Dota 2 Betting Tips

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Dota 2 Betting Tips

Betting on eSports is a sub-industry that has exploded in recent years, and key to its growth has been the release of fantastic games such as DOTA (and latterly DOTA 2) - this is why we decided to prepare for you some DOTA 2 betting tips.

When you think about it, these games are perfect for betting: you have two competing players/teams battling it out in a situation where the rules are confirmed and the action is fair – ultimately the best player or team wins, and that’s exactly what we want as punters.

DOTA 2 is the perfect example of eSports betting in action. Two teams of five players compete with a clear goal in mind: to destroy the opposition’s base, known as the ‘Ancient’.

In tournament play, a specific number of maps need to be won to claim victory, with teams from all around the world competing to be crowned champion.

Dota 2 betting creates a perfect environment for punters and this is something where we might help you! Whether you're looking for Dota 2 betting predictions or where to bet on Dota, we got you covered. Just keep on reading!

1. Our Dota 2 Predictions

There is an old thought process that states that the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ is more useful as a guide than just your own opinions and ideas.

And this is certainly true in betting.

You may have your own views on how a sporting event is going to pan out, and if those are backed up a community of like-minded individuals then you can place your wagers with confidence. This isn’t an exact science, of course, and not all bets placed with the support of ‘the crowd’ will win, but sharing knowledge is a key part of being a successful punter.

And for that reason, our eSports betting tips – produced by our own insightful community of tipsters – is a godsend.

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Whether you are completely new to eSports or have some experience as a player or spectator, our Dota 2 predictions are presented by people who really know their subject. They offer tips in a variety of markets and to cover a wide range of events, from the big global competitions to more niche, domestic tournaments.

And the reason we are able to offer the very best Dota 2 betting tips is that we are able to attract only the finest tipsters around courtesy of our lucrative Tipsters League, which is sponsored by world-renowned bookmaker Pinnacle which by the way is a leading brand when it comes to Dota 2 betting odds market.

With a generous yearly prize pool of €30,000, we attract the most well-informed specialists in the game, and as such we can say that our tipster community is packed with only high-calibre individuals. Our results speak for themselves!

2. Dota 2 Betting Odds

These days, many bookmakers are offering Dota 2 betting odds, with perhaps the standout players in the field being bet365, Pinnacle, ArcaneBet and Thunderpick. If you want to place a bet on any of the big e-sports events, these betting sites should be your first port of call as they offer the best Dota 2 odds and the widest range of markets.

Here at JohnnyBet we can really help those wanting to wager on eSports. First of all, we can offer you fantastic bonus codes to the best bookmakers in the business, so that when you register for a new player account you are given a lucrative welcome package that can really help you get started well. Click on the ‘Sports’ tab of our website and then click ‘top bookmakers’.

Secondly, our team of outstanding tipsters deliver the most insightful Dota 2 predictions and Dota 2 betting tips around. You can be sure that if there’s a big tournament coming up, our community will have it covered with the most comprehensive previews and tips on the web.

3. A Guide to Betting on Dota 2

If you are familiar with Dota but are unsure how betting on it actually works, then enjoy our guide to betting on Dota 2 below.

As you know, the ultimate object of the game is to destroy the opposition’s base; racking up the kills along the way. And the Dota 2 betting odds reflect that, with a range of markets available to reflect different landmarks within each game.

Betting on the winner is covered by the outright market: here you can bet on the team you think will be crowned the champion or indeed the nationality of the winning team. There are opportunities to bet on the final result too, i.e. how many maps will each team win, and you can even have a flutter on map-based handicap markets if you wish.

If you prefer to wager on specific scenarios within each game, then there are lots of Dota odds to sink your teeth into. Bet on first blood, first kill, most kills, team to destroy the first tower or barracks, the first team to slay a Roshan... the options are endless.

Remember, for all the very best eSports betting predictions, bookmark our site here at JohnnyBet. It may just be one of the most profitable decisions you ever make!

4. Dota 2 Betting Review?

We encourage to post your own Dota 2 betting predictions here at JohnnyBet. First of all you might help other fellow eSports bettors. Secondly, if you're good, you might be recognized and win some extra money from our Tipster League prize pool.

So far this game is only available on PC but who knows, maybe it will be also transferred to other platforms? PS5 premiere has already happened, so maybe that would be a great opportunity to introduce the game to the console audience as well. No matter what, we wish you luck in Dota 2 betting and encourage you to use our Dota 2 betting tips.

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