Biography of Giovanni 'Levsky' Del Bosco

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Biography of Giovanni 'Levsky' Del Bosco

Giovanni Del Bosco (born July 6, 1966 in Palermo, Italy), better known as levsky, is a professional sports betting tipster who received the "JohnnyBet Expert of the Year" award twice - in 2012 and in 2017. He is one of the Best Tipsters within the JohnnyBet's community.

1. Education and Sports Career

Giovanni is a lawyer by profession – he published several articles in law journals, especially on administrative law and accounting – but is also a talented athlete. Initially, he participated in water polo competitions in various clubs in Serie B and C in Italy.

He also competed in the triathlon, where he achieved the highest national class (93rd place in the rankings) and ran three marathons (his best result is 3h 07’). Then he returned to swimming – he managed to get the title of Italian champion for open water (the M30 category), as well as the national champion in long-distance swimming (over 5km). He also won a silver medal in the 400 meters freestyle at the Italian championship in the open water in Riccione.

During his swimming career he completed a course for water polo judges and thus began his career as a judge. Currently Giovanni is beginning his another season of judging in the highest class of the Italian series. However, he did not give up on swimming – in 2004 he won a silver medal in the 50m freestyle (time of 26:00) and a bronze in the 100 meters freestyle (57:92) in the Italian championships (M35 category).

2. Sports Betting

In addition to a professional sports career levsky is a professional sports betting tipster. Due to his knowledge and experience his tips are followed by thousands of internet users. On the other hand, thanks to the extraordinary ability to concentrate and analyze the factors affecting the outcome of the games his stats are among the best of professional tipsters. Giovanni has cooperated with many websites, including Freebetting, Sport Punters, Bet Shoot or Betting Expert. Currently his choices can be followed on JohnnyBet.

Levsky's Tipster Statistics

Year Tips Tips Won Yield Profit
2012 578 344 11.46% 519.31
2013 857 446 3.85% 264.12
2014 1574 780 -2.4% -324.23
2015 3183 1728 6.41% 1911.71
2016 6346 3521 10.18% 6393.3
2017 7934 3588 4.78% 3794.14
2018 10319 5102 3.92% 3959.03
2019 14288 6980 0.29% 403.09
2020 22224 10269 -3.24% -7012.81
Total 69623 33845 1.44% 9746.56

It comes with no surprise that many beginners follow his tips and posts. Since he must be considered as one of the finest bettors, he is a great example for everyone who wants to start their adventure with sports betting. One of the biggest advantages of levsky's predictions is the fact that he doesn't stick to just one sport - apart from football, he posts his tips for basketball, tennis or ice hockey.

3. Cooperation with JohnnyBet

In 2012 levsky published 578 picks of which he earned a profit of 519.31 (out of 10 units per bet, yield 11.46%), thus achieving one of the best tipster results. Levsky focuses primarily on football – in 2012 he gained a profit of 474.6 with a yield of 10.73%. Later he once again became the best JohnnyBet tipster - in 2017 his profit was 3794.14 with 4.78% yield.

His choices are carefully picked and scrutinized according to the risk and probabilities. In addition to betting, Giovanni also thoroughly analyses and comments so that the users can learn the principles of good betting. He also shares his premium tips, so no matter what one's experience in sports betting is, it is always something valuable to find within levsky's tips and predictions.

4. Professional Guide to Sports Betting

In collaboration with JohnnyBet, levsky also prepared the Guide to Sports Betting which contains key information about professional betting. It offers information about the risks, cold calculation and budgets that we can invest in betting. It is a very useful tool for both amateur and professional players. Amateurs can broaden their horizons and learn about new sports betting strategies and techniques, while professionals can strengthen their knowledge and confront their styles with the one of levsky.

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