Roulette - Download PC Game for Real Money

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Roulette - Download PC Game for Real Money

Roulette is perhaps the most famous casino game, and like many of the classic table and card games, it has a history stretching back hundreds of years. There is even evidence that ancient Greek soldiers used to roll their shields along the ground and bet on which part of the shield would come to rest at the bottom, but the game as we know it today was first developed around the 1760's by a Frenchman, Blaise Pascal. Further developments were introduced over the years to refine the game into the modern version, and since the online casino market started in the 1990's, Roulette has found a whole new audience.

1. How to download Roulette

There are several advantages to downloading Roulette games over playing them over the internet. Firstly, if your connection is not 100% reliable, you could be about to win a big prize and then get cut off, while to get the best quality and smoothest animations, you really need to be playing a downloaded game.

Casinos make it as easy as possible to download their software and each one will provide step by step instructions on exactly how to do it. It's normally just a matter of clicking to run the programme and in seconds the software is installed. Two sites that feature Roulette download games for pc are Eurogrand Casino and 888 Casino, both of which are long-established sites that players can trust to provide the very best and safest software that has been developed over the years for easy installation.

Both Eurogrand and 888 Casino offer new customers some generous sign up bonuses including special offers that don't require users to deposit any money into their casino accounts first.

2. Eurogrand Offers

When you visit Eurogrand Casino, just enter the promotional code on their registration form and you can claim free spins at the casino slots before depositing any money, plus a welcome bonus equal to 100% of your first deposit up to £/$/€100, or for anyone making a first deposit of £/$/€2000, a huge £/$/€1000 bonus is available. On top of this, your second deposit is eligible for a bonus payment of 60% up to £/$/€500.

3. 888 Casino Offers

Just get started on the sign-up form on JohnnyBet to claim the big welcome package at 888 Casino which includes £88 in no-deposit credits that can be used to play certain slots games. At the casino, you can get a 100% bonus on your first deposit, up to £100/€140/$200, while different bonuses apply at the Poker, Bingo, Games and Sportsbook that make up the overall 888 site.

4. Types of Download Roulette

Eurogrand Casino uses Playtech software to give their customers access to several different Roulette games, from the traditional European and American games, through to 3D Roulette, Roulette Pro, Multiplayer and even Marvel Roulette, where a slot side game can lead to a big jackpot prize. Each of these features the fast, reliable gameplay that only a download game can provide.

At 888 Casino, there are four different games, including Live Dealer Roulette, 3D, European, and Rockin' Roulette where the wheel is replaced by a clear dome which shakes to reveal numbers on balls. Download Roulette pc game for real money from 888 Casino and enjoy the most popular versions of the game.

5. How to Play Roulette

Roulette can be as complicated or simple as the player chooses. The game consists of a table with 36 black or red numbered sections on it, plus a green '0'. These numbers correspond with those on a spinning wheel. Players stake bets on the sections in a multitude of different combinations and then a dealer, or online software releases a ball into the spinning wheel. When the wheel stops, the section that holds the ball is the winning number and any bets placed on that number will win.

The excitement and skill of Roulette comes from placing your bets wisely. As the result of each spin is totally random, players can either bet on one number for a big 35/1 payout, or place several 'Outside' bets such as all black numbers or all even numbers to get a lower odds payout, but far better chance of a win.

Combination bets are popular, such as placing an outside stake on the numbers 1 to 18, plus a slightly bigger bet on the numbers 24 to 36. this covers most of the numbers on the table and result in an evens payout or slight profit if any of those numbers are hit.

Download Roulette for real money to try out this and many other betting options. The game has remained so popular for a good reason, namely that it is easy to start playing, but can become highly complex if desired, while the anticipation and excitement of watching the ball roll around the spinning wheel is a huge part of the appeal.

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