1x2 Football Betting Tips

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Date: 19-08-2019 11:00
Odds: 4.00
Stake: 8
Type: 1X2 by Rado13
Date: 19-08-2019 11:00
Event: 1 połowa remis
Odds: 2.20
Stake: 10
Type: Yes/No by Rado13
Date: 19-08-2019 11:00
Odds: 1.80
Stake: 10
Type: Over/Under by Rado13
Date: 19-08-2019 11:00
Event: 1 połowa under -0.5
Odds: 2.82
Stake: 10
Type: Yes/No by Rado13
Date: 19-08-2019 11:00
Event: Dokładny wynik 1-1
Odds: 7.80
Stake: 6
Type: Yes/No by Rado13
Date: 19-08-2019 11:00
Odds: 1.42
Stake: 2
Type: Over/Under by Er-secco
Date: 19-08-2019 11:00
Odds: 2.40
Stake: 9
Type: Asian handicap by moulefriite
1x2 Football Betting Tips

There have been many new football betting markets added in recent years which have created a plethora of options for those wanting to bet on the beautiful game. However, the 1x2 market remains arguably the most used football betting market in the world.

In this article, you will find out how 1x2 football predictions work and why 1x2 soccer tips remain the most popular online.

1. How Does it Work?

One of the many great aspects of 1x2 football betting is that is very easy to understand. Even a novice online gambler can pick up this betting market quickly. In terms of a football match, the ‘1’ refers to the home team, the ‘2’ is the away team and the ‘x’ refers to a draw.

So, when betting on the 1x2 football market you are placing a bet on either the home team to win (1), the away team to win (2) or for the match to end in a draw. after that, you can just watch the game on your TV or via stream (like Champions League fans can do it here for example https://www.sbs.com.au/guide/video/490624067648/Watch-the-UEFA-Champions-League-LIVE-on-SBS). You will see this market called various names at online bookmakers but some of the top bookmakers such as Bet365, 1xBet and William Hill will call it Full Time Result, Match Betting or Three-Way Bet.

You will find many 1x2 football tips online and all you must do is select what you believe will be the final outcome of a match after 90 minutes. If Real Madrid are playing Barcelona your options are Real Madrid (1), Barcelona (2) or the draw (x). It really is as simple as that. If you're interested in different bet types, you should also see how does Double chance bet work.

2. Advantages of 1x2 Football Betting

The main advantage of 1x2 football betting is the ease in which you can place a bet. There is very little in the way of detailed explaining required unlike other options such as handicap betting and most casual gamblers know how to place a 1x2 football bet.

Whatever time of day you log on to an online bookmaker such as 1xBet or 22Bet, you are guaranteed to find a 1x2 football betting market available. Some football matches will not have every style of bet available but 1x2 will always be an option, regardless of how obscure the match being played.

Another great advantage is you are guaranteed to find 1x2 football betting tips for free online every day. If you are struggling to decide what bets to place, you can rely on top tipster websites such as JohnnyBet to provide you with great 1x2 football predictions.

3. How to Pick a Good 1x2 Football Bet

The basis of all good 1x2 football bets is research. Take the Premier League for example, on the face of it most football punters will know Manchester City should beat Burnley at home and the odds reflect that fact.

However, a closer look reveals Manchester City are clear at the top of the Premier League and have a Champions League semi-final to play on Tuesday night. The team news shows they are resting several key players ahead of that game. Burnley on the other hand are fighting relegation and this match means everything to them. They will be putting their bodies on the line to win while the Manchester City players could play with a hint of caution. This makes the large odds for a Burnley win or draw very tempting as the outcome has now become possible.

Many free 1x2 football betting tips may be published before the team news has been announced so always pay attention and never place your bet too early.

The key 1x2 football betting is to find value and if you believe a team has been under-valued by a bookmaker, you are on the way to a good 1x2 football bet.

4. Where to Find 1x2 Football Betting Tips

You will find many websites offering 1x2 football betting tips but not all of them are free or well-researched. You are better off signing up for a free account with JohnnyBet and using the sure 1x2 betting tips on the website.

These are provided by football tipsters from around the world and the top tipsters each month win prizes, so there is huge motivation to provide the most winning tips. You will find a huge number of 1x2 football tips at JohnnyBet throughout the year and you don’t need to look anywhere else online before placing a bet. Remember to check out also our article about Correct Score betting tips.

5. Where to Place 1x2 Football Bets

Every online bookmaker should offer 1x2 football betting markets but there are some which provide better value, promotions, and security than others. Bet365 and William Hill are two highly recommended and well-known betting websites where you can place 1x2 soccer bets.

However, you must shop around for value and other online bookmakers such as 1xBet and 22Bet could be offering better 1x2 football odds than those mentioned above. Take your time and find the best value odds online or even better, sign up for a free account with JohnnyBet and get all the 1x2 football betting odds at your fingertips.

Best bookmakers where you can place 1x2 bets:

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