Advanced Guide to Sports Betting

Advanced Guide to Sports Betting

Let's start this advanced guide to sports betting with the fact that there are many methods, bets, and systems of playing, but players can be divided into two types: “players – winners”, and “players – losers”. The difference between them is that winners are able to accept occasional loss, and this can even make them stronger.

However, “losers” are incapable of coming to terms with a loss, and this makes them unlikely to win with bookmakers. I put a lot of effort into making this advanced sports betting guidebook the first step to your final success.

Thus, study this sports betting guide for advanced players and get all the sports betting tips, learn about the best strategy for sports betting and discover available advanced sports betting systems.

1. Elements and Factors Determining Victory

1.1 Mental Factors

“Winners” have a positive attitude even when they loss. They understand that negative emotions, the willingness to regain the money, and playing at all costs cannot be the priority.

However, “losers” are restless and nervous, losses are difficult for them to take, and when losing they cannot help themselves and immediately take a further risk by betting more and losing twice or three times the amount of money than what they invested at the beginning. They bet on events they have not previously analyzed (in particular this applies to “online” players).

It is, in my opinion, a mental factor. Each player should learn a method of controlling this because without this skill they act in the dark – and this leads to certain failures.

1.2 Indispensable personality traits

Players – winners can be patient. They wait for an opportunity and persistently act in accordance with their system or scheme. Players – losers do not know and/or cannot manage self-discipline.

1.3 Systems or Methods of Playing

They are fundamental to each kind of bet: if you play “by chance” with no system and without understanding one’s actions and one’s goals, the results will be poor. Every player should set the amount of money to be invested and the method of investing it. It should not be done by chance, or even worse, on the spur of the moment. Nobody forces you to play on a daily basis. If you do this it is only because you are convinced of placed bets.

It is a mistake to play in accordance with various systems. The primary rule is to understand and find a system which suits your goal. This system should be perfectly adjusted to the amount of money you want to invest in your bets. People who cannot control themselves will never make any profit. To resolve doubts – there is luck but in the long run it is not possible to move on without a route. It is like sailing at night when you do not know where to go.

1.4 Risk Control

Whoever decides to play for money should primarily get through a trial period, during which they will have a chance to check their skills. One can undergo this trial period on JohnnyBet. You don’t need to invest money but you will be able to check your betting efficiency. If your profit will be negative in the long run, perhaps you’d better give it up and count on somebody else.

A “player – winner” is able to accept every loss (obviously it is not possible to be happy when one loses, but if the information obtained is correct and precise it is the player and not the bookmakers who wins), whereas a “player – loser” cannot understand being losing and simultaneously bets again, non stop, being deluded into trying to quickly regain the money he lost.

1.5 Multiple Bets

Try not to place bets which consist of more than 2 events in one coupon. The principle is simple – it’s no use making our lives more complicated by taking an extensive risk.

1.6 Progressive system

Do not be deluded by the progressive system which is based on increasing the amount. This type of betting requires a high degree of self-control, and in practice, players find it hard to maintain this state of mind for a long period of time. Subsequent to numerous losses there is a risk of “getting panicky” and at the same time falling into the bookmakers’ trap.

1.7 Budget Management

It is necessary that you invest part of your savings in playing. Select an amount so that even a series of losses cannot lead you to bankruptcy. It all depends on the tips you use. If possible, you should analyze their history in order to calculate a safe amount for an individual bet. A generally accepted rule is to bet no more than 1-3% of your budget on a single bet.

Remember that more funds can help you win more without the necessity of taking an extensive risk when betting on events with high odds. A budget with reference to your savings is a very important factor when placing bets since a bookmaker has no knowledge about this compared to other factors such as odds or news about teams. Therefore, suitable budget management is a key to long-term victory.

1.8 Value Betting

Many people think that placing a single bet with odds of 1.60 or 1.70 does not pay off: IT IS NOT TRUE. If a bet of this type was successful, for example, after spending €10, our profit would be €6-7, that is 60-70% more when compared to the invested amount of money. One should not think that the amount they won is little (victory is dependent on the invested amount. If I bet €10 with the odds – 1.70, I win €7, but if I bet €100, I win €70).

