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15-07-2024 16:55 Asian Handicap (-3.5), Whole Match by nameless_she23
ODDS 2.01
Asian Handicap (-3.5), Whole Match by nameless_she23
15-07-2024 17:05 Correct Score, Whole Match by nameless_she23
ODDS 1.65
Correct Score, Whole Match by nameless_she23
15-07-2024 17:15 Home Away, Whole Match by Luispiache
ODDS 1.41
Home Away, Whole Match by Luispiache
15-07-2024 17:15 Home Away, Whole Match by Niman Hans
ODDS 1.41
Home Away, Whole Match by Niman Hans
15-07-2024 17:15 Home Away, Whole Match by
ODDS 1.33
Home Away, Whole Match by
15-07-2024 17:15 Home Away, Whole Match by chepapa
ODDS 1.32
Home Away, Whole Match by chepapa
15-07-2024 17:15 Home Away, Whole Match by Meister-Yoda10
ODDS 1.32
Home Away, Whole Match by Meister-Yoda10
Smart Betting Tips

Smart betting tips are the key to a sports bettor\s success. It does not matter if you are backing your Premier League favourites or one of the participants of a chess match, smart sports betting applies across the board, so you need to be on point when making your decisions. And we are here to help you with that!

1. Smart Tips and Predictions for Sports - SmartBetPrediction 2025

At the most basic level, you should only bet on sports of which you have a sound knowledge. If you know nothing about ice hockey but love following tennis, it makes sense to bet on tennis and leave ice hockey alone.

If you want to win money like professional gamblers, you need to think like a professional and that means removing any form of bias in your betting. One of the top smart football betting tips is to avoid betting on the team you support and this advice can be applied to any sport. Your heart will cloud your judgment and many people find it tough to bet against their own team, regardless of the odds and likely potential outcome. If you cannot bet against your team or favourite player, do not bet on any match in which they are involved. Once you remove them from the equation, you will see things more clearly and can make a smarter bet. If you are passionate about football and you would like to start adventure with sports betting, but you aren’t sure if your knowledge of sports betting is sufficient to win against the bookie, you should use our free football betting tips and it can help you to always make the accurate choices.

When starting out betting, it is smart to use the available bonuses for users. You can check our article about the best online bookmakers and VIP promotions with bonus codes, for example, and for sure it will be easier for you to start, when you get free money to place bets.

The most common and popular sport in terms of betting markets, odds and smart tips in 2025 is football. A quick search online and you will find many smart betting tips 1x2 websites but you are advised to try thinking for yourself before spending any money on tipsters. [b]Smart betting predictions can be made using the information which is freely available online and that’s where you should start as a beginner.

[/b]Take football as an example. There are many aspects of football bets which you need to be aware of before backing any team or participant. It is not as simple as betting on the favourite each time and hoping they are going to win. You could back Barcelona at 1/6 to defeat a team at home in La Liga but what is a 10 Euro bet on odds like that going to get you? There is no value there and if the bet does not offer any value, there is no sense in placing it at all.

2. Smart Betting and Research

Statistics play an important role in smart sports betting and you must always complete detailed research before placing a bet. Using football again as an example, you can find out the current form of both teams, their head-to-head record, the team news, what is at stake for each team, the weather conditions and the playing conditions.In addition, you must try and avoid being sucked in by big odds just because the potential winnings are tempting. If it was easy to win 1000 Euro from a 10 Euro bet, everyone would be doing it. Do not be tricked by large accumulators, you will find they rarely bring success.

How to bet smart?

  • Don't be afraid to risk - search for value bets
  • Have a good knowledge about your sport - do your research
  • Check different sources - don't limit yourself
  • Avoid picks from "experts"
  • Diversify your funds
  • Don't do big betting - respect your money
  • Use your maths skills - probability is the key!

Even smart betting tips for free online will tell you to always keep a record of your betting activity, including the date, amount staked, the betting market used and the winnings/losses. Doing this will enable you to identify any strengths and weaknesses in your betting. You may have a great record betting on both teams to score but a poor record on anytime goal scorer. You will only know this if you keep a record.

The basic smart betting tips for today will be the same as the smart betting tips for tomorrow, so always keep them in mind before placing any bet.

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3. Smart Betting Tips for Free

That’s not to say you should never search for any hints or pieces of advice. If you look in the right places, you can find many smart betting tips for free and JohnnyBet is a great example.

Here, you will find smart bet predictions on a daily basis and can follow some great tipsters. In 2025, the JohnnyBet Tipsters League is a great place to find smart sports betting tips across a wide range of sporting events. Football, basketball, tennis, horse racing, baseball, volleyball and Esports are just some of the sports covered in the tips section of the website. Thanks to the Tipsters League, every tipster has something to play for and every successful tip counts toward winning special prizes. This keeps motivational levels high. The good thing about tipsters is they are not hiding behind a paywall like many other websites, their tips and tipster record is there for everyone to see, free of charge. You will find access to the latest statistics for each tipster including total number of tips, bets settled, bets won, yield and profit.

Bet smart and you will improve your chances of making a successful bet.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

4.1 ☝️ What is the smartest betting tip for 2025?

Not to bet on the team you support. Why? Because you love them and that may impair your judgement.

4.2 ❓ What is 1x2 betting?

It's the most basic type of bet. 1 stands for betting on home team to win, 2 stands for away team to win and x stands for a draw. Therefore this type of bet is also know as three-way betting.

4.3 🖊️ How to join the Johnnybet Tipster League?

That's easy. Just use the links in this article. Joining is free of charge!

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