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25-10-2021 23:00 Over/Under 205.5, Whole Match by Edvardukas
ODDS 1.83
Over/Under 205.5, Whole Match by Edvardukas
25-10-2021 23:00 Correct Score, 1st Period by harpune
ODDS 29.00
Correct Score, 1st Period by harpune
25-10-2021 23:00 Asian Handicap (-17), Whole Match by SUNTZUWAR
ODDS 1.72
Asian Handicap (-17), Whole Match by SUNTZUWAR
25-10-2021 23:30 Home Away, Whole Match by ajzambrano
ODDS 2.03
Home Away, Whole Match by ajzambrano
25-10-2021 23:30 Home Away, Whole Match by ajzambrano
ODDS 1.96
Home Away, Whole Match by ajzambrano
Free Daily Betting Tips

If some Internet user feels confused among the current sports betting, but still wants to bet on the sports event that interests him today’s free betting tips at JohnnyBet website should be a good option. Those free tips are added by a selected group of tipsters. To use them just open an account at JohnnyBet. You will find there best tips, which quality is provided by well-known tipsters such as Levsky, Robica, Safinator, DZovan or Poetik.

1. Free daily betting picks

I understand that those who have never used the free betting tips for today may feel slightly nervous. At first glance, concerns seem to be reasonable because you have to entrust your money to the specific person. In practice, the thing looks different, and daily free betting picks are supported by series of statistics, which you can find in every tipster’s profile. After checking it, you will get information about yield and profit made by a specific tipster. In short: thanks to such data, you can find out if free bets for today can be considered as valuable.

2. Free daily sports betting tips

You should notice that free betting tips give another value. Usually, internet users don’t have much time to search for detailed information and statistics from last football matches or tennis tournaments. Finding such results can be time-consuming and all free betting picks of the day include analysis of the all those pre-match speculations, so we can consider them as good introduction or advice before the start of the match. In spite of all, it’s worth to trust the best tipsters from JohnnyBet portal. The great example can be Robica, his current return is +159.7. However you also need to remember that the odds are set by bookmakers, so you need to choose a right place with high betting odds and wide offer. Our service recommends brands such as William Hill bet365, Expekt or ComeOn.

3. Free online football betting tips

Free daily football betting tips raise a lot of emotions in the context of national and club matches. What is important, not all of the tips are about the most important matches. For example, earlier mentioned Robica prepared very interesting pick on South Korea against Croatia. He predicts that Balkan team will not lose and he decided to bet on Croats with Asian handicap +1.0. Match ended with 2:1 for Croatian team and the return was +3.90 with the 6/10 stake. There are many more examples, like 1.61 odds for Bosnia victory against Slovakia with +0.25 Asian handicap – return 6.10. Of course, a good result is sometimes interleaved with worse, but it doesn’t change the fact that free daily betting tips are a great convenience for less experienced tipsters and give long-termed profit. On the other hand, these may be also great value for experienced players who want to compare their best ideas with others.

4. FAQ

4.1 What is an Asian handicap bet?

It's a type of bet in which points are deducted or added to the outcome. So if you bet on a team with a -1.5 handicap, they will need to score at least 2 goals for you to win.

4.2 What are the benefits of free betting tips?

They include a thorough analysis preceding the match, so you don't have to go into details yourself. Talk about time saving! They are prepared by our best tipsters who really know their field, so their tips can easily be treated as sound advice. And they are free!

4.3 What sports can I bet on in the Tipster's League?

There's plenty to choose from. The most popular is football and basketball, but there's also esports, virtual sports, and the less popular table tennis. Generally, whