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The competitive nature of Esports means it has grown to become one of the most exciting ways to gamble online and that makes betting tips for esports extremely important. You can see from the sheer number of esports odds at the top online bookmakers, that esports betting tips and odds are immensely popular. There are many games on which to bet, including CS2, Call of Duty, LOL, Dota 2, Overwatch, Starcraft, and EA Sports FC.
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Why use free esports betting predictions

With so many esports betting options and esports picks to make, it is vital you use dependable esports betting predictions and tools. By following an experienced esports betting tipster, you know you are going to receive the best esports betting tips. That is why it is a fantastic idea to use JohnnyBet’s esports betting tips all in one tool that gives you leading esports predictions today at your fingertips for free.

The beauty of the JohnnyBet esports bet predictions tool is everything is transparent. The esports betting predictions are created by real individuals, who have a strong interest in esports betting.

Use esports betting tips from real tipsters

You can see the full menu for the esports betting tips at JohnnyBet and choose the esports betting predictions for the upcoming events, for today, tomorrow or in the future. By clicking on the ‘Active’ status, you will see all the esports picks for upcoming matches. You can also use the Tipsters League button to switch between esports betting predictions from those playing in the Tipsters League and those who are not. You can click on an individual esport betting pick and you are presented with the esports betting tips and odds for that match, by that tipster.

Esports betting picks with analysis and high odds

The best value esports odds are always used, so you do not have to go searching online to find odds for the event. If you would like to find out more about why a tipster has made a prediction, you can click on the ‘Coupons with Analysis’ button. All the betting tips for esports that show in this category come with an explanation, often including current form, head-to-head record, and much more. All this information is used when creating betting tips for esports in the JohnnyBet betting tips all in one tool.

Proven esports tipsters

You will have access to a link to each individual tipster which will show you their tipping history for esport betting tips. You can see the full tipster statistics, their active esports bet predictions, total profit, past esports picks, and the contests they have entered. If you like what you see, you can click the follow button so you will always see their esports betting tips. All this information is available for free and you will not find such a comprehensive esports betting tips and odds service anywhere else online.

Bet on esports with high value tips

So, you have everything you need in one place thanks to the Johnnybet Esports betting tips all in one tool. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced esports gambler, there is something for everyone. Remember, every esports betting tipster will have their tips recorded, so it is always in their best interest to ensure they only give betting tips for esports they 100% believe are going to be successful.

Esports betting options

Everyone knows the most popular wager - the match winner bet. However, there are plenty of other esports betting options available, thus specifically for this market. Tips for esports might involve outright, parlays and system bets, handicap betting, first map winner and more. Additionally, there are numerous game-specific bets pertinent to specific esports, such as proposition gambling on a number of "kills" or, in a bet known as first blood, the first "kill."

Strategies for esports betting

As you know, to win betting on esports, your strategy should include an in-depth analysis of the teams and players. Gaining as much knowledge as possible on previous wagers can improve chances of winning.

Value bets are another essential component of esports betting strategies that bettors must be aware of. Parlays have a higher risk factor, they can even triple the odds on hot favorites.

Equally important is finding the correct balance when it comes to esports betting advice and forecasts. It can be problematic to focus on a single market, thus it could be wise to track multiple markets concurrently to avoid going too far.

How to bet on esports

The professional gameplay may take some time to get used to, but there are esports betting tutorials available to help. However, this type of betting doesn’t differ from traditional betting. The first step is selecting the desired game and bet type from the selection offered at the chosen bookmaker.

Is esports betting profitable?

Esports betting is a lucrative market that can only grow from here. Tipsters who offer predictions for esports betting are becoming more popular, and legal esports betting have a ton of options to generate good money. Sites offer better odds and the number of available tournaments is constantly increasing.

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