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With this lottery, there is not an actual Vietlott promo code to enter. This Vietnam lottery was established back in 2011 with the authorization of the government and operates under the management of the Ministry of Finance.

Vietlott Promo Code 2024

Information Details
Top Vietlott Prize 30 Billion Dong
Vietlott Games Mega 6/45, Keno, Bingo 18, Max 3D/3D Pro and Power 6/55
Ticket Price From 10,000 VND
Promo Code Vietlott 2024 No need for a code!

There are several games in which to participate in, each with different potential rewards. Here we take a closer look at the Vietlott offer and those specific games, explaining what is required to take part. We also take a look at the crucial regulations and give an understanding to the role that agents play in the running of the lottery and the importance of the Vietlott point of sale. Keep on reading our Vietlott review for 2024 to learn more!

1. How to play the Vietlott Lottery

Vietlott Currently available
Vietlott Referral code July 2024
Vietlott Referral code August 2024
September 2024 October 2024
November 2024 December 2024
January 2025 February 2025
March 2025 April 2025
May 2025 June 2025

First time users will need to know how does Vietlott work? The Vietlott tickets can be bought from an agency point of sale, and these Vietnam lottery agents will have to be an approved distributor.

Telephone purchases are permitted via the Vietlott SMS application. Players choose a period in which they wish to participate, with a maximum of 6 periods selected in advance. There are several different games to take part in, each with their own set of Vietlott rules.

The draws can be viewed live, or the Vietlott results can be found via a text message notification. Paying for the tickets is in the local Vietnamese Dong currency, linked to a wallet/bank in a registered account. You can also check our Megapari promo code 2024 for more exclusive bonuses for sports betting!

2. Vietlott Offer 2024

There are several Vietlott products at which individuals can play lottery in Vietnam. Winning tickets in any of the games must satisfy certain conditions, and crucially, they must be recorded on the Vietlott system before pre-set ticket sales stop time.

Any winning tickets with a value below 10 billion VND will be paid directly into their account within 5 working days by the agent. Above that figure and responsibility transfers to Head Office who also are obliged to pay out within the same 5-day period.

2.1 Vietlott Games

There are various Vietlott games to play on the Vietlott lottery. They each require Vietnamese citizenship and for the player to be 18-years-old, or above.

The popular game is the Vietlott mega 6/45 which occurs every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 6pm. On the official site for the lottery it is possible to find comprehensive product information about this game, with useful Vietlott statistics, and general game play instructions.

Play Mega 6/45 at Vietlott
Minimum Jackpot of 12000000₫

Players who enjoy playing bingo online for cash will be drawn to a game called Bingo 18, and other options include: Keno, Power 6/55, Max 3D and Max 3D Pro. They all have their differences, and many people alternate between them for variation. Each game have their own instructions to be found on site. And for those who like fast reward games, we suggest checking out our guide for crash games where you will find plenty of bonuses to use on crash games!

2.2 Vietlott Prizes

It is possible to track winning Vietlott results immediately after each draw. The claim period for Vietlott prizes on winning tickets is within 60 days from the determined draw date, inclusive of that day. If left beyond this period the ticket becomes invalid. Prizes below 10 billion VND can be made 60 minutes after the draw results are publicized on the company website, by the agent.

3. Vietlott Regulations

Having established how to play Vietlott it is important for players to familiarize themselves with the Vietlott prize regulations that they will need to adhere to, so as not to end up disappointed and lose out as a result of not following the rules. Vietlott is operated in accordance with the country's gambling laws and is Vietnam's only lottery which is a full member of both the World Lottery Association (WLA) and the Asia Pacific Lottery Association (ALPA). As such, it abides by the most stringent standards for risk management and responsible gaming.

Regulations on Vietlott prizes ensures full confidence in the products and guarantees lottery security. As mentioned above, for any winners of 10 billion VND or less, Vietlott authorizes the selected Vietlott Agents to pay the winnings, with a responsibility placed upon them to send an SMS message, no later than one day following the announcement of the results.

A qualified agent will need to meet stipulated regulations and will have to sign an Agents contract accordingly. Additionally, it is they who propose Vietlott pos locations. After that it then falls under the area management branch which issued the winning tickets, to deal with requests for rewards over 10 billion VND and they will organize payments. Valid identification will be necessary in the form of citizen ID card, and passport. In the occurrence of a dispute or complaint, the 60-day period for claiming will be extended until a conclusion is reached. If you found this Vietlott 2024 review interesting, we highly recommend the 1xBit Alternative Link and find out how to get an exclusive bonus

4. Vietlott Promo Code 2024 - FAQ

4.1 How to contact Vietlott?

Vietlott contact can be made via several outlets; either phone, fax, email or directly through the official website, as the Vietlott support function is extremely helpful.

4.2 Where to buy Vietlott tickets?

Tickets can be purchased through an agent and their nominated vietlott pos.

4.3 What is the Vietlott main prize?

The Vietlott prizes differ from games to game and players are advised to refer to the main website to discover the potential rewards on offer.

4.4 What is the Promo Code Vietlott 2024?

With this lottery, there is not an actual Vietlott promo code to enter.

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