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Lotto New Zealand Promo Code is not required to play the lottery. Even without any MyLotto NZ bonus code for 2024, you can sign up for your account, buy tickets, play games, and claim Lotto New Zealand prizes. Prizes go as high as NZ$12+ million on some draw games!

Lotto New Zealand Promo Code 2024

Information Details
Lotto New Zealand Promo Code Not Required
Play Lotto NZ 🚀 Online, via MyLotto App, or in selected store 🚀
Lotto NZ games 🎲 Powerball, Keno, Bullseye, Instant Kiwi 🎲
Lotto NZ App 📱 Download MyLotto App available for Android and iOS 📱

Below is a review of MyLotto New Zealand, where we will guide you through everything you need to know about the lottery. We provide a step-by-step guide on how to register at Lotto New Zealnd without any Lotto New Zealand promo codes and coupons. Later, we guide you on where to play the lottery, how to play games, and the prizes you can claim.

1. How to Register with LottoNewZealandPromoCode

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As mentioned, registration at the lottery does not require any promo code for Lotto New Zealand. You must only be 18+ years old and physically in New Zealand to sign up. Here is how you register for an account without a Lotto New Zealand promo code:

  • Search ‘MyLotto New Zealand’ on your browser.
  • Follow the link and tap ‘Sign Up.’
  • Enter your email address, a strong password, full name, birth date, gender, and contact number.
  • Pick your region and city/town.
  • Check the boxes on your email preferences.
  • Tap ‘Sign Up.’
  • Then confirm your email.

Having created and successfully set up your account, you can make your first Lotto New Zealand login. With an account, you can do the following:

  • Buy your ticket quickly and easily.
  • Check your results.
  • Set your spending limits.
  • Keep your ticket safe.

2. Where to Play Lotto New Zealand

To play MyLotto NZ, you must be physically in New Zealand. The highlight is that even non-residents can play the lottery, provided they are within the country. So, where can you play MyLotto NZ?

You can play Lotto New Zealand online, through a dedicated Lotto New Zealand app, or in one of the 1400+ stores nationwide. Playing online will only require you to set up an account without a Lotto New Zealand Promo Code, which is the most straightforward option for playing games. The app option is available for iOS and Android players and will require you to download it at the official stores (App Store and Google Play Store). Through the app, you can also sign up for a new account without MyLotto NZ promo code, purchase game tickets, play games, check your winning tickets, and claim prizes.

Finally, you can play in-store at the Lotto stores nationwide by walking in and purchasing tickets. If you are not staying in New Zealand but nearby (Australia in this case), and seeking for a big prize. This guidance for best promo codes for casinos and bookmakers in Australia is your answer. Discover expert insights, reviews, and tips to enhance your gaming experience and find the perfect platform for your entertainment needs.

3. How to Play Lotto New Zealand

Lotto NZ houses a range of games that will interest you. You will find draw games, Keno, and instant win games, all with a different way of playing them. Below is the breakdown of these games and how to play them:

3.1 Draw Games

If you wish to go big, draw games are the perfect options to consider at Lotto New Zealand. The lottery hosts games like Lotto, Powerball, and Strike. You can play these games twice a week, with draws taking place each Wednesday and Saturday.

For example, to play Lotto, you will select six (6) numbers from 1 to 40 to make a line. You need at least four lines to enter a draw. Like other lotteries, you can manually select your numbers or play a Dip, where random numbers are selected for you. Six winning Lotto numbers and a bonus ball will be drawn on each draw. There are seven prize divisions, with Division 1 as the top prize, requiring you to match all six winning numbers in a single line of the ticket. In contrast, Division 7 is the easiest to win, where you are required to match any three winning numbers in a single line of the ticket.

3.2 Bullseye

Bullseye is a daily jackpotting game at the lottery, where you can play for as low as NZ$2 per line. The draw happens daily at 6pm, and the task is to line up six winning numbers on a single line in your ticket. If you are in the USA, we also recommended this platform: Powerball. Unlock the secrets to winning the Powerball jackpot by exploring our informative article with all the details you need, including the exclusive promo code powerball 2024.

3.3 Keno

NZ Lotto also provides you with a chance to win four (4) times with Keno daily and turn NZ$1 to NZ$250,000. If you add a multiplier, you stand a chance to win 10x even more!

It is very easy to play Keno, and it will depend on the numbers per line, how much you spend per line, the draws you play, and if you wish to add the multiplier. Keno draws take place daily at 10am, 1pm, 3pm, and 6pm. You can spend as low as NZ$1 per line, choose 1-10 numbers to play, and pick your lucky numbers. You win prizes if your lucky numbers match the winning numbers drawn.

3.4 Instant Win Games

Closing our list of games are instant scratchies, which give the chance to win instant prizes. These games are available online between 6:30am and 10:10pm daily, and the good news is that you can demo them on the ‘Try’ option before purchasing tickets. Each game has a different ticket price, going between NZ$0.50 and NZ$10. Like ticket price, each game has its top prize, with some going as high as NZ$200,000. Below are some top instant kiwi games with their ticket price and the top prize:

  • Big Catch Multiplier (NZ$0.50): NZ$10,000
  • Crossword Cash (NZ$1): NZ$10,000
  • Gem Explosion (NZ$2): NZ$20,000
  • Pyramid Riches (NZ$3): NZ$45,000
  • Number Match Multiplier (NZ$5): NZ$100,000
  • Riches Royale (NZ$10): NZ$200,000

Ready to win? Play Lotto New Zealand now!

4. Lotto New Zealand Review

My Lotto NZ is a standard lottery with several highlights and a few drawbacks. The positives include the easy registration process, diverse game types, including draw games, Keno, and instant wins, and a dedicated mobile app to play games. However, there is a lot that needs improvement. Firstly, there are no Lotto New Zealand promo codes and coupons that would signify bonuses and promotions. In addition to the missing Lotto New Zealand promotions are a few draw games. We counted only three during our review and we believe those will not stop you to enjoy Lotto New Zealand. However, if you want to discover additional lottery reviews on our site from different place (Kentucky for example), check our Kentucky Lottery Promo Code 2024 article for comprehensive insights.

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5. Lotto New Zealand Promo Code FAQ

5.1 🧐 Is Lotto New Zealand a legit lottery?

Lotto NZ is a legit lottery established as a Crown Entity in 1987. Its sole purpose was to raise money for community projects and activities in New Zealand.

5.2 🤑 Can I get extra profits with MyLotto bonus code?

There are no extra profits with Mylotto promo code. This is because you do not need one to play games and claim prizes.

5.3 🤔 What is promo code for Lotto New Zealand?

Lotto New Zealand Promo Code is not required to play the lottery. You can sign up without one, buy tickets, play games, and claim prizes provided you are 18+ and in New Zealand.

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