King of Africa Slot Machine Download

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King of Africa Slot Machine Download

Once you get the King of Africa slot game download, you’re sure to be hooked for the foreseeable future; such is the magnificence of this game. In fact, countless gamers and gamblers have found themselves unable to give up this game for a wide variety of reasons. By choosing to download King of Africa slot machine for your computer, you get the chance to earn big pay-outs, while having a blast, all from the comfort of your own home or office.

1. King of Africa download

King of Africa is one of the more creative avatars of the concept of downloadable slot machines. Its inherent theme is that of Africa which means that you’ll be acquainting yourself with the animals of the continent, its unique landscapes, and even its ethnic art. The real allure of King of Africa slot game download, though, is its financial rewards.

This slot game is widely considered to provide the biggest pay-outs in the whole industry. It’s a part of the highly acclaimed hot hot penny series of games which are all known for rewarding players with tremendous pay-outs. Being part of this series, essentially, means that in this game, your chances of triggering bonuses and big wins will be higher.

This 5 reel, 20 pay line slot machine will give you the chance to gain free spins and even gain re – spins at crucial junctures of the game. The trigger feature of this machine is denoted by the tree symbol. Every time you get two of these anywhere on the 5 reels, you get an extra spin i.e. the reels without the tree symbol will spin once more. The objective, of course, is to give you a chance to get that key third tree symbol. The appearance of the third tree symbol will see you get 8 extra spins!

In addition to all this, the King of Africa slot machine also has a wild feature denoted by the giraffe symbol. When the wild symbol appears, it will dominate over one whole reel while the other four reels spin. Getting the giraffe means that you’ll get to pick 3 to five times from a grid that contains extra spins or coins.

Picking each coin will bring you 5 extra spins but getting 3 coins will see you receive 30 spins. That’s 38 extra spins in total! Moreover, all this while, you are adding to your final cash prize. It is worth noting that it’s not uncommon for the bonus features to be triggered again and again by players.

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Deep graphics, brilliant gameplay, and exceptional dynamics make King of Africa download slot machine for PC one of the most desired and applauded slot games anywhere on the internet right now. Add the chance to get a big pay-out and you have a winner from Slots Magic! You can increase your win margin further on King of Africa download by signing up for deposit bonuses. Just visit JohnnyBet’s registration page and sign up from there to get a bonus of up to £2500 on your deposits! Join now and stack the odds in your favour!

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