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We think that this is the best time to provide you with our Eurovision 2021 predictions. It is worth reminding that due to COVID-19 virus outbreak, Eurovision 2020 has been cancelled and postponed for the next year. Eurovision 2021 will be held in May in Rotterdam, Netherlands. That’s thanks to Duncan Laurence, who won the 2019 edition with his song ‘Arcade’, scoring an incredible 498 points to just pip Italy to the post. For the 2021 Eurovision bookmakers have odds that are 3.30 for Italy and 4.30 for France.

The 65th edition, which will be the first hosted on Dutch soil since 1980, will bring together the usual brand of camp entertainment, political voting and, somewhere amongst it all, some music! The identity of the Eurovision 2021 winner is likely to come from a small shortlist of countries that have a fine history in this competition, and for whom the voting system works very much in their favour.

It’s that logic which informs our Eurovision 2021 betting tips and predictions, and guides us towards finding a winner in a competition that can be very fruitful for punters. So here’s our Eurovision 2021 preview.

1. Eurovision 2021 Outsiders

The Eurovision Song Contest is a fantastic betting heat for punters. There will be 26 countries that perform in the final, and we already know the identity of those who probably won’t win it.

For example, in four of the last five editions of the event the host nation has gone on to finish in the bottom five of the voting. Quite why that is nobody knows, but clearly there is a trend here for the defending champions to really struggle.

And then there’s the political elements to consider too. Great Britain, for example, routinely does terrible in the voting. That may be because their songs are rubbish….or it may be as a consequence of political action – the UK left the European Union, remember.

Germany finished bottom-but-one in the voting in 2019, and that comes as no surprise either: they have only twice won this competition in its history. Perhaps their war-mongering past still comes back to haunt them from time to time.

Australia are not a member of the EU – they are present in the Commonwealth – and you always wonder whether they will truly garner the voting support required to win this event. For sure they will not do that this year as they don't qualify for the final contest.

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And then we can refer to the history books: Spain haven’t won Eurovision since 1969, France since 1977, Belgium since 1986 and Switzerland since ’88. These are all big countries from the mainland that do not have a great record in this competition.

So that’s seven or eight Eurovision 2021 outsiders that we can eliminate from our thinking already, regardless of what the Eurovision 2021 odds might tell us.

2. 2021 Eurovision Contenders

While there are countries who we can all but write off in terms of finding a winner, there are others who immediately spring to mind as Eurovision 2021 favourites.

Eurovision has long witnessed a phenomenon known as ‘block voting’, where neighbouring countries or those that are allied in some way can group together to score well.

At the beginning, it was really embarrassing. We played in the main street in Rome, and you had to take all your instruments and place them on a spot, and dealing with people calling the police or fighting against other buskers. ”Zitti e Buoni” is just a statement of what we want to do. We’re ready to play our music and we don’t care what people are going to say, we’re going to be authentic. - Members of Måneskin (Italy) before the contest, Wiwibloggs

For instance, the Scandinavian nations – Sweden, Norway and Denmark – tend to group together to give each a solid foundation of points, backed by the likes of Finland and Iceland. They finished fifth, sixth and twelfth respectively in 2019, so it clearly helps.

There are examples of ‘creative collusion’ too. North Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Moldova, Romania... these are all nations that often go on to support one another.

And come what may, you expect Russia and Azerbaijan to have one another’s backs, and the same goes for Greece and Cyprus.

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The bottom line is this: you still need a good song, that resonates with the viewers, to reach the Eurovision 2021 final or even become the Eurovisiona 2021 winner. Just because you have block support does not mean you are instantly going to win if your song is really poor!

But if your entry is interesting, and you have that political support, then you stand a great chance of winning the Eurovision Song Contest.

3. Eurovision 2021 Betting Tips

Who will win Eurovision 2021? Until the final acts are named and their songs heard for the first time, it is difficult to really offer any accurate Eurovision 2021 betting tips.

But as we have already discussed above, there are some countries that have a better record in this competition than others, and that is for both artistic and political reasons.

Do you want to know where to place your bets?

When looking at this year's favourites, there a few countries really leading the way in Eurovision betting odds. One of them is Italy which is represented by Måneskin - a band that is very original not only in its music but also in its style. According to bookies, the biggest rivals for the Italians are Malta, France, Switzerland, and Ukraine. However, you can also check the Eurovision history and look for some favourites there.

The last five Eurovision winners don’t really have a great deal in common. Sweden, Ukraine, Portugal, Israel and the Netherlands come from different parts of Europe and have contrasting political landscapes, so there’s not really a trend to follow there and that's shown by the ESC 2021 odds.

Before the Eurovision 2021 results come in, one of our Eurovision predictions is to back the Scandi nation with the best song to prevail.

4. Eurovision 2021 Live Streaming

There is a possibility that 1XBET will have live streams available of Eurovision 2021. Go there and check out if it is true. This way you can both watch the Eurovision 2021 contest and make a good use of our Eurovision 2021 predictions

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