Sunrise Cash Cow Code Word Lottery

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Sunrise Cash Cow Code Word Lottery

Every weekday many Australians try their luck and enter the Sunrise Cash Cow code word lottery, hoping they'll be the person drawn and given the chance to win $10,000. However, the prize may be way bigger because of possible jackpots – so far, the biggest win was $140,000. Such numbers are very encouraging to participate in the Sunrise Cash Cow lottery, especially since there aren't many requirements. The most important ones are being a resident of Australia and having a phone.

Overall, for the last couple of years, people in Australia have won huge amounts of money in Sunrise Cash Cow prizes provided by the Seven Network. In our article, we bring you closer to the current Sunrise Cash Cow lottery rules and give you information where to find Sunrise Cash Cow code word for today. And, most importantly, we list a number of alternatives that are the best legal bookmakers and casinos in Australia offering lotteries and other similar opportunities to win extra money.

1. How to Enter Sunrise Cash Cow

First of all, you need to know how to enter Sunrise Cash Cow lottery. As we've already told you in the beginning, there's nothing complicated and every person living in Australia can take part in this game. As for additional requirements, you need to have a telephone and you need to like waking up early as announcing Sunrise Cash Cow winners happen in the morning. Basically, below are the steps you have to take to get a chance to participate in the Sunrise Cash Cow draw and win the daily prize.

How to Participate in Sunrise Cash Cow Lottery

  • On every weekday watch the Sunrise program aired on the Channel 7 from 5.30 AM to 9.00 AM to get the Sunrise Cash Cow word of the day
  • Later, you have to send the Sunrise Cash Cow lottery code word via SMS or call to say it – in both cases you have to provide your full name and address as well
  • Be careful not to miss the deadline that is set every weekday at 4.30 PM
  • On the next weekday from 5.30 AM to 9.00 AM wait for a telephone as you have only three rings to answer the call and win at least $10,000 – if you fail, you'll get just a consolation prize of $500.

2. Sunrise Cash Cow Prize

The basic Sunrise Cash Cow everyday prize is $10,000 for a person who answers a phone call during the Sunrise program. However, if the drawn person don't do it on time (after three rings it's over), this prize is added to the next day's Sunrise Cash Cow money prize. As a result, we have a Sunrise Cash Cow jackpot that is being increased as long as someone answers the phone call.

To this day, there have been a few Sunrise Cash Cow record prizes extending $100,000. And this is the beauty of this lottery – there's no maximum Sunrise Cash Cow winning money and the jackpot can be calculated for a lot of weekdays, provided more than a couple of Sunrise Cash Cow draw winners in a row fail to answer the phone call on time.

3. What is Sunrise Cash Cow Code Word

Every weekday this is the most important question. Australian viewers want to know what is Sunrise Cash Cow code word for today, especially if they miss watching the Sunrise show. While some people share code words for Sunrise Cash Cow tomorrow, it's really hard to avoid watching the show early in the morning as it's the only reliable source of obtaining this special word. And they also give you the accurate Sunrise Cash Cow number for sharing the Sunrise Cash Cow lottery code phrase via SMS or a phone call.

4. How to Win in Sunrise Cash Cow SMS Lottery

It's difficult to create a successful Sunrise Cash Cow strategy for winning. The draw that takes place every weekday is totally random and it's impossible to have a big impact on its result. However, you can increase your chances to win prize in Sunrise Cash Cow lottery by sending the code word multiple times. You just have to remember that in the end, you're entitled to receive just one prize, so once you win, you can't enter this lottery again. Also, among other important notes for how to win Sunrise Cash Cow free money prize, there are two main requirements – being a resident of Australia and being at least 18 years old.

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4.1 What to Say in Sunrise Cash Cow

Many players wonder what to say to win Sunrise Cash Cow money prize when their telephone starts ringing. Fortunately, you're not expected to say anything specific. You even don't have to remember the exact Sunrise Cash Cow code word from yesterday – the only requirement is to answer the phone call within the first three rings or your juicy Sunrise Cash Cow main prize of $10,000 or more is gone.

5. Sunrise Cash Cow Alternatives

If you like playing in the Sunrise Cash Cow lottery in Australia very much or if for some reason you can't enter this competition, we prepared some Sunrise Cash Cow alternatives for players from Australia. Everyone who likes gambling – and let's be honest, the Sunrise Cash Cow lottery game is a kind of gambling – will be pleased to know there are a few excellent legal brands providing online casino and betting services in Australia.

bet365 and Unibet are definitely the best sports betting websites in Australia. The former is well-known for the highest standards they introduce on their website. Attractive odds, a fully-functioning mobile app, and a generous welcome bonus attract players from Australia looking for the best sportsbooks to bet on their favourite sports events. On the other hand, the second brand is a great place for live betting and watching certain matches live thanks to their well-developed live streaming platform. At any time, you can take a look at the current online sports betting offer available at Unibet as provided in the related article. Don't wait and use our links and promo codes to register and enjoy the best betting experience.

Casino enthusiasts from Australia should get familiar with Bitstarz Casino. Its biggest advantage is that it accepts cryptocurrencies and provides juicy welcome packages in either Australian Dollars or Bitcoin. Once you use our links and bonus codes to register at this online casino, you'll find a great selection of slot machines and games – including lotteries similar to Sunrise Cash Cow competition with prizes – that are available 24/7 not only on the desktop but also on mobile devices. Additionally, you can consider using our 5Gringos Casino Australia promo code giving you a nice welcome bonus described in the related article. So, if you're a fan of Sunrise Cash Cow code word SMS competition and the rush of adrenaline coming with it, you'll be a fan of these places, too.

6. Sunrise Cash Cow FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

6.1 🐄 What is the main prize in Sunrise Cash Cow lottery?

Every weekday a lucky player can win $10,000 or more if there's an ongoing jackpot that may exceed $100,000.

6.2 🐄 How to enter Australia Sunrise Cash Cow lottery?

To participate in the everyday draw, you have to discover the Sunrise Cash Cow codeword for today and message it via SMS or a phone call.

6.3 🐄 Who can take part in Sunrise Cash Cow?

All residents of Australia that are 18 or more can enter this contest, provided they have a valid phone number.

6.4 🐄 What is the Sunrise Cash Cow telephone number?

To reveal the current Sunrise Cash Cow SMS number we advise you to watch the Sunrise show that is broadcast every weekday from 5.30 AM to 9.00 AM on Channel 7.

6.5 🐄 Is Sunrise Cash Cow free?

Yes. Participating in the Sunrise Cash Cow code word lottery is free of charge and the only fees you may pay are for sending SMS or calling to enter the draw pool.

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