Tipster League With Prizes

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Tipster League With Prizes

Are you somebody that fancies themselves as a top tipster? Maybe you are a bettor who wants to access the best tips from some of the most profitable tipsters in the game? Either way, you need to get involved in the free JohnnyBet Tipster League.

This is a community of some of the most exciting up-and-coming and established tipsters around. This is a place to share tips, acquire knowledge and – in the case of budding predictors – win monthly prizes, just for sharing your expertise with the rest of the Tipster League.

Unlike the vast majority of tipster competitions and contests, the JohnnyBet competition sends the tipsters prizes directly to your PayPal account; there’s no need to place bets at a particular bookmaker or satisfy bonus criteria here! the participation in the tipster competition with cash prizes competition is completely free of charge!

1. Tipster League with Prizes

You can always keep up to date with the latest tips and the league standings here. Monthly updates are posted to keep you in the loop and make sure you are tracking the best and most in-form tipsters in the community.

And there’s great news for registered users: simply share three or more of our tips each month on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Vkontakte) and you will be handed an extra 10% on your winnings in the Tipster League (T&Cs apply)!

2. Tipster League with Money Prize Pool

Get this: the monthly prize pool for the JohnnyBet Tipster League is a whopping €2000!

Here’s a closer look

  • Profit - 30% of the prize pool is shared between top 20 tipsters, depending on their monthly profit. Each tipster gets the amount of money proportional to the share of his profits in total profit.
  • Yield - 30% of the prize pool is shared between top 20 tipsters, depending on their monthly yield. Each tipster gets the amount of money proportional to the share of his yield in total yield.
  • Survey - 30% of the prize pool is shared between tipsters, depending on the survey. This money goes to tipsters chosen by users, experts and administrators.
  • Tips of the Day - 10% of the prize pool is shared between all tipsters in the best tipster competition whose predictions got to Tips of the Day category (in proportion to the number of types in types of the day).

If there are not ten tipsters in positive profit, then the prize pool is calculated proportionately from those tipsters that have returned a profit for the month. All winners’ ages will need to be verified before prizes can be delivered.

3. Best Free Tipster League

The JohnnyBet Tipping League was devised to give advanced tipsters a place to get their tips proofed and consequently create an environment where the best predictors in the business hang out and share their knowledge in a football tipster league with prize pool and accept the tipster challange. For those who love sports but don’t want to get involved in tipster betting, then our Tipster League is a fantastic place to show off your knowledge for free!

4. Free Tipster Competition

The goal of this JohnnyBet Tipster Competition is to create the most active tipping community online, with the best tips shared and the most generous prizes awarded. The reason for the voting system is that it gives our users a chance to share their happiness in a particular tipster that has helped them throughout the month, rather than a tipster who has had one or two big tips come in. We want to reward the tipsters who have the greatest impact on our community, not just those out to earn a quick buck!

Join the Tipsters League and get the prize

4.1 How is Voting Conducted?

Every month users from the JohnnyBet community are selected to cast their votes on their fellow tipsters. A user gives each vote a different weight from 1 to 5, depending on the fellow users’ contribution to the development of the JohnnyBet service. One thing is sure though. 30% of the prize pool goes to tipsters chosen by users, experts and administrators! That’s why your votes matter! You too have a chance to decide who will be a Tipster of the month!

Just settle at least one coupon and be active in building the JohnnyBet community of tipsters. Watch other users, add coupons and vote in the monthly surveys. Each vote has its own weight - from 1 to 5. You decide who was the most helpful for you and should receive the most points. We analyze your engagement on an ongoing basis. We take into account the fairness and reliability of the ratings we give.

4.2 Can I Increase the Weighting of My Vote?

Each month the voting process is analysed to ensure that all votes cast are justified, fair and unbiased. With a consistent history of fair voting with appropriate reasons given, the weighting of each voter can be increased.

Perhaps you are wondering where the idea of a vote comes from since we have a large range of precise statistics and we could emerge winners based on generated profit or the highest activity? Well... We want YOU to have the greatest impact on the creation of our community and at the same time, we encourage all players in a football tipster league to publish the best bets planned to generate long-term profit on bookmaking.

5. Getting Involved in the JohnnyBet Tipster League

It is so easy to join the [key]free JohnnyBet Tipster league[/s] that it is a surprise you’ve not already gone and done it!

Simply log in to your JohnnyBet account – or register if you have yet to do so – and start posting your tips in the community.

After one posted tip you will become a contender for the monthly voting in the Tipsters League. The better your picks the more chance you have of winning some pretty cool prizes!

5.1 How Do I Add My Tips to The JohnnyBet Community?

Just create a post or submit a tip – it really is that simple! Once you have done this you will qualify to join the Tipsters League, vote and earn those outstanding prizes.

Are you ready to join best free tipping competition?

5.2 How to join the Tipsters League

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