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21-04-2024 00:00 Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by Lodbrock
ODDS 2.77
Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by Lodbrock
21-04-2024 00:00 Home Away, Whole Match by Hulde58
ODDS 1.46
Home Away, Whole Match by Hulde58
21-04-2024 00:00 Home Away, Whole Match by Pike89
ODDS 1.45
Home Away, Whole Match by Pike89
21-04-2024 00:00 Home Away, Whole Match by dudblast
ODDS 1.47
Home Away, Whole Match by dudblast
21-04-2024 00:00 Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by Diego74
ODDS 2.15
Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by Diego74
21-04-2024 00:00 Home Away, Whole Match by Yoda192
ODDS 1.49
Home Away, Whole Match by Yoda192
21-04-2024 00:00 Home Away, Whole Match by Niman Hans
ODDS 2.85
Home Away, Whole Match by Niman Hans
Betting Forum

The Johnnybet online betting forum is unique, with its quite exceptional offering to the betting community. The opportunities that it affords to members and tipsters, to interact with each other, qualifies it for the title of best betting forum, in the online environment.

Focus is totally aimed at the punter and their needs and wishes, resulting in the creation of an outstanding betting community. Here we scrutinise that community in more depth and take a closer look at the excellent tipster league, together with other competitions and its sporting provision; and it is all for free!

1. Sports Betting

1.1 Football

Any sports betting forum has to be able to provide a high standard of free football predictions and Johnnybet certainly ticks that box. A team has been assembled who can deliver some outstanding football betting tips for matches, in all the top leagues around Europe, in particular: England, Italy, Spain, and Germany. Additionally however, the lower or lesser-known leagues are also featured, and this is where some of the very best value betting is uncovered, by talented tipsters.

Many different markets are available, with the likes of 1x2 and correct scores being the most popular. Whenever there are International weeks, or an actual major tournament, then the football betting community are spoilt for choice, such is the amount of high quality tips available. Finding the value in a bet is of high priority, taking into account probability, but also looking beyond the 'sure' bets, and finding those outstanding odds, which will give a punter the opportunities to maximize their profit margins.

1.2 Tennis

As might be expected, all the major tennis tournaments such as the Australian, French and US Opens, plus of course Wimbledon, receive tips which have been submitted after careful analysis. In addition, the smaller championships, often featuring lower ranking players, are not overlooked here, and very often a great betting opportunity will be highlighted on our tennis betting forum.

Naturally, the playing surface will be one of a tipsters main considerations, but with tennis tipping they look beyond these, and use their intuition based on the wealth of statistical data, which they have gathered to assess potential form issues, injury, or past records against certain opponents.

The in-play markets are extremely popular in tennis and can prove to be a very good strategy to adopt, for bettors to gain an edge in betting. Finding those players who struggle at particular stages of games can pay dividends. Johnnybet has an abundance of such data available, either via one of the knowledgeable tipsters, or in its useful articles library.

1.3 Horse Racing

Horse racing betting probably attracts more tipsters than any other sport. Some have reasonable records, some appear to shut their eyes and stick a pin in the racecard - such is their success; but at Johnnybet the tipsters are conditioned to seek out the value odds, together with finding the bookmakers with the best bonuses, which are very often offered in association with horse racing betting.

Luck is obviously needed, but following expert knowledge, is probably valid more in this sport than in any other. Picking a family name, or bright coloured jockey silks may work occasionally, but it certainly isn't a strategy that has any long term prospects for success.

A forum such as Johnnybet is an excellent place to collect useful information, with tips flying back and forth, and amongst them there will frequently be a high value selection, it is just a case of spotting it. Tipsters can sometimes start their decision making this way, before analysing the past form, trainer and jockey credentials, race conditions, the weight advantage or disadvantage, the horses value and finally the ante-post odds. If everything fits, then there is the tip.

1.4 Other Sports

The fact that there are so many other sports covered at Johnnybet just confirms its right to be regarded as the best sports betting forum and can compete with a specific forum like the NBA betting forum for example. Boxing, greyhound racing, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, motor sports and the increasingly popular e-sports, are other offerings well supported on the website, with skilled betting tips from highly proficient and proven tipsters. Having so many practised authorities grouped together, to offer a considered opinion on their own specialist sports discipline, would be difficult to replicate anywhere else.

As a consequence, this is without doubt the ideal gambling forum, for both the hardened sports bettor, who might be seeking that tiny bit of statistical knowledge to convince, or deter them, from a certain wager; or the novice and casual punters, who could simply be looking for some general advice and direction from some trusted betting tips. There is a Johnnybet 'Guide to Sports Betting' available for users to read which will certainly assist both levels of experience.