It is important to adjust the amount of money to your budget. If you think that the chances compared to the offered odds are sufficient, then you ought to bet. How should you calculate it? Use the following formula: (bookmaker’s odds) * (chances of winning) / 100. If the score exceeds 1 it means that the bet pays off, but if the score falls below 1 then you should resign. See the examples below:

  • The odds of Arsenal’s victory equal 1.6. You assess the chance of winning – 70%. According to the previous formula: 1.6*70%/100 = 1.12. In this case, the bet pays off, the value equals 12%.
  • The odds of Barcelona’s victory equal 1.7. You assess their chances of winning – 55%. According to the previous formula: 1.7*55%/100=0.93. In this case the bet does not pay off and you’d better leave it.

Having placed bets on many events you will know which bets pay off and you will not have to calculate it every time.

1.9 Profit Management

A “player – winner” is able to control the situation and profits. They are not affected by the idea of fast wealth and they do not take redundant risk. They follow the system which helped them win.

A “player – loser”, who does not understand loss, is not able to manage the possibly obtained profit, and they soon lose their profit and resign from the successful system by trying to be lucky elsewhere or taking risks on bets which they consider to be valuable without making an accurate analysis.

For instance: a “player – loser” wins €100 and immediately bets €5 each game 4-5 times (they want to win €1000), forgetting that this is the way in which they lose 25% of the obtained profit. They are convinced that it is a great success, and at the same they totally lose their initial control.

Betting tips
15-07-2024 16:55 Asian Handicap (-3.5), Whole Match by nameless_she23
ODDS 2.01
Asian Handicap (-3.5), Whole Match by nameless_she23
15-07-2024 17:05 Correct Score, Whole Match by nameless_she23
ODDS 1.65
Correct Score, Whole Match by nameless_she23
15-07-2024 17:15 Home Away, Whole Match by Luispiache
ODDS 1.41
Home Away, Whole Match by Luispiache
15-07-2024 17:15 Home Away, Whole Match by Niman Hans
ODDS 1.41
Home Away, Whole Match by Niman Hans
15-07-2024 17:15 Home Away, Whole Match by
ODDS 1.33
Home Away, Whole Match by
15-07-2024 17:15 Home Away, Whole Match by chepapa
ODDS 1.32
Home Away, Whole Match by chepapa
15-07-2024 17:15 Home Away, Whole Match by Meister-Yoda10
ODDS 1.32
Home Away, Whole Match by Meister-Yoda10

Below you will find the rest of advanced tips for sports betting and you will learn how to bet professionally and how to manage sports betting bankroll. For you this could ba another step after our previous article gave you some knowledge about sports betting basics.

2. How to Place Bets

Narrowing down the area to the kind of “players – winners” who are able to control the above-mentioned elements, those who can take a risk and do it consciously should also be patient. We often encounter a large number of opportunities (particularly during the weekends) and a huge number of matches which take place in various parts of the world. Take a pen.

  • Begin with excluding competitions you do not know anything about. Do not be deluded by exotic names: it is all about money and is not about organizing distant travels.
  • Exclude any bets with odds below 1.40.
  • Analyze information available on the Internet – which you can find on official websites of clubs or experts’ sites.

Remember that everybody can be an expert. You must decide whether a given person is credible. As a rule this can be done by monitoring the statistics of a given adviser (on JohnnyBet you can find the statistics section in the profile of the user). Personally I recommend only following the tips of 2-3 experts who gain regular profits at 10%. If you notice that a given adviser publishes tips for at least a year and these tips are profitable at 10% you can be sure they are professional.

