Free Tipping Competition

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Free Tipping Competition

There is nothing like a bit of healthy betting competition between tipsters and you can experience that by taking part in the Free Tipping Competition! There are thousands of individuals around the world who fancy themselves as a shrewd betting judge, and there is no better feeling than tipping up a selection which goes on to oblige with consummate ease. Participating in a tipping league enables individuals to pit their wits against others who fancy their bets to be profitable.

In terms of the 1x2 tipping competition, it is all about showing off your knowledge of football. All you need to do is predict the outcome of football matches by selecting a home win, draw or away win. So, you have a 33% chance of being successful in your prediction but guessing will not win you the big prize. As with any free sports betting competition, you will need to complete your research of both teams to have a good chance of winning.

The JohnnyBet Tipping Competition 2024/2025 is a means that can help you in that as it provides a platform to reach thousands of users, with incentives for the most successful individuals. We try to approach the topic of betting and tipping from all the angles. On our website, you can find free betting predictions for all kind of sporting events, descriptions of legally operating bookmakers, exclusive promotions and bonus codes, articles with match announcements and many other useful things. One of the elements of our practice is the JohnnyBet tipping Competition. Yes, we will not only help you bet, but we can reward you for it! Sounds great, right? Read the article and find out more about one of the best free betting competitions, including the 1x2 betting contest and see for yourself how to get your reward!

1. Join the free Tipping Competition

Any betting competition with prizes is going to be keenly contested, with tipsters from around the world participating. Even if you join the JohnnyBet Tipping League, you will also want to sign up for the tipping competition online 2024/2025. There is a fantastic €300 weekly prize fund up for grabs and you do not have to come top to have a chance of winning some money. Simply predict the results of the events listed on the JohnnyBet website and you will be in with a chance of winning cash on the sports betting competition. Remember, it doesn't cost anything to play and with a little research you could be the one predicting the correct outcomes and coming top of the 1x2 tipster competition.

1.1 Euro 2024 Betting Competition

You can join our Euro 2024 betting competition to win a share of €3000! It is free to join and lots of fun. Use the link below to register.

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Join for free and win a share of €3000 prize pool!

As for joining our football online betting competition, it is an easy process. Simply sign up for an account with the JohnnyBet community and start posting away. Results will be recorded and available for public viewing immediately. There is a 25,000 Euro yearly prize pot for the tipsters in this Free Tipping Competition. The top tipsters tend to focus on football, horse racing and basketball as these sports are popular around Europe and there are many bookmakers who offer prices on these events. Read more about Tipsters League with prizes.

However, new tipsters are able to choose whatever sport fits their expertise and individuals with an edge in new disciplines are always welcomed. So it doesn't have to be only a football tipsters competition. Even if you don’t think that you can compete with the tipsters on JohnnyBet, by signing up to the tipping community, you can gain access to the advice offered out by those competing against each other.

2. So what are the benefits of joining the JohnnyBet tipping league exactly?

Exposure – An excellent platform to demonstrate your tipping prowess to a wide audience

Accolades – Get the adulation and congratulations you receive for top advice

Chance To Share Your Knowledge – Help others beat the bookies

Possibility Of Earning Prize Money – Benefit financially from your success

But just what makes a good tipster? Firstly consistency. Delivering consistent value bets with a smooth return is essential for any good tipster. It isn’t good to have one 50/1 winning shot and then no returns for another hundred bets. A bankroll which displays a steady increase is more desirable than one that spikes up and down.

The second ingredient that makes an elite tipster is analysis. Those that are able to back up their selections with extensive reasoning are more likely to be considered trustworthy by the tipping community. That’s kind of obvious since I think everybody likes to bet on something when they have evidence.

The third factor that helps to make a good tipster is an eye for value. Knowing that a selection has a good chance of success is simply not enough. Instead, tipsters must be able to synthesise the probability of success into a price and offer only their fancy up as a selection when the odds are in the punters' favour. Some tipsters who do not appreciate value may succeed in the short term, but long term they will not make a profit.

3. Tipping Competition Group

The tipsters in the JohnnyBet sports betting social community really are some of the best around. Consistently operating at an ROI of 5%+, they provide insightful and original selections, with each individual having specialties in different areas. The excellent returns do not mean the tipsters are sparing in their selections in the free tipping competition – the top operators sometimes fire out several tips in one day.

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