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The government backed Lotterywest offer is an official lottery for which you do not need any special Lotterywest promo code. It has been run for more than 90 years and is committed to supporting all Western Australian communities.

Lotterywest Offer

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Lotterywest Games Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Saturday Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball, Super66, Scratch'n'win, Set for Life, Cash 3
Lotterywest Membership Access exclusive benefits and rewards
Lotterywest Grants Maximising the positive impact of our grants for the WA community

Here we have a look at some of the Lotterywest games and how to play them, as well as presenting information on the many exciting Lotterywest cash prizes that can be won. Additionally, there is an explanation of exactly what is needed to join the exclusive membership, and we offer up a brief review of the lottery as a whole.

1. How to Play Lotterywest Online

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To play one of the multiple games it is first necessary to take out a Lotterywest membership which will permit access to exclusive benefits such as prize protection, alongside a chance to save up to 20 sets of preferred numbers. Anybody interested in joining will firstly need to find out just how to register at Lotterywest so that we can win the prizes at Lotterywest. It is a very easy procedure that simply requires a few personal details to be submitted to open up a new account.

Once the basic information has been entered and a Lotterywest login created, there will be a need for some identity verification. This is achieved by cross-checking the data supplied against certain sources such as: White Pages, WA Electoral Roll, Medicare, Australian passport records and WA Driving Licence databases. There is nothing to cause any unease for those applying, it is purely done to ensure that each individual meets the age and address criteria.

The process itself is undertaken by a Third Party Identity Verification Service Provider and can therefore be accepted as being totally secure and legitimate. When everything has been satisfactorily accepted, a temporary password will be sent via email to allow immediate participation for any new players, as it can take around three weeks for a membership card to arrive at a home address.

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2. Lotterywest Games

Lotterywest offers the official lottery games available in Australia. This is because the website is regulated by the government of Western Australia. Saturday Lotto, Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto, the Australian Powerball, Set for Life, Cash 3, and Super66 are the games available at the Australian lotto.

After you download the Lotterywest App, you can play online and on your mobile device. Both the digital tickets and the physical ones are the same price.

One important feature is that the Lotterywest offers is the possibility to save your favorites games. Additionally, you can save your favorite numbers for each game you play. This way, you don't have to enter them every single time and just use the available template.

2.1 The Difference Between Each Lotterywest Game

Division 1 requires all six winning numbers to be selected in the Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday Lotto, and all seven winning numbers in the OZ Lotto.

The Australian Powerball is played by drawing seven balls from the first 35-ball barrel and one ball from the second 20-ball barrel - so eight balls in total. The Powerball number is selected from the second barrel, and all eight numbers combined are the Winning Numbers.

Set for Life has daily draws. Instead of a single lump-sum reward, Division 1 winners get a monthly award of $20,000 for the next 20 years, this is guaranteed, if won by someone, up to four winners. Every entry is valid for seven consecutive drawings and is played by selecting nine numbers from a pool of 44. The Winning Numbers are the first seven numbers drawn, while the Supplementary Numbers are the last two numbers drawn.

3. Lotterywest Prizes

There are numerous Lotterywest prizes up for grabs, playing on a selection of exciting Lotterywest promotions. One of the most popular games is called Line Up The Prizes, which is a matching style game with a top prize of $75,000 and has in excess of $1.8 million in total prize money. The sums of cash that players can walk away with in these games offers terrific value. There are 8 prizes of $1,000; 14 prizes of $500; 750 prizes of $100; and then thousands of minor prizes all the way down to just $5. Many of the games have Lotterywest bonuses attached to them as well, giving players added opportunities to win big.

In fact, there are as many as nine prize divisions in Saturday Lotto, including an estimated $5 million prize pool. There are also special events like the Saturday Lotto Superdraw which offers a Divisional prize of $20 million and the Lotterywest Mega-draw offering a staggering $30 million, or sometimes even higher.

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4. Lotterywest Offer

The whole Lotterywest offer has evolved to give the Western Australian community multiple chances of benefiting. Firstly, they have to prove that they are the least 16-years-old and reside in the state to gain membership, after which they will have a host of choices from which to pick the game they want to play.

There are some great names such as: Wonder Wins, Black Diamond, Watermelon Winnings, Super Wordplay, and Mega Wordplay. There is no skill needed, or a specific talent required to know how to win Lotterywest lotteries, players just need luck on their side.

Many people are content to simply choose a specific lotto draw and allow their tickets to be randomly generated, but there are options devised to increase the win ratios. People can opt to play a style called β€œSystems” which creates combinations of numbers, that in turn multiplies the number of games in play, adding to the weekly engagement.

There is a lotto draw every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday where players need to land on all six numbers to win what is referred to as a Division One prize. In total, there are nine prize divisions, opening up extensive opportunities to win.

Other popular games include: Powerball which is a jackpot game, and Set for Life which has a draw every day. Funds are deposited and claimed either by PayPal, Credit Card, ApplePay, Bpay, or a manual direct deposit/withdrawal from a bank account.

5. Lotterywest App

The Lotterywest app download gives players the option of creating tickets on their own mobile device. All phones and tablets running Android 7 or greater, and iPhones running iOS 11 or greater, are supported for use of the app.

The download is free and with 24/7 access on the move and the ability to set customised reminders, players need never miss a draw. Through the app any purchases automatically get saved to an individual account and following any draw, the results with the winning numbers can be found via the Lotterywest mobile application.

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6. Is Lotterywest Legal?

The offers at Lotterywest can be trusted as the organisation is fully operational in accordance with the provisions of the Lotteries Commission Act 1990, functioning as a statutory authority responsible for the selling of lottery games and distributing the proceeds for the benefit of the Western Australian community.

7. Lotterywest Review

The Lotterywest offer has been established as a state authorised method of gambling since back in 1933. It proudly serves the Western Australian community raising money for local organisations and acting as a means to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of the state it represents, through the distribution of proceeds to deserving causes. Everyone of legal age is encouraged to take up the Lotterywest registration and be part of a great community spirit that raises funds, whilst at the same time offering chances to dream big at the prospect of scooping a jackpot on one of the many Lotterywest games.

Charities are a big winner with huge sums being passed their way and many other developing practices also benefit from the innovative Lotterywest grant scheme. The games themselves require no specific skill-set, but are addictive and have fabulous cash prizes. Some are quite random, others very basic, but all are great fun. The fact that it is only open to residents of Western Australia gives the Lotterywest a genuine feeling of community and a sense of belonging.

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8. Lotterywest Offer - FAQ

8.1 🦘 Is there a Lotterywest mobile app?

Yes, there is a Lotterywest app which is compatible to Android and iOS devices.

8.2 🦘 Can you improve your Lotterywest odds

The only way to improve the odds of winning when playing Lotterywest online is to purchase additional entries.

8.3 🦘 How much can I win at Lotterywest games?

Lotterywest games can potentially earn a lucky winner a massive $30 million.

8.4 🦘 Is Lotterywest only for WA?

Yes, to play lotteries online in WA with Lotterywest players must have a Western Australian residential address to be able to register to compete for the outstanding Lotterywest Offer. However, no special Lottery promo code is needed to enter it.

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