National Lotteries Board Promo Code

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Currently, there is no National Lotteries Board promo code. Without the National Lotteries Board bonus code for 2024, new players can still sign up to play games. It all starts with a simple registration to be eligible for incredible prizes, even without the bonuses!

National Lotteries Board Promo Code

NLB 2024 Details
Lottery Big Wins UP TO Rs. 150,000,000!
NLB Games Draw and scratch-offs
NLB Mobile App Yes
Promo code National Lotteries Board None

In this National Lotteries Board Lottery review, we provide information on how to join and play the games. In addition, we will look at how to buy tickets, the different prizes you expect in the games, and how to claim them. Finally, we will review the top offers and features, including the National Lotteries Board mobile app.

1. How to Register with The NationalLotteriesBoardPromoCode

National Lotteries Board Currently available
National Lotteries Board Referral code July 2024
National Lotteries Board Referral code August 2024
September 2024 October 2024
November 2024 December 2024
January 2025 February 2025
March 2025 April 2025
May 2025 June 2025

The National Lotteries Board Lottery registration process is straightforward. But like other gambling operators, there are rules you need to adhere to. They include the 18+ age requirement and residency, with NLB requiring only those with Sri Lankan citizenship to sign up. The next step is to check if we have provided any National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka promo code for any bonus deals. There is currently no code, but you can click here to access the main website. Follow these steps to register once you are on the homepage:

  • Tap ‘User Login’ at the top-right.
  • Head over to the ‘Register Now’ section.
  • Provide your details, including name, NIC/passport, email address, birth date, mobile number, address, city, country, Zip code, and password.
  • Agree with the NLB terms and conditions.
  • Tap ‘Register.’

You can then make your first National Lotteries Board lottery login to play games. The one drawback is that NLB offers no bonuses to Sri Lankans. It is one common trend we have seen across most lotteries where bonuses and promotions are not available. However, a few, like the Myanmar national lottery, offer a selection of Aung Bar Lay promo code promotions.

2. How to Play at The National Lotteries Board

The first step to playing the NLB lottery is being a registered member. Once you log into your account, you find different games you can play. While you will not need any National Lotteries Board lottery promo code to play, there are other nitty-gritty you must equip yourself with.

While playing a game would mean launching it and selecting your numbers, there is the aspect of depositing funds to buy tickets and claiming prizes. Like most lotteries, you can fund your NLB account with credit/debit cards and buy tickets, with each price depending on your chosen game. The best place to purchase tickets is online. This includes those players using the NLB lottery app option. The good news is that you will not need any National Lotteries Board promo code to purchase a ticket!

Try NLB for yourself!

National Lotteries Board
National Lotteries Board

There is the question of claiming prizes. Unlike other lotteries, the NLB lottery is not precise with this information. You would expect winners to claim prizes differently, depending on the amount they win. We can only assume winners at NLB will have their accounts loaded with the prizes, with those who have won special prizes and jackpots collecting them in person at the NLB headquarters.

By the way, if you like to compete in video games, we have great news for you! There is an upcoming EA Sports FC25 contest, for which you can register completely for free. Just click on the link and see for yourself!

3. National Lotteries Board Lottery Games

The NLB offers a selection of games available to play for prizes without requiring any NLB promo code 2024. The selection involves draw games, where members select numbers and win if the numbers match the ones drawn, and scratch games, where members buy tickets and scratch to reveal numbers to see if they match the winning ones. Here is a list of the top games at the NLB:

  • Mega-60
  • Dhana Nidhanaya
  • Handahana
  • Ada Sampatha
  • Jathika Sampatha
  • Mega Millions
  • Lucky 7
  • Mega Power
  • Govisetha
  • Dollar Fortune
  • Samurdhi Scratch Lottery
  • Sevana Scratch Lottery

4. NLB 2024: Top Games

4.1 Lucky 7

Lucky 7 is among the draw games at the NLB. The lottery has draws each day, with prizes to be won if you match the six numbers and one (1) letter drawn correctly.

4.2 Mahajana Sampatha

Mahajana Sampatha adds to the list of draw games at the NLB. Tickets go for Rs. 20, allowing you to play and stand the chance of winning impressive prizes. The task is to match one letter and six numbers as drawn each day of the week to win the super prize, with other prizes available for those who match as little as one number or the letter.

4.3 Mega Power

Mega Power is another draw game at the NLB. The ticket price for this lottery game is Rs. 20, with draws carried out each Monday and Wednesday. One highlight is that the lottery game offers three major prizes up to Rs. 150,000,000, one million first prizes, and other attractive prizes.

To win the Mega Super Prize, one must match the letter, super number, and four numbers correctly as the ones drawn. The Power Super Prize requires correctly matching the letter and four numbers, while the Grand Super Prize requires matching the super number and four numbers.

5. National Lotteries Board Mobile App

Mobile play remains a preferred option by most players. The NLB offers an app version for players who prefer playing the games while on the move. You can complete your National Lotteries Board app download process on the official stores for iOS and Android devices and sign up without the promo code National Lotteries Board 2024.

In addition to signing up, the app allows players to access other services. They include buying tickets, playing games, checking results, and claiming prizes. You can also contact the NLB support team via the app.

6. National Lotteries Board Review

The national lottery gets mixed, but rather a positive reaction from us. On the positive, players will find a lottery with plenty of gaming options to win incredible prizes, some in the millions. There is also an app option for members who prefer playing at their comfort. However, the NLB provides a bland website that is not captivating. In addition, there are no National Lotteries Board Sri Lanka lotto promo code deals for members.

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Even though there is no promo code for the NLB, you can simply check our website for other great ongoing promotions available for Sri Lankan players. For instance, if you are wondering is 1XBET legal in Sri Lanka we answer — yes, it is, and you can use our promo code for that brand. Just simply visit our website, copy the promo code, and enjoy an exclusive welcome bonus!

7. National Lotteries Board Promo Code – FAQs

7.1 🙋 How do I win at the National Lotteries Board?

All games have instructions on how to play and win. Draw games, for example, will involve matching numbers to the ones drawn. The more you match, the higher the prize.

7.2 📞 How to contact the NLB?

You can contact the NLB in different modes. They include a contact form, email and phone support, fax, or heading to the main office. The working hours are from 8:30am to 4:15pm.

7.3 ⚖️ Is NLB legit?

It is completely legal and safe to play National Lotteries Board games if you are a Sri Lankan citizen, since NLB is a state-owned lottery.

7.4 🤙 What is the NLB promo code?

There is no National Lotteries Board promo code, but you can easily sign up and play games for main prizes without it.

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