Free Greyhounds Betting Tips

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Free Greyhounds Betting Tips

Why did we prepare our free greyhounds betting tips? It’s true that greyhound racing attracts less mainstream attention in 2025 than major equestrian competitions, but the level of adrenaline on the racetrack is comparable, if not higher. That’s the reason why this sport has some of the most dedicated fans in the world and why there is no shortage of bets coming in for every major race on the calendar. If you aren’t familiar with the world of greyhounds racing but are intrigued by the opportunity to wager on the outcomes of the race, you are well advised to read this brief guideline and build up your knowledge before you partake in live action.

This free greyhound racing strategy guide for 2025 covers only the basic tenets, so ambitious bettors should invest more time to research all the finer points and learn the names of best hounds on the circuit. However, it’s a great place to start gathering information and developing your strategic acumen, since it doesn’t require you to understand complex terminology or dog breeding specifics. Here are some free greyhounds betting tips that should prepare you well for the ups and downs of this amazing sport.

1. Free Greyhounds Tips for 2025

Most casual fans are betting greyhounds online or from a mobile phone, and usually take the simplest option of picking the dog with solid odds to win the race. There is nothing wrong with this simplistic approach, especially for bettors who are just getting their feet wet in this discipline. In this basic betting mode, it’s easy to quickly calculate how much you can win, for example a simple 5-1 wager on $10 would return a total of $60 in case you picked the winner correctly, with your stake returned and multiplied by 5.

Greyhound racing stadiums registered in UK

Name Location
Belle Vue Stadium Manchester
Brighton and Hove Stadium Brighton and Hove
Crayford Stadium Bexley, London
Doncaster Greyhound Stadium Doncaster
Harlow Stadium Harlow, Essex
Henlow Stadium Central Bedfordshire
Kinsley Stadium Wakefield
Monmore Green Stadium Wolverhampton
Newcastle Stadium Newcastle upon Tyne
Nottingham Stadium Nottingham
Pelaw Grange County Durham
Perry Barr Stadium Birmingham
Peterborough Greyhounds Peterborough
Poole Stadium Poole, Dorset
Romford Stadium Havering, London Havering, London
Shawfield Stadium South Lanarkshire
Sheffield Stadium Sheffield
Sittingbourne Stadium Swale, Kent
Sunderland Stadium Sunderland
Swindon Stadium Swindon
Towcester Stadium Towcester
Yarmouth Stadium Great Yarmouth

Straight bets of this kind can be very safe if you are picking the favorites, but the payout is very low so it makes sense to play this way only if you just want to have fun. On the negative side, bets for outright win are basically a hit-or-miss proposition since they come without the added layer of protection, so you should learn some of the more sophisticated betting strategies from our greyhound betting tips.

More generally we talk about sports betting in our sure betting tips article.

2. Greyhounds Betting Strategy

In an each-way bet, you are essentially placing multiple bets on the same dog, picking him for the win and for placement at the same time, thus hedging some of the risk. Each half of the wager is independent, so it’s possible to cover your loss if your chosen hound narrowly fails at the finish line. Of course, in the event of outright win both parts of the wager will be moneymakers, raking in considerable profit for the savvy bettor.

That’s why each way bets are quite common in greyhound racing today in 2025, and should be used at least periodically by every serious greyhound enthusiast interested in maximizing the likelihood of winning serious cash. One important limitation is that each-way betting is possible only in races featuring five or more dogs, so you will have to pick your races carefully to be able to use this strategy on a regular basis.

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3. Greyhounds Betting Odds

Keep in mind that in greyhound racing tomorrow is an eternity away and odds are moving dynamically in either direction as new information about participating hounds becomes available. Large incoming bets can also move the odds just hours in advance of the race, so starting odds and final odds may end up being dramatically different. Smart bettors remain alert as their targeted race gets closer, hunting for great deals that may open up at any moment.

In fact, it’s even possible to place a live bet after the race begins, with odds dynamically shifting to reflect the current balance of power in the race. Risk-averse bettors might want to go the opposite way and take bets with best price guaranteed, ensuring they are not penalized for placing their bet early if better odds materialize at a later moment.

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4. Greyhound Racing Today & Tomorrow

Experienced greyhound racing bettors are often known to place complex bets that give them multiple chances to break even or collect a profit at the end of the day. Some of the most typical combos are known as a double (picking two dogs to win their respective races), a treble (three dogs to win) and a Trixie (three dogs picked in three doubles and one treble). Those who really like to hunt for the huge pay day can even consider the famous Yankee combo, which includes six different dogs and a total of 11 inter-connected wagers.

Bets of this kind offer tremendous payout on relatively small stakes when they pan out, but they require intricate knowledge of the field of competitors, as well as the unique features of each racetrack. For this reason, multiple bets shouldn’t be the primary mode of play for beginners or casual players and even veterans shouldn’t risk large amounts in this way.

5. Betting Greyhounds Online 2025

The only way to achieve mastery at greyhound bets placing is to practice your craft, so you can develop your own betting style and learn how to avoid common mistakes. The best way to start is to visit several websites and compare free greyhound betting odds given by different bookmakers, trying to identify bargains and value deals. Most people gravitate towards major websites like Unibet or bet365, but there are other competitive providers worth considering for betting on greyhound.

Once you become more familiar with the odds, you can start placing small bets and tracking whether other bets you considered making would have been justified. If you apply some of the free greyhound tips and predictions mentioned in this guideline, you’ll gradually see your success rate improve, regardless of your luck. By all accounts, greyhound racing is one of the most entertaining forms of online gaming, so even if you don’t win you are going to enjoy the experience of eagerly awaiting for the outcome of the race.

So that's all for our greyhounds betting tips and predictions. We hope you liked it and find it useful. If you are more interested in sports check out free football betting tips for the weekend at JohnnyBet. Good luck!

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6. FAQ

6.1 🐕 How does each-way bet work?

It means you place multiple bets on the same dog for example- to win and to finish in top 10. It's a way of minimizing risk.

6.2 🐕 Where do greyhound races take place?

Greyhound racing is part of the gambling industry in Australia, Ireland, Macau, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. In our article we mentioned all registered racecourses in the UK. There are plenty more around the world.

6.3 🐕 What is coursing?

There are two types of greyhound racing. Coursing takes place along a straight track, whereas the other type- track racing, takes place along an oval track. Our free greyhounds betting tips for 2025 focus on both.

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