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The Punjab State Lottery promo code is not available. You do not have to use a bonus code Punjab State Lottery 2024 to enjoy the lottery. There will be special prizes available throughout the year. There is no need for a promo code Punjab State Lottery 2024 during registration.

Punjab State Lottery Promo Code 2024

Information Details
Bumper Lottery Draw Jackpot Win up to 3 Crore
Punjab State Lotteries Ticket Prices From ₹20 to ₹1,000
Punjab State Lottery Promo Code June 2024 Not Available

In addition to the Punjab State Lottery bonus code, we will explain everything you need to know when getting started with the lottery. That includes the Punjab Lottery online purchase, Punjab State Lottery result, and details of the Punjab State Lottery app. Continue below if you want to enter and have a chance of winning the jackpot.

1. How to Register with PunjabStateLotteryPromoCode

Punjab State Lottery max bonus (maximum bonus online)
Punjab State Lottery Bonus code June 2024
Punjab State Lottery Bonus code July 2024
August 2024 September 2024
October 2024 November 2024
December 2024 January 2025
February 2025 March 2025
April 2025 May 2025

You do not need to register using a Punjab State Lottery promo code 2024 and all you must do is click on our links, which will take you directly to the lottery website. Punjab State Lottery registration is a straightforward process and you just need a username and password.

Having registered, you can click on the login button which is located on the far right side of the top menu on the official website. This opens the login form and you must enter your username, password, and the Captcha, before clicking the red ‘Login’ button.

Remember, there is no need to use a Punjab State Lottery bonus code 2024 when creating your account. You can find the best promo codes for casinos and bookmakers in India by reading our articles. Use the links within this article or head to the JohnnyBet homepage to check them out.

2. Buying a Punjab State Lottery Ticket

You have two options when it comes to buying a lottery ticket. The first is the online Punjab State Lottery ticket portal and the second is in local venues across the state. If you are unable to complete the Punjab Lottery online purchase, you can visit participating markets, bus stands, railway stations, post offices, and Sewa Kendras in Punjab to buy your ticket for the lottery.

There are some checks you can make to ensure you are buying a genuine lottery ticket. The logo of the Punjab Government should be in the top left corner of the ticket, the signature and official stamp of Director, Punjab State Lotteries to Department of Finance, Government of Punjab should be on the ticket, there should be a barcode and QR code on the ticket, and the text ‘Government of Punjab’ should be printed on all four sides of the ticket. You do not need a Punjab State Lottery voucher code when purchasing a ticket to be eligible to win the jackpot.

3. Punjab State Lottery Games

You have a tremendous choice of Punjab State Lottery games to enjoy meaning there are many ways to win prizes. You can decide if you want to play the lottery every week, month, or when there is a Bumper. Continue below as we take you through some of the options and remember, you can play and win big without entering a Punjab State Lottery promo code, just use our links to get started.

Alternatively, you can register with one of our partner casino and sportsbook sites, such as 1XBET, using our bonus code JOHNNYBET for exclusive bonuses. You may need to use a 1XBET working link for India to ensure you can access the site and get the latest VIP promotions available with our code.

3.1 Bumper Lottery Draws

The Punjab State Bumper Lottery draws are the most anticipated every year. These are the biggest draws in terms of prize money and the jackpot can be anything up to 3 Crore.

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Win huge prizes in weekly and monthly lottery games!

The ticket price for the Bumper Lottery draws is 500 Rupees and there are several Bumper draws throughout the year. Some of the most popular include the Baisakhi Bumper Lottery played during the Vaisakhi festival, the Punjab Holi Bumper, New Year Lohri, Diwali Bumper, Raksha Bumper, and Sawan, the latter of which usually takes place between June and August.

3.2 Punjab State Monthly Draws

There are draws each month in the Punjab State Lottery and these include the Punjab State Dear 50 Monthly, Dear 100 Monthly, and Dear 200 Monthly. As you can see from the name of the draws, they each take place every month and you can purchase a ticket online or at one of the participating venues without using a promo code Punjab State Lottery 2024.

The higher the number in the monthly lottery, the bigger the prize. For example, the Punjab State Dear 200 Monthly has first prize of ₹1,50,00,000, a second prize of ₹10,00,000, and a third prize of ₹5,00,000. However, when playing the Dear 100 Monthly, the first prize drops to ₹10,00,000, and the first prize for the Dear 50 Monthly is ₹5,00,000. The Punjab Lottery ticket price ranges from ₹20 to ₹1,000 depending on which of the draws you decide to enter.

3.3 Punjab State Weekly Draws

In addition to the Bumper Lottery and Monthly draws, you can play the Punjab State Weekly Draws. If you cannot wait for the Monthly and Bumper draws, the Weekly draws are a great option. As you would expect from draws that take place each week, the prizes are not as large as the Monthly and Bumper draws but you can win up to ₹10,000 if you are successful in the Punjab State Dear 10 Weekly.

There is a second prize of ₹2,000, third prize of ₹500, fourth prize of ₹200, and fifth prize of ₹100. A Punjab State Lottery bonus code is not required to play, just click on our links and you can begin playing on the official website.

4. How to Claim a Punjab State Lottery Prize

To claim a Punjab State Lottery prize, you first need to check the Punjab State Lottery result. You can do this using the official website and if you click on the white ‘Search Lottery Results’ button, you are presented with a Search Result box.

Simply enter your ticket number, chooser from Bumper, Weekly, or Monthly in the category drop down menu, and select the draw from the drop down menu on the right. You can also download the Punjab State Lottery app from the Google Play and App Store to check the results. You cannot buy a ticket using the app.

If you get the right numbers and win, you must print and complete a claim form and take it to one of the official Punjab State Lottery ticket claim centres. You will also need to take documents to prove your identity. Do not forget that our team of experts at JohnnyBet also provide advice and promotions for mobile gaming, such as PUBG mobile betting tips for India, completely free to our readers. Therefore, we invite you to check out our mobile gaming offers and take advantage of the latest bonuses after reading this review.

5. Punjab State Lottery Review

You can register and play all the lottery games without using a Punjab State Lottery promo code 2024 because there are no welcome bonuses available when registering. That is because this is a state run lottery and not an online casino or sportsbook. However, the Punjab State Lottery is easy to play and you do not require any gambling experience to enter.

There are big cash prizes to be won, especially when playing the Punjab State Bumper Lottery draws and all you must do is check your Punjab State Lottery result using the website or the Punjab State Lottery app. It is an easy and exciting way to have a chance of winning life changing money.

6. Punjab State Lottery Promo Code – FAQ

6.1 🎟️ What is the Punjab Lottery ticket price?

The price of a ticket is between ₹20 to ₹1,000 depending on the draw.

6.2 🎁 Is there a Punjab State Lottery deposit bonus?

There is no Punjab State Lottery deposit bonus at the time of writing but we will update you as soon as that changes.

6.3 💰 How much can I win when playing the Punjab State Lottery?

The Punjab State Bumper Lottery draws can have a jackpot of up to 3 Crore.

6.4 🔠 What is the promo code Punjab State Lottery?

There is no Punjab State Lottery promo code, just click on our links and purchase your ticket to enter.

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