eSports Betting Tips and Predictions

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eSports Betting Tips and Predictions

Discover and enjoy our eSports betting tips and predictions available in this article. For those that already know about eSports and betting on them, this article is a mere guide as to where you can find the best eSports bonuses and bookmakers to enjoy your hobby with.

If you haven’t dipped your toe in the eSports betting waters, then what are you doing? This is one of the fastest growing gambling pursuits on the planet, with the estimated total amount of money wagered on the sector reaching $23.5 billion by the end of 2020, according to Statista.

Bettors from all four corners of the globe are wagering on the outcome of League of Legends (LOL), Counterstrike, Overwatch, Dota 2 and more. And with a stack of new titles set for release in 2019 and beyond, the eSports betting market is only going to grow from here.

Even PUBG download (Playerunknown's Battleground) is increasing and its' popularity as well, so this may be the title for esport tournaments in the future. You can buy it on their official website and get your download key for Steam.


1. eSports Betting

You might think that eSports betting is simply wagering on the outcome of a match between two players/teams, but there is a bit more to it than that.

There are several different styles of eSports betting for starters, with the main one being sportsbook betting. Yes, many bookmakers are taking eSports bets now, most notably Bet365, so there has never been a better time to get started.

A number of different bet types exist depending on the game, from outright match betting and Asian Handicaps to Yes/No betting on a certain outcome. Some bookies are even planning to roll out in-play eSports betting - or live eSports betting if you prefer - in the coming months.

The eSports industry is becoming increasingly popular and, as a result, more and more regulated too, which means that bettors have the complete peace of mind in knowing that this is an area in which they can wager with confidence.

So what are the other betting options? There are websites that offer skin betting, pool betting and there are eSports bookies that combines all of this on one website. If you're looking for the bookies that offer the most markets to bet on, the ones like ArcaneBet or Esportsbetting which were created especially for eSports betting enthusiasts will be the best option to choose.

Find the best eSports sportsbook!

2. eSports Betting Tips

If you are completely new to eSports betting then you might want to get some expert help until you know each of the games a bit better. Fortunately, help is at hand courtesy of the JohnnyBet tipping community.

Head to the Tips page of the site and you will find stacks of betting tips posted each and every day – completely free of charge. These cover a variety of different markets and bet types, and this is an excellent resource to use with your eSports bets until you feel comfortable placing your own.

If you are a more experienced eSports bettor then why not join our Tipsters League? This can help to turn your passion into cold, hard cash: every month the best tipsters win real money prizes courtesy of JohnnyBet! You could come out on top of the league in terms of points won, or the community could vote you as the best/most helpful tipster around. Either way, you will be winning a share of the €25,000 yearly prize fund.

So hopefully that has helped to whet your appetite for some eSports betting. If you are a complete newcomer then your best option to start with is using the library of e-sports free tips presented by the JohnnyBet tipster community, head on over to ArcaneBet or Esportsbetting (using our promo codes of course!) and place your bets. Who knows, this could be another profitable arm to your betting portfolio.

If you are a more experienced eSports bettor, then don’t forget our Tipster League; you could get your hands on a huge cash prize! No matter what, our eSports betting tips and predictions are always very useful.

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