2. JohnnyBet Community Betting Forum

The Johnnybet online betting community is unique and what is more, it is open to all and consequently, continues to grow in impressive numbers, all the time. The conception of bringing a betting family together, with all their needs in one place, each with similar common aims and objectives, is innovative in its creation; but more importantly, the formation of an establishment of like-minded people, with an underlying spirit and inclination to help one another, makes this undoubtedly the best betting community, anywhere online.

The outstanding camaraderie formed, is beneficial in so many ways, for so many individuals. The very fact that it allows active connections to develop, is a great result in itself; but there is so much more to it from a betting viewpoint. Sharing knowledge is empowering and rewarding for any of the talented tipster members, who frequent the website. Everyone's contribution is valued, as each fragment of information can assist someone else towards long term profits.

The competitions and prizes provided help to further enhance the feel-good factor of the group association, where respect for fellow members, is self-evident from the very first visit. Naturally, some participants will focus solely on one specific sport; but that is perfectly acceptable within the group as a whole. For example, the gambling community football betting forum has a huge following, but they essentially remain as part of the wider Johnnybet betting community, even though their concentration is towards one particular sport.

There is opportunity to post personal details, so the community becomes one big connection and a genuinely affiliated, kindred network. Tipsters can be from any part of the world, and obviously post their tips and comments in their own languages; but this is easily overcome by an excellent “translation” function. There is also a calculator app which determines any sports betting returns... which are welcome in any language!

The overwhelming link between all, is an appetite to be part of something that benefits themselves first and foremost, but others too, and that is a real community!

2.1 JohnnyBet Tipster League

The Johnnybet tipster league is a fantastic, on-going competition, which attracts sports and gambling fans alike, with the chance to win huge cash prizes, and better still, all for free, so with no personal financial risk. At the same time, players find their analytical skill-set improving along the way, and in so doing, enhance not only their chances of greater rewards in their own betting, but also become more adept as tipsters themselves, as a knock-on effect.

After the preseason, which takes place between June and July, with a prize pool of €5,000, the main competition, with a prize pool of €25,000, runs from August 1st through to May 31st. Both preseason and season competitions are open to all Johnnybet registered members. Players simply have to 'create a coupon', with their selected tips recorded. Once three tips and/or predictions have been posted within one month, they will automatically be entered into the tipster league, but effectively, the more picks that are shared with the community, the greater the chances become of landing a share of the pot.

The prize pool of €25,000, which can be won during the main season, is broken down as follows:

1st place - €15,000; 2nd place - €3,000; 3rd place - €1,500; 4th place - €1,000; 5th place - €500; 6th place - €400; 7th place - €300; 8th place - €200; 9th place - €150; 10th place to15th place - €100; and 16th place to 20th place - €50.

Every month the best achieving tipster will win an original football shirt of their choice and at the conclusion of the season, the 'Tipster of the Year' not only wins the cash prize, but also a surprise prize and a special mention on the Johnnybet platform.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the tipster community are embellishing their skills significantly, as results continue on an upward curve, by the week. This tipster league is a fabulous tournament to be involved in on so many levels. It has nothing but a positive effect on everyone associated with it, creating a genuine interest throughout a season, and what is more, it provides great entertainment and fun, into the bargain.

2.2 Betting Competition

Any good bettors forum will offer competitions and prizes to its loyal members, and Johnnybet certainly does not disappoint on that front. Apart from the incredible tipster league there is also a daily/weekly contest, where predictions on sporting events with odds, can be made.

Each round runs from Monday to Sunday of any given week, with points awarded in line with the events odds, and at the end, a share of €300 is distributed across the top contributors, who have collected the most points. To participate, a player need only register on the website and click the 'join contest' button and away they go.

3. Sports Betting Apps

A very useful tool used by many of the Johnnybet community, is the 'bet calculator'. This application, in simple terms, allows players to calculate potential winnings based on the stake placed, the type of bet, and its odds.

However, this app is a little more sophisticated than just that. Results are divided into different systems, such as: singles, doubles, trebles, accumulators and many more besides; each showing potential yields and profits. It doesn't have to be downloaded, it can be utilised in the desktop, or mobile version of the Johnnybet website, making it a great addition to any betting experience.

4. JohnnyBet Betting Forum

Anybody who was previously unsure about the Johnnybet betting advice forum, will hopefully be completely reassured that this is the best place to be, not only as a sportsbook forum, but also as a wonderful community environment.

The volume and quality of information is unmatched online, meaning it is perfect platform for gamblers of all levels of expertise. The website is growing at the same pace as its tipsters are improving in their predictions on our betting forum – which is rapidly.

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