The Incredible Hulk Slot Machine Download

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The Incredible Hulk Slot Machine Download

Many software makers in the gaming realm have been infusing both tradition and creativity into the games they make. These two aspects have included making games that mirror occurrences in the society. Movie titles, day-to-day heroes and even legends in folklore have made it to the titles and themes of many of our beloved games.

As a result, online casino enthusiasts that are also ardent moviegoers have experienced continuity of sorts, with the movie titles they love doubling as game titles that often, even borrow the themes of the Hollywood hits.

1. About The Incredible Hulk slot machine

The Incredible Hulk slot machine game is one such title that carries the title and theme of a Hollywood hit. This game, however, goes a little further in its journey of inclusion. The original character of the game, for instance, is a conception of the renowned Marvel Comics, the significant imprint belonging to Marvel Worldwide Inc., a Walt Disney Company brand since 2009.

This 5-reels, 50-paylines video slot from Playtech presented the Hulk character in all his elements. This game is an upgrade from the previous 25-payline game. Like all Marvel slots, The Incredible Hulk casino game was crafted around Hulk, the superhero and character of Marvel Comics.

The game’s wild is the Hulk symbol, but there are scattering and regular wilds as well. Players need to watch for the free games feature, which awards players ten free spins.

1.1 Theme

The slot machine game is centred on the Hulk feature, which expands in the three middle reels to win the player at least ten free spins. This feature, alongside the smash bonus feature, smash police cars and helicopters, hold the key to many of the bonus and jackpot wins in this title.

Essentially, the game mirrors the themes of the Incredible Hulk movie, which strives to portray both the stiff, lumbering and clumsy mortal form of human beings as well as the destructive, even tragic and monstrous form of villains. Granted, the storyline of the movie and the gameplay have a bit of divergence, but that is only because the simplicity of a slot game cannot accommodate all the complexities of a Hollywood hit.

1.2 Design

The slick design of this slot in question is so conspicuous that every The Incredible Hulk slot review is incomplete if it does not highlight this aspect. When the five reels light up, the characters or symbols of the slot machine games come alive with a combination of Hulk’s green hue as well as every other element of a complete slot machine game.

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The Incredible Hulk casino slot game has all the essential factors that make it comprehensive, and these include free spins and bonus rounds as well as an autoplay format. Players can enjoy this progressive slot in a no download version, and its responsive design is compatible not only with PC and tablet but with mobile phones as well. The Incredible Hulk slot download, as such, is for everyone.

1.3 Visual Aspect

Almost all The Incredible Hulk slot machine reviews available online go on and on about the game’s remarkable bonus features. You cannot fault their school of thought because everyone loves vast wins. However, the visual aspect of this casino games must be its unsung hero. The game’s optical element is stellar bringing out the Hulk symbol as realistically as is possible, the green hues of the expanding wilds, and the other symbols make it even more colourful.

2. The Incredible Hulk slot game review

2.1 Software Provider

The Incredible Hulk casino machine game is a brainchild of Playtech, a leading gaming software provider that was founded at the turn of the millennium. The company is a provider of gaming software for online casinos, sports betting, online poker and bingo rooms, scratch cards, mobile gaming, fixed-odd arcade games as well as live dealer games. Read also about Playtech Slot Games For Mobile here.

The Incredible Hulk casino machine is a combined effort of Playtech and Marvel Comics. The latter provided the overall idea, which the latter actualized and turned into a 25 and later 50-payline slot machine in line with online gamingexpectations.

2.2 The Incredible Hulk Casino Game’s History

The idea behind the Incredible Hulk brand begun on television way back in the 1960s. The Hulk character’s illustrious history has included appearances in both live and animated TV series, books, films, video games, stage shows, comic strips and the online casino slot games. Before the recalling of the Marvel Comic-based slot machine games from Playtech, players could afford to free download The Incredible Hulk online slot and enjoy it on their mobile or PC. If you want to know more about other Marvel slots read our article about it.

During the game’s existence players have raked in some fantastic wins, including $22,420 for a customer playing the game in D-Best Casino and the Smash Bonus maximum value for a player who staked a €25 bet.

2.3 Disclaimer

The Incredible Hulk casino game online, along with other Marvel slots by Playtech have all been recalled since April 2017, and players aren’t able to access them anymore.

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