Bledisloe Cup Betting Tips

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Bledisloe Cup Betting Tips

There are some fantastic rivalries in the world of Rugby Union. There’s the Calcutta Cup between England and Scotland but surely the most important one is the Bledisloe Cup and it's a fight - Australia vs. New Zealand.

It’s not uncommon for this cup to be being battled out between the top two teams in the world. New Zealand, aka ‘The All-Blacks’ currently top the world rankings and will be defending the Rugby Union World Cup in 2019. Before that, they have the Bledisloe Cup to try and retain and that won’t be the easiest of tasks. Read further to see Bledisloe Cup Betting Tips and don't forget to check Rugby Betting Tips For Tomorrow.

1. History of the Bledisloe Cup

A lot of sporting trophies are named after people and this is no exception. It’s named after Lord Bledisloe who was the Governor-General of New Zealand. He donated this trophy in 1931 but there’s a bit of an argument over when the first Bledisloe Cup match was played. Australia reckon it was a one-off match that was played between the two countries in 1931 but New Zealand insist it was a game played between them in Australia the following year. Whatever year it began, the Bledisloe Cup has provided plenty of thrills over the past 80 plus years.

New Zealand dominated the early Bledisloe Cup games winning the trophy 19 times out of 23 between 1931 and 1981. The format of the Bledisloe Cup has changed several times during its history. Between 1982 and 1995, the cup games took place every year and sometimes it was a best-of-three series and other times just a one-off showdown between these great Rugby Union playing nations.

Things changed in 1996 as New Zealand and Australia began playing a Tri Nations tournament with South Africa. With the fixture list often being a bit congested, the decision was made to include the Bledisloe Cup games as part of the games contested between New Zealand and Australia in this new tournament. The hope was of course that the two nations would share their games in the Tri Nations tournament and then have one final deciding match later in the year. That only happened in 1998 and when one country had already won the Bledisloe Cup as a result of the scores in the Tri Nations tournament, the final game wasn’t played.

The format has continued to change in recent years. At one time just the two games played in the Tri Nations counted towards the Bledisloe Cup. The holders just needed to draw the series to retain the trophy and that happened several times.

Currently both teams play each home and away in the Rugby Championship which also includes South Africa and Argentina. It’s back to the format of the two games counting and one other being played but not if that game happens to be a World Cup game.

New Zealand are the current holders of the trophy and continued their recent domination of the trophy having beaten Australia twice in the 2017 Rugby Championship but then losing the other game.

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2. Bledisloe Cup Bookmakers

The 2018 Bledisloe Cup will begin in August when the Rugby Championship tournament begins. The first match will take place on August 18 when Australia host New Zealand at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney. The second game occurs exactly a week later on November 25 at Eden Park in Auckland. As for the third game, well it looks as if that is going to be held in Japan. New Zealand are due to be playing the 2019 World Cup hosts on November 3 and it’s expected they will play Australia towards the end of October. New Zealand and Australia have previously had meetings in both Japan and Hong Kong.

You can get great odds on who is going to win the Bledisloe Cup this year. There will also be betting opportunities on the individual matches as well. Many bookies will be offering prices, but we recommend William Hill and Bet 365.

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