Key elements the experts find fundamental when selecting:

  • Teams’ scores in the period of last 4-6 matches
  • Squad: absent players due to disqualification or injury. One has to answer the question of whether teams are able to replace certain members. Do not let your attention be drawn by numbers. Pay attention to the role and importance of absent players: no primary goalkeeper, the best striker, team captain or defenders are key elements responsible for a team’s strength.
  • Pitch: to my mind, it no longer matters as much as it used to, especially in the strongest European leagues, yet you ought to focus on HOME/AWAY scores as if a given team has gotten 80% of their points at home it is certain that playing at home is crucial.
  • The situation in the club and in the dressing rooms: arguments and tension between a team owner and a coach and players are key to understanding the atmosphere in the team.
  • New transfers: can be an impulse but it’s necessary to accommodate.
  • Change of coach: has negative effects (a new coach needs to get to know the players and use his methods), but also positive ones (particularly regarding players who are assigned new roles, substitutes, but also in the case of a lack of communication and trust between an old coach and players).

And this is not the end, as there are still a number of sports betting advice to enjoy. You are probably familiar with our sports betting basic rules and information. Thus, more professional issues like sports betting budget management as well as advanced strategies for sports betting and profesional sports betting systems are the most important ingredients of this professional sports betting guide.

3. How to Obtain Good Information

Good news is usually credible information which comes from a credible source. It often happens that the news we read is incorrect and does not correlate with the facts. It also happens that we link a single piece of information with a sudden drop in a bookmaker’s odds and we do not analyze the whole match, and we believe that it must be a 100% victory. Remember to check all the competitors. On the basis of my experiences, I advise you to be careful about other Internet users’ comments on blogs (free or chargeable) and forums: remember that everybody can publish their opinions “from the viewpoint of a fan” and can also post false information, which is close to placing reckless bets.

In my career, I posted my tips for many websites which offered a bookmaker’s recommendations for free. This is where I met a lot of talented tipsters, however, a serious drawback of such websites is the fact that administrators propose monthly rewards for posting recommendations. This results in the fact that tipsters post reckless tips at the end of the cycle, often with high odds in order to hit the jackpot and win the prize in the contest. Such behavior does not go hand in hand with long-term success.

Looking for a perfect bookmaker for your bets?

An alternative is websites which offer paid tips, yet I have certain reservations regarding the quality of published tips. For the sake of this professional guide to sports betting it is worth mentioning that users of such services who pay fees require access to the tips at any time. Speaking of the work of professional tipsters, there are moments in which there are no suitable bets and one should refrain from betting, but advisers present on chargeable websites cannot afford to stop due to the pressure exerted by subscribers. In my opinion the best advisers are tipsters who do not earn money or rewards in contests but who post tips in order to share their knowledge. To them profits obtained in bets are high enough that they do not have to win prizes or take money from users, and their only goal is to exchange information with other experts.

4. My Tips

  • Every player should understand the method of betting. They should make a decision and stick to it. The biggest mistake is to frequently change the applied methods.
  • If we decide to follow a given method, we should not turn away from it but instead improve it and adjust it to our betting.
  • The difference between high and low odds is inconsiderable (apart from the matter of increased stake). The most important thing is to be aware of what to do. Then it’s all about being consistent.
  • Stability of time and professionalism are vital to a professional adviser. In the case of the average players they will be able to tell the difference between a good player and the one who got to the top.
  • Always remember to be cheerful and stable. IT’S THE BASIC RULE WHEN PLACING BETS!
  • You should NEVER place bets if you are in a difficult personal situation, such as if you are nervous, tired or stressed out. You should NEVER place bets if you are not in a peaceful place (it’s best to be alone and nothing should distract you).
  • You should NEVER (in the past I also made this mistake) place too many bets just like that without assessing the risk or being convinced of victory. One should not place bets which have not been analyzed in accordance with the tips listed above and without a “sufficient” amount of data or income. As I’ve already mentioned, they will give you an advantage over hated bookmakers, who can actually be helpful because if you think alike you can become a PROFESSIONAL.
  • To illustrate this, I listen to music when I analyze a match I want to invest a lot of money in, but I do it ON MY OWN, and nobody is close to me!

The aforementioned tips included in this advanced guide to sports betting are, in my view, THE MOST IMPORTANT: they seem to be small in detail but they make a big difference.

This article was written by Giovanni "levski" del Bosco.

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