IIHF World Championship 2023 Betting Odds

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IIHF World Championship 2023 Betting Odds

Hockey is an immensely popular sport in some parts of the world, so it doesn’t surprise that excitement about IIHF World Championship 2023 betting odds is so intense. This competition will pit 16 of the best national teams in the world against each other in pursuit of a prestigious trophy, giving fans a chance to enjoy some truly epic duels. Everyone is trying to make 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship picks and guess the eventual medal winners, but this won’t be easy due to the strength of this year’s field. Nevertheless, the current favorites are Canada with odds of 3.25 (9/4) at Bet365.

In this IIHF World Championship 2023 how to bet guide, we will try to preview the tournament rules and format, identify the most deserving favorites, and provide some savvy advice about smart bets you can make. Hopefully, this will empower the readers to make better IIHF betting predictions and make some money while enjoying great competition on the ice.

1. IIHF World Championship 2023 Preview

Officially recognized as the World Championship in ice hockey for men, IIHF 2023 tournament will decide which national team can claim the top spot in the world. This high-level tournament is played annually, which gives fans a regular opportunity to follow the best teams and indulge in some betting action. This IIHF World Championship 2023 preview must note that two nations that were originally slated to host the event – Russia and Belarus – are prevented from participating due to their involvement in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

If you look at the guys we put on the ice today, and in the other tournaments, we have a very good team. But really, it’s all about May and another World Championship. - Sam Hallam (Sweden Coach) - following victory against Finland in the Euro Hockey Tour, IIHF.com

As it is, the tournament will take place in Riga, Latvia and Tampere, Finland. It starts on May 12th and will run through May 28th 2023, with two 8-team groups in the first stage and a single elimination playoffs. With the schedule already set, fans can start speculating about IIHF World Championship 2023 betting picks and debating the chances of their favorite team to reach the medal rounds. If you require some help picking your wagers, follow the links to our online tipping betting forum article.

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2. 2023 IIHF World Championship 2023 Betting Tips

The best way to start a list of 2023 IIHF World Championship betting tips is to list the teams that dominated the previous tournament. In 2022, Finland won its fourth title by defeating Canada in the finals, with Czech Republic and United States also finishing in the top 4. All of those teams will be in the hunt again in 2023, and many websites offering IIHF betting tips consider them to be serious contenders.

However, there are many other smart bets to be made, as several strong teams might be lurking in the shadows and waiting for an opportunity. According to expert IIHF World Championship predictions, it’s entirely possible that a surprise team will qualify for semi-finals at least. Trying to guess which team will pull off this feat might be more lucrative than predicting the overall winner, although it’s necessary to consider the exact 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship betting odds before deciding how to place a bet.

3. IIHF World Championship 2023 Betting Predictions

The best way to estimate which teams are the actual favorites is to check the IIHF World Championship winner odds at leading online sportsbooks. The list of top favorites is quite short and includes the usual suspects – Canada is at the top with 3.25 (9/4) odds, followed closely by Finland at 3.50 (5/2) and Sweden at 5.50 (9/2) with Bet365.

The next tier is when things get interesting, and making a bold IIHF World Championship 2023 betting prediction could pay off handsomely. Current IIHF World Championship 2023 betting odds are 7.50 (13/2) on the Czech Republic and USA at 8.50 (15/2), 15.00 (14/1) on Switzerland and 29.00 (28/1) on Germany. It’s probably not wise to bet on any teams ranked below that, as they are not sure even to advance from the group stage. Since there is still a lot of time left until the tournament starts, it’s worth monitoring IIHF World Championship 2023 betting lines to see if any of the teams you believe in moves up or down.

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3.1 2023 IIHF World Championship Free Bet

To reduce the financial risk and make your betting experience even better, you could try to take advantage of IIHF World Championship free bets available at top betting sites. Providers such as Unibet and William Hill have a policy to award a free bet to each new member, so using this feature to bet on hockey might be a smart idea. Even if you don’t know too much about betting on ice hockey, you can still pick a team based on IIHF World Championship 2023 tips and use a free bet to try your luck.

3.2 How to Bet on 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship

Like with any other type of sports betting, it’s necessary to balance risk and reward. Based on the analysis of the IIHF World Championship 2023 odds, a group of serious contenders stands out from the field and you should probably focus your attention on teams from this narrow band. The location of the tournament matters too, so Finland as the host nation and their Scandinavian neighbors are sure to enjoy support from the stands, which might affect their chances of winning.

A serious bettor must always be aware of the IIHF World Championship 2023 latest odds, as changes are possible at any moment due to roster composition, player injuries, and other factors. If you would like to learn more before placing a wager, follow the links to the latest smart betting predictions and tips from the experts.

4. 2023 IIHF World Championship Live Streaming

It’s understandable that fans who are betting on the outcomes of the Ice Hockey World Championship 2023 games will be highly interested in watching live broadcasts. That won’t be hard to do, as numerous websites will offer the possibility of IIHF World Championship 2023 live streaming.

That includes popular betting providers like William Hill and Unibet, where you can also place bets on the tournament winner and the outcomes of individual games. This is a great way to put some of the IIHF World Championship 2023 betting tips and strategies you learned online into practice and follow up on your predictions in real time.

5. IIHF World Championship – Frequently Asked Questions

5.1 🌍Where is the 2023 IIHF World Championship taking place?

This year’s tournament was originally awarded to Russia and Belarus, but was since relocated to Finland and Latvia. The fact that the defending champions will be playing in front of the home crowd certainly factors into IIHF World Championship 2023 predictions.

5.2 📺How to watch the IIHF World Championship in 2023?

If you read the rest of this IIHF World Championship 2023 betting guide, you already know that betting sites like William Hill, Unibet, and others might broadcast the games live. Just go to the website of your chosen provider and look for the live stream of the game you want to watch.

5.3 🏆Who are the favorites to win the IIHF World Championship in 2023?

The favorites to win this year's edition at Bet365 is Canada with odds of 3.25 (9/4).

5.4 🏒Where to bet on 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship?

There are countless betting sites that accept bets on this high-profile ice hockey tournament. Some of the sites with the best IIHF World Championship 2023 betting odds include Bet365, 1XBET, William Hill, Unibet, to name just a few proven market leaders.

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