Mizoram State Lottery Promo Code

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Mizoram State Lottery promo code is not required to play the lottery. You can still claim lottery prizes without any Mizoram State Lottery bonus code 2024. Your journey to impressive yearly Mizoram State Lottery prizes begins here!

Mizoram State Lottery Promo Code

Lottery Features Mizoram State Lottery
Daily Draws
Top Prizes
Different Lottery Schemes
Promo Code Not required

Below is our review of the Mizoram State Lottery on how to get started. We provide information on joining the Mizoram State Lottery, playing the lottery, and how to get Mizoram State Lottery prizes. Continue reading to find out more.

1. Do You Need a MizoramStateLotteryPromoCode

Mizoram State Lottery Currently available
Mizoram State Lottery Referral code July 2024
Mizoram State Lottery Referral code August 2024
September 2024 October 2024
November 2024 December 2024
January 2025 February 2025
March 2025 April 2025
May 2025 June 2025

As mentioned, you will not require any MizoramStateLotterypromocode to register and join. The situation is very similar to Singham Lottery - another great lotter in India - where also no Singham Lottery promo code is required to join the raffle. Therefore, you can for instance click the links on our page to access the lottery website. However, you will notice that the website only offers the available lottery schemes and results. Simply put, you cannot play Mizoram State Lottery online. Substituting the online option are authorized retailers you will find within the state. Here, you buy the lottery tickets and claim Mizoram State Lottery tickets.

2. How to Claim Prizes at Mizoram State Lottery

Each lottery and scheme at Mizoram State Lottery has its prize distribution, with your position determining the amount you get. Important to note is that Mizoram has 49 weekly draws from seven different series, ensuring players in Mizoram have loads of chances to claim prizes. We will dive deeper into these lottery schemes, but first, let us understand the process of claiming prizes. The table below summarizes the process:

Prize Range Where to Claim
Claims of taxable prizes Rs.5001 and above Submit claims to the Director, Institutional Finance & State Lottery.
Prizes amounting to Rs.10000 Claim from the Sole Distributor, Stockists, and Selling Agents concerned.

All winners should claim prizes within 60 days from the lottery draw date. However, the government reserves the right to receive claims and reimburse prizes after 60 days, but the maximum period will be 90 days.

3. Mizoram State Lottery Games

You are spoiled for options at Mizoram State Lottery regarding the game selection. You will not require any Mizoram State Lottery promo code to play these games. The playing process is similar to other lotteries, where you choose the game to play, purchase tickets, view results, and claim prizes if you are one of the lucky winners. Also, you can try your luck with the Mega Dice promo code and get up to 1 BTC in a form of a welcome bonus! You can even play at Mega Dice using a VPN.

Mizoram State Lottery is home to seven (7) different lottery schemes, with 49 weekly draws taking place at varying times every day.

Mizoram State Lottery Schemes

  • Golden Sona Shukra
  • Rajshree Shukra
  • Rajshree Jasmine
  • Golden King Shukra
  • Golden Tiger Shukra
  • Rajshree 10 Evening Shukra
  • Rajshree Friday

4. Mizoram State Lottery Mobile

Most state lotteries allow members to play games in two ways – online and through authorized agents. Those who play online can access the website on desktop via a regular URL, alternative link like our alternative link for 1xBit, mobile browsers or download a mobile app, if available at the lottery. Unfortunately, there is no mobile app for players at Mizoram State Lottery. One can only use mobile while accessing the lottery scheme draw results. As mentioned, the Mizoram State Lottery is only playable at authorized retailers.

5. Mizoram State Lottery Review

Mizoram State Lottery has its highs and lows. The highlights include the ease of playing games with daily draws hosted and impressive prizes for users. From purchasing tickets to claiming prizes, the lottery makes each process seamless. However, the lottery has several drawbacks. They include the missing Mizoram State Lottery promo code deals for new or existing players. In addition, the lottery is only playable via authorized retailers, with no online play option.

Try the Mizoram State Lottery today

Mizoram State Lottery
Mizoram State Lottery

6. Mizoram State Lottery Promo Code FAQs

6.1 🤔 Can I play Mizoram State Lottery?

You can play Mizoram State Lottery for impressive prizes. However, you must be within Mizoram State to buy tickets and play the games.

6.2 🤷‍♂️ Where to find Mizoram State Lottery results?

Mizoram State Lottery posts its draw results on its website. Thus, to check if you are among the lucky winners, you need to access the website by clicking our links and then head to the ‘Lottery Result’ section.

6.3 🤑 How much can I win in the Mizoram State Lottery?

Each lottery game has a different prize. You can win prizes as high as Rs.10000 on games like Golden Tiger Shukra and Golden King Shukra.

6.4 🫰 What is the promo code for Mizoram State Lottery?

No Mizoram State Lottery promo code is needed to play the lottery, instead, you can access games and view results by clicking our links here.

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