Interviews with JohnnyBet's Professional Tipsters

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Interviews with JohnnyBet's Professional Tipsters

Aiming in widening our users’ knowledge about betting we interviewed JohnnyBet’s professional tipsters. You will learn from it i.a. what’s their method for finding value bets, have they ever had moments of doubt or what’s the difference between top tipsters and the rest.

Johnny Bet: Could you tell us a bit about your betting history? How long are you betting? Have you ever had moments of doubt?

levsky: I started to bet when I was 15 years old. In Italy we didn't have bookies at that time and the Internet still wasn't a good alternative.Since that I bet all the time: the first real italian bookie was SNAI but bets were limited to italian leagues. However, with time other italian bookies appeared on the market and thanks to the Internet I had a lot of places, where I could post bets.During my career I have never had any doubts.

blancik: My history with betting started about eight years ago, when I was 16. After my school I went with my friends to local bookmaker, where with their help (because they have done it before) I posted my first bet. I was interested in Sport from my childhood. When I was 7-8 years old I was watching matches in TV and write the results down in my notebook. I also used to play football, however my career ended when I was 14-15.When I heard about betting I wanted to try, however I didn't know how to do it. That episode with my friends was a breakthrough. From that moment I started to bet more and on my own. I joined also tipsters competitions on different websites and internet forums, where I could win some money, usually as a bonus money from bookmakers. I also got to know all basic rules of betting which could help me later.I have never had moment of doubts. Sport is my passion and betting became my hobby. Now I combine business with pleasure.

nor4etod: I'm betting more than 20 years. You can always have moments of doubt when you lose big cash.

JB: What’s your method for finding value bets? Are you watching and analysing the matches, or maybe you base on statistics and data?

levsky: Methods can be various. I often follow group of teams from different leagues, which can be incorrectly read by bookies (at the beginning of the season it's hard to understand the real value of some clubs), but overall I wait to see what market offers day by day.Sometimes I read analysis made by other tipsters (if I know them by name or because we have a constant contact, especially with local tipsters about own country. There's good information exchange between us). However many times I prefer to look on teams' official webisites. Statistics aren't generally important from my point of view. However, sometimes they can have matter, for example: home and away trends during the season.

blancik: First of all I analyse the game. During the season I'm watching a lot of matches. It helps me a lot with betting on next matches. You can't rely only on “pure” results, because they are not always showing the reality I put much bigger attention to the way of playing. Football is very unfairly sport. Often a misfortune, wrong referee decision or incident on the pitch can decide on a result and we can't predict it. In such matches we should look at the way of playing, not the result because it will pay off in next bets. By choosing the bet you should look at odds, they should satisfy us. We can't follow bookmakers odds, because they are not always showing the real chances of the teams. You should have your own view on the match. Really helpful in betting are odds comparators, where we can look at changes and trends in odds. Sudden odds changes are never an accident and something is up. Our task is to find information which influences such changes. Often it's because absences, but there aren't only reason. Sometimes bookmakers failed to estimate the chances correctly and they are making revision. Once I create an own topic on forum, where I put only bets after odds drops, besides the odds were 1.5 or 5.0, even when I hadn't information about the bet. The result was impressive.

nor4etod: I'm trying to watch each game I bet. Of course I use also statistics and data, but most important is that you should watch and know current form of the teams.

JB: What’s the biggest difference between top tipster and the rest? Which factor is most important in becoming a professional tipster?

levsky: I have been postig bets since 2002 and during this long period I've written for many sites and I've known so different people and tipsters. Usually you'll never meet the biggest tipsters on free sites (most of them write previews for closed sites, where you have to pay to read it). Anyway new tipsters appear each year. My first advise is to avoid the "Forum" where everyone can write and give news, which often are not so true. My second advise is to believe in tipsters who are posting tips about own leagues (there you can understand how much they know about teams and they have clear contact with domestic leagues). Finally don't believe tipsters, who have some “magic months”. Nobody can always obtain the maximum profit. However, someone who can hold constant positive trend is trustable. Serious tipster gives you the essential news (absences of key players; current team's trend; possible line-ups): If some tipsters write: "A" team will miss 8 regulars and stop, you have to ask: WHO??? "A" team is in bankruptcy: YOU should verify. "A" team at these odds is worth to take: WHY?

blancik: Biggest difference between top tipsters and the rest is: knowledge about sport and analytical thinking. You must spend a lot of time on watching the matches and finding reliable information. With time we gain experience and we become better tipsters. If we can convert it into a profit we can consider ourself as professional tipsters.

nor4etod: To be professional tipster for me means that you should watch sport every day, this is the key to pick more winners.

JB: Do you remember your best bet or bet you are especially proud of?

levsky: I have posted maybe more than 10000 tips :)I remember bet: France to win W.C. in 1998, South Korea to reach SF in 2002 and W.C. 2006 Italy to win at O.T. against Germany in SF. Generally all of those were single bets. I also remember when I was very young and won a multiple bet in Uefa Cup, which consisted of 5 matches with high odds. I discovered to win the day after, because there wasn't the Internet (just to remember funny moments)I'm not proud of a particular bet, but of being on this market for 12 years.

blancik: There were a lot of good bets but I remember most the crazy bet in Portugal league between Leixoes and FC Porto in 2009. I bet on over 4.5 with odds around 10 and in 89th minute hosts scored a goal. It ended with 1-4, so I won that pick.

nor4etod: Yes I still remember my best winning bet, which is USA volleyball team to win Olympic games in 2008. Before semi finals the odds was 5, but the yankees were in great form, so I put my money and have won.

JB: What advice would you give to those who want to become professional Tipsters?

levsky: 5. You must have real passion, not only for football, but generally for betting: to understand where to take the best news from, to visit trustable sites and you have to always update your mind, day by day, especially in leagues you wish to cover. You must learn how to correctly use the stakes, use Asian and European handicaps, learn how bookmakers create the odds. Finally you should be ready to always confront your suggestion with right news.There will be a day that you will know all european leagues and the place of the teams without to control, that's consequence of big passion and something of natural inside of you and you should never be disappointed for some negative period but ready to wait for the right bet to restart new deal or to revise your betting style.

blancik: We should watch and analyse matches, find good information and keep an eye on the odds. Do not try to win back after lost bet, because it won't drive to anything good. Remember that almost everyday we have good picks, so better keep calm and wait for good opportunity.

nor4etod: I said it already. To be professional Tipster you must watch sports every day. If you watch sports you have big advantage according to other tipsters who didn't watch, they are betting on blind.

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