Joshua vs Usyk Betting Tips

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Joshua vs Usyk Betting Tips

With not so much time left before this bout, you should hurry up and take advantage of our selected Joshua vs Usyk betting tips if you want to place your bets on time. Why does this fight get so big attention? Well, first of all, it's a rematch in which the British fighter is looking for revenge. This Saturday, almost exactly one year after their first fight, Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk will meet again, but this time, the Ukrainian boxer is a favourite against the Brit who's recently had a hard time in his career. According to bookies and experts, Usyk should defend the WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO heavyweight belts he won last year.

Joshua vs Usyk - Rematch Information

Fight Information Details
Date Saturday, August 20, 2022
Time 9 pm BST
The Official Name Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua 2: Rage on the Red Sea
Venue King Abdullah Sports City
Location Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
Stake WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, IBO heavyweight titles

At the moment, Joshua vs Usyk 2 betting line at Bet365 has Usyk as a 1.53 favourite against Joshua who's a 2.62 underdog, but those odds could change in the upcoming days as more information becomes available. To help boxing enthusiasts prepare for this incredible fight, we prepared an overview of the action and added some juicy Joshua vs Usyk 2 winner betting tips for good measure.

1. Joshua vs Usyk 2 Betting Preview

Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk fought a dramatic match for the heavyweight championship title in London back in September 2021, with Usyk claiming victory by decision. Two rivals immediately agreed to a rematch, which will take place on August 20th 2022 in the Saudi city of Jeddah, with the fight nicknamed ‘Rage on the Red Sea'. You're right to expect a great and exciting fight, full of punches and probably some blood spilt over the ring.

Joshua vs Usyk 2 - Head-to-Head Comparison

Anthony Joshua Information Oleksandr Usyk
British Nationality Ukrainian
198 cm Height 191 cm
32 Age 35
Orthodox Style Southpaw
24-2 (22 KO) Current Record 19-0 (13 KO)

The winner will take home WBA, WBO, IBO, and IBF heavyweight titles, so it’s understandable that betting online on Joshua vs Usyk 2 is very popular. Usyk brings an undefeated record into the fight, but Joshua is a former champion who has a height advantage, so the fight promises to be very exciting. Almost every Joshua vs Usyk rematch preview points out there is a high chance of an early knockout. That's why you can find objectively high odds for the fight to go full distance.

It's hard to predict any other outcome than Usyk winning the rematch this Saturday. Even though Joshua is very determined to get his revenge and win the four belts to come back to the heavyweight spotlight, he seems to be a weaker fighter now. With his power and experience, Usyk is a clear favourite to win even by KO. - JohnnyBet expert

2. Joshua vs Usyk 2 Betting Odds

Careful analysis of the Joshua vs Usyk 2 winner betting lines can reveal the balance of power between the fighters along with a few good betting propositions. The odds clearly favour Usyk to repeat the success of his first meeting with the British hard hitter, but the difference is not huge. Joshua vs Usyk winner betting odds vary from one bookmaker to the next, so you can get 1.53 on Usyk from Bet365 while Unibet offers 1.52.

If you would prefer to bet on Joshua, you can find a 2.60 offer from Unibet and William Hill is willing to go as high as 2.62. Draw is available in the range from 17.00 to 21.00, but this is a highly unlikely proposition in this match. If you are not thrilled with those Joshua vs Usyk 2 outright odds, you might want to consider a bet of another type, for example, predicting how many rounds the match will last.

Round Betting Best Odds Bookmaker
Usyk to win in rounds 7-12 5.00 William Hill
Usyk to win in rounds 9-12 7.00 William Hill
Usyk to win in rounds 5-8 7.00 William Hill
Joshua to win in rounds 7-12 6.50 William Hill
Joshua to win in rounds 1-6 6.00 William Hill
Joshua to win in rounds 5-8 7.00 William Hill

Above you can find the best odds for Joshua vs Usyk round betting and remember that all of the mentioned bookies have the most competitive offers for this bout, so stick to them if you want to make the highest profits possible. And with our links and promo codes, you can receive a warm welcome with juicy bonuses before you start betting online on Joshua vs Usyk. And we advise you to analyse our predictions below and use them if you're not sure what bets you should place for this fight.

3. Joshua vs Usyk 2 Prediction

As you are preparing to make your Joshua vs Usyk 2 betting picks, it makes sense to research the market for lucrative betting opportunities. Since competition in the sports betting industry is very intense, many providers are known to offer great conditions in order to entice new members. To find valuable knowledge about this in general, read our guide to betting on being with several tips and predictions shared in the related article - it's great for both beginners and professional punters.

Joshua vs Usyk | Will Fight Go To The Distance?
Last update: 1660638238

If you are betting online on Joshua vs Usyk 2, you will have no shortage of good options to choose from. Let’s look into some ways to make Joshua vs Usyk 2 fight prediction and capitalize on the favourable outcome. Also, remember to take a look at our selected Joshua vs Fury betting picks we prepared in the related article for the fight that may finally take place next year if not this year.

3.1 Joshua vs Usyk 2 Free Bet

The best way to wager on this boxing match is to search for Joshua vs Usyk free bets on major bookmaking websites. As it turns out, there are a few elite sports betting brands that offer this kind of bet to new players. It’s possible to make a risk-free bet worth €50 on Bet365, Unibet will let you wager €40 in this manner, while William Hill sets the limit at €30 or €/$20 (depending on the country you're betting from).

Those sites are suitable platforms for making your Joshua vs Usyk 2 predictions without fear that you might lose real cash. Considering that all of those providers also offer competitive Joshua vs Usyk 2 betting odds, the potential for winning a big sum is more than intriguing.

3.2 How to Bet on Joshua vs Usyk 2

Considering this is a rematch and the fighting styles of both contenders are well-known, we have plenty of information upon which to make Usyk vs Joshua 2 winner prediction. If you believe the champion will be able to defend the title, you should look for ways to maximize your winnings.

Joshua vs Usyk | Method Of Victory - Best odds
Usyk by Decision or Technical Decision
Usyk by KO, TKO, or Disqualification
Joshua by KO, TKO, or Disqualification
Joshua by Decision or Technical Decision
Show all odds
Last update: 1660638210

On the other hand, if you believe Joshua could surprise the world and get his revenge, you should take advantage of favourable Joshua vs Usyk 2 winner odds that are available right now. The timing of your bet is also important, so you should pay attention to the movement of odds and make the pick at just the right moment.

4. Joshua vs Usyk 2 FAQ

4.1 ⚽ Who won the first Joshua vs Usyk fight?

If you intend to bet on Joshua vs Usyk 2, it’s important to know that Usyk won the first showdown in September last year. However, that match was decided by just a few points, so those fighters are very evenly matched and anything could happen this time around.

4.2 ⚽ When and where will Joshua vs Usyk 2 take place?

The fight will take place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at the Jeddah Super Dome. It is scheduled for August 20th, so there is still enough time to analyze Joshua vs Usyk 2 betting tips and find a betting offer that is impossible to refuse.

4.3 ⚽ Who is the favourite to win the Joshua vs Usyk rematch fight?

Based on the Joshua vs Usyk 2 betting odds at major websites, Oleksandr Usyk is widely believed to be the favourite in the rematch. Given that he is the reigning champion as well as the winner of the first fight, this is a logical expectation.

4.4 ⚽ What is the best Joshua vs Usyk 2 prediction for the rematch?

It’s not easy to make an accurate Joshua vs Usyk 2 prediction at this time, but it’s hard to ignore the undisputed record of the Russian fighter. That’s why most experts in Joshua vs Usyk betting tips expect Usyk to succeed in defending his title, but likely only after a gruelling duel.

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