strategies

Players will always seek to discover how to win at roulette every time, and will therefore look to come up with a successful roulette winning formula. If it is possible to learn how to win at roulette with little money, then better still. Of course, in a game of chance, there is no way of knowing how to win at roulette table games every spin, but some roulette strategy tips can certainly assist.

Online Roulette Best Strategy Details
Martingale Strategy The law of avareges; double the size of bet immediately after a loss. As soon as there is a win, reset your stake to the initial amount.
Reverse Roulette Rewarding winning streaks; double each bet following a win. Resetting to the initial original amount only in case of a loss.
D'Alembert Betting System Start off with an initial bet of five units and subtract one unit for a win.
Fibonacci Sequence Add a series of numbers together to provide the next number (a very complex strategy).
Double Street Quad A non-progressive approach; concentrate on 'street', 'straight', and 'corner' bets.
Bonus Hunting Play only at the best casinos with the highest bonuses.
Setting the Limits Knowing when to quit.

2.1 Setting the Limits

Firstly, players should set their own limits. The house is often able to beat online roulette players due to them pushing their luck and not recognising a simple rule of quitting while ahead. There are, however, several online roulette systems that can be adopted to enhance winning prospects.

2.2 Bonuses for Online Roulette

As with any type of online gambling, a very good strategy would be to seek out the bonuses available. Many brands, such as NetBet with their NetBet promo code provide a very good introductory offer and players can utilise these welcome packs at the roulette table and effectively place a series of free bets.

Play the roulette only at the best online casinos to increase your winnings

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2.3 Martingale Strategy Roulette

The Martingale Strategy is aimed more at beginners and basically suggests doubling the size of a bet immediately after a loss. It is relying on the law of averages and as soon as there is a win, a player should reset their stake to the original amount.

2.4 Reverse Roulette Strategy

The reverse roulette strategy to the Martingale is a Parlay Strategy, which rewards winning streaks. With this online roulette system, a player actually doubles each bet following a win and only resets to the initial amount following a loss. To add some caution, some players might want to add a profit target and limit the doubling up to a specific number of wins, which can prove to be a good example of how to win at roulette on a regular basis.

2.5 D'Alembert Betting System Roulette

Another popular strategy is one referred to as the D'Alembert betting system, which is slightly more advanced and is definitely for those with a significant bankroll. Here, a player starts off with an initial bet of five units and subtracts one unit for a win, or conversely, adds one unit for a loss. The advantage of this one is that it is not as punishing if a player finds themselves on a roll of multiple losing bets.

2.6 Fibonacci Sequence Roulette Strategy

The Fibonacci Sequence Strategy is a quite complicated idea for how to win at roulette online, based on adding a series of numbers together to provide the next number. This is usually adopted by only the very experienced players.

2.7 Double Street Quad Strategy

The Double Street Quad Strategy could be described as a non-progressive approach. Here, the betting concentrates on what is known as 'street' bets, as well as 'straight' and 'corner' bets. This type of bet has the potential for a very large pay-out, but will also often generate lots of small wins to keep a player interested.

3. Where to Play Roulette Online

Roulette, along with blackjack, poker, and baccarat, is a table game that is available at most, if not all, online casinos. What is more, they are also accessible in several versions at some of the better sites and leaders in the entire industry.

bet365 has forged a fabulous reputation, and their online live roulette offering only serves to heighten their standing. They have their own exclusive edition of the game 'Super Spin Roulette'.

This is a multiplier-type game where numbers are randomly generated and proportionally applied across all bets placed inside the layout. What's more, a similar roulette is available at PariPulse where you can register with the PariPulse promo code to get some extra bonuses. This roulette has the effect of increasing winning returns, although this is evened out elsewhere, it still is a very popular version.

At Bitstarz Casino, the experience of playing roulette is really great. At this casino, those looking to play live roulette online will particularly enjoy the live dealers and the high-quality graphics and audio, which ensures superior gameplay and an engaging experience.

Similarly to Bitstarz with their Bitstarz Casino bonus code, Energy Casino, is very impressive in its presentation and provides a very smooth and relaxed atmosphere in which to play. They offer opportunities to play French and European roulette online.

Competing for the title of the best online roulette UK has to offer is William Hill. They have over 20 different adaptations of the game, and their roulette live online option is as good as anywhere.

Playing alongside other punters gives a genuine feel of the real thing, and their table limits are as good as anywhere and better than most. If you like this type of experience, you can also try out the roulette which is available at CanPlay Casino – one of the top online casinos out there. It just so happens that you can get a great welcome bonus at CanPlay if you register using our CanPlay Casino promotional code.

Alternatively, you can check, while visiting an online casino if particular brand also offers free roulette game download for PC. However, roulette download PC may not guarantee special bonuses and may not allow you to play against other registered gamblers.

4. How to Win at Roulette Online - FAQ

4.1 ❓ What is the best roulette strategy to play for beginners?

There are many that can be adopted, but the Martindale Strategy is widely regarded as the best system for roulette when first starting out in the game.

4.2 ❓ Is online roulette rigged?

Any theories that online roulette is rigged can be dispelled, it is perfectly fair and legal, so there is no need to go through roulette download for you PC as you can safely enjoy it in the online casinos.

4.3 ❓ Where are the best places to play roulette online?

Roulette is available at most casinos, but amongst the best brands are: bet365, William Hill, Bitstarz, and Energy Casino.

4.4 ❓ Is there a way to play roulette online that guarantees success?

Everyone would like to know how to win at roulette online guaranteed every time, but whilst strategies can help, they do not carry with them absolute assurances.

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