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Tipsters League

If you love sport and competition, the free Tipster League with prizes at JohnnyBet are definitely something for you. Can you accurately predict the results of matches? Do you want to test yourself against other tipsters and win cash prizes? You can do it!

The online Tipster League is a competition for all sports and betting fans who want to win big prizes without risking their funds. It is also a great way to improve your tipping skills. The JohnnyBet Tipster League 2024/2025 is free and the prize pool is €48,500, including €15,000 for the winner of the main season and €2,000 for the winner in the preseason!

1. Tipster Competition with Prizes Rules

What is the JohnnyBet Tipster League? It is a competition in which players are competing by placing betting tips (coupons) on selected sports events. Contrary to bookmakers, participation here is completely free, and you are going head to head with other tipsters for the Tipster of the Year title and high cash prizes. It's created for our betting online community that we describe in the related article providing all the necessary information on how to join it and what are its benefits.

As with the Fantasy Premier League, for example, our free tipping online competition is more of a marathon than a sprint. Each season of the free Tipster League lasts for 10 months, starting on August 1 and ending on May 31 of the following year. It is preceded by the Preseason which takes place between June and July.

The competition takes place in two rankings - monthly and seasonal, and the only criterion is the profit obtained. Your result in the monthly ranking is based on the sum of the profit from all your coupons in a given month. The sum obtained from the monthly rankings, in turn, is your result in JohnnyBet's Seasonal Ranking. Both rankings are updated every hour.

How to add coupons? It is very easy. To take part in our tipping competition, you first need a JohnnyBet account - registration is fast and easy. Our tipsters competition has a convenient and intuitive Coupon Creator, thanks to which you will publish your betting tips in a few seconds! You also don't have to worry about the coupon settlement - a few hours after the end of the event, the result will be completed automatically!

2. Euro 2024 Tipsters League

During Euro 2024, our Tipsters League has another interesting feature for all JohnnyBet tipsters! For the whole month (14th June - 14th July) you will have a chance to compete with other players to win interesting prizes. Our Euro 2024 Tipsters League total prize pool is €500. To join, you need to find Euro 2024 private league and use code: EURO2024. Also, we got for you Copa America Tipsters League with same prize pool, rules and code: COPA2024.

2.1 Euro 2024 Betting Competition

You can now join our 1x2 Euro 2024 betting competition to win a share of €3000! Plus, it is completely free to join. Just use the link below to register!

Join for free and win a share of €3000 prize pool!

3. Tipping Competition Prize Pool

The total prize pool of the JohnnyBet Tipster League each year is €48,500, divided into preseasonal, seasonal, monthly and private leagues prizes. The winner of the main season receives €15,000 and the best punters every month win the original football jerseys of their favourite teams. The 30 tipsters with the highest profit win in the seasonal ranking.

Go to the competition page for more details about the Tipster League prize pool. At the same time, it is worth remembering to add the PayPal or Skrill address in your account settings. This is necessary to receive the prize.

4. Tipster of the Year

Tipster of the Year is a prestigious title awarded to the best tipster of the season. The winner receives the main prize - €15,000, a surprise prize and a special badge on the JohnnyBet platform. This is a reward for hard work during the entire season of the Tipster League. The best bettors can be also supported by the JohnnyBet community through the so-called donations, i.e. small payments given to tipsters by tipsters, to thank them for their tips.

5. Free Tipster Competition

The JohnnyBet Tipster League 2024/2025 is a friendly place for both advanced and beginner tipsters. Here you can test yourself against tipsters from all around the world and fight for high prizes without risking your own money. If you love sports, the Tipster League is the perfect way to start your betting adventure or take it to the next level. Who knows, maybe your passion will result in winning the Tipster League competition and snatching the Tipster of the Year title? Remember, the main prize is €15,000 and you can win it each season!

6. Preseason of Tipster League

Yes, you have well noticed that the main season of the Tipster League lasts 10 months - from August to May. During this period, the biggest sporting events take place that electrifies the whole world. However, you can enjoy the thrills of sports even when the major leagues are on a break. In June and July you will be able to take part in the Preseason competition. The prize pool is €5,000, and the winner can get as much as €2,000!

7. Free Betting Competition with Prizes

It's not everything! Try your luck in our weekly, free betting competition with prizes. The betting competition with a prize pool of €300 per week is a great form of entertainment for all tipsters. While you can get familiar with all the details of our 1x2 online tipping contest in the related article, we provide you with the basic information below.

Every day on the competition page you will find a new coupon for the most popular football matches. Your task is to predict the results - a draw or victory of one of the teams. For each correctly predicted outcome, you will receive points based on the odds for that event. The sum of all points will contribute to your score and ranking. Also, if you get the most points on a particular day, you will be rewarded with an additional 5€ for the Coupon of the Day! Show off your knowledge and use your intuition - this is a free betting competition with prizes, in which you do not risk your own money and works similarly to our free Tipster League with prizes.

8. A Brand New League: Betting Tips with Analysis

On November 20th we are launching a new private Betting Tips with Analysis league, where tipsters will be given yet another chance to put their knowledge about sports betting to the test. This is even more exciting since the prize pool for this league will be €1500, and everyone who likes to provide betting analyses for their coupons can participate!

The rules are quite simple: each analysis should consist of at least 250 characters, and everyone who is willing to participate in this league should have at least 30 coupons settled in the Tipsters League. Don't hesitate, become a Tipster and join this amazing betting analysis competition on 20th of November!

9. Private Tipsters League

Private Tipster Leagues are another highlight of the competition, allowing you to compete with friends, as well as to join attractive partner leagues. This makes betting even more fun! Your predictions count not only in this private tipster competition but also in the main competition. This allows you to compete for prizes and bet for fun with your friends! Who's going to be the champion of prediction? Your private Tipsters League will also include monthly and seasonal rankings, so you can compete in different cycles. Members of the league are ranked by the profit they make.

For the 2024/2025 we are also launching the Private Tipsters League for some featured leagues. This competition will consist of 8 most popular sports and leagues. The prize pool is €1,500 each, and the winner of each league gets €500. The table below contains all the important information:

Private Tipsters League Prize Pool
Premier League €1,500
European Cups €1,500
LaLiga €1,500
Serie A €1,500
Bundesliga €1,500
Ligue 1 €1,500
Tennis €1,500
American Leagues €1,500

Creating your own Tipsters League is easy: Just invite your friends to join by sending them the code to the private league you've created. If you want to join the league, simply go to the "Private Leagues" tab, click "Join" and enter your friend's individual league code. Join special private leagues created by friends, bloggers, fans, and other members of the JohnnyBet international community!

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