Nairabet Bonus Code

Nairabet Bonus Code

Nairabet Affiliate Bonus Code

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Sport Bonus: 100% bonus on accumulator bet
Casino Bonus: See current promotions in casino section
Nairabet Affiliate Bonus Code: See our code

Nariabet, is an online betting and casino portal that’s regulated by the lagos lotteries and while the site does feature a whole gamut of games and betting options, from featuring soccer to casino games, the interface seems a little clunky to start off with. But here’s Nariabet under the scanner.

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1. Nairabet Sportsbook max bonus (maximum bonus online)
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Nairabet is an online sportsbook, offering bets on a wide range of sports, from basketball to wintersports. Once you have registered your account, you should be able to deposit funds and start betting right away. The interesting thing about nariabet is that they straddle both online and offline methods when it comes to placing bets, for there’re quite a few with little or no access to internet. These customers can call in their bets and opt to deposit their funds through one of the local agencies. They can make a deposit through one of the local agents, or fund your account via your bank, Visa card, internet bank card or a credit card.

2. Nairabet Bonus

Once you have deposited funds, you can avail yourself of the bonus by referring others. The bonus kicks in when you refer others to register and play here at Nairabet and usually consists of crediting your account with 50% of any loss accrued by your friend over a three month period. And when it comes to withdrawing funds, you can request a withdrawal via bank transfer or Neteller.

3. Betting offer

There are any number of games that you can choose to bet on, and as for the bets , some of the favorite bet types are Goliath, Heinz, singles, doubles, Lucky 63 among others. Here’s a brief explanation regarding some of these bet types: singles, as the name indicates is where you bet on a single outcome in the game, Doubles is where you place a bet on a single outcome in two different events, for example, you could place a bet on the latest playoff’s between France and Romania in the opening match of EURO 2017 and follow it up by placing another bet on Albania V Switzerland taking place the next day on Stade Bollaert-Delelis, in Lens. This would be the perfect example of a doubles where you use a single bet to place a bet on two events. A triple would be where you would place a bet on three different events, just remember you are essentially using a single bet to bet on multiple events and naturally you would win the bet only if you happen to be right, in each one of these events.

A Goliath is where you place around 247 bets, with eight different selections in various sports, whether it is the latest cricket match or a tennis match between the top seeded players. This particular bet includes everything that Nairabet has to offer, from doubles to six folds and an accumulator. You would need to win two of your selections in order for you to win the bet.

4. Summary

While over all the site has a clunky interface, it does come with its own twist on betting online, and on a wide variety of games including casino games as well. While it is fairly easy to register, Nairabet could do more to update its current interface and provide for a better gaming experience for all the players.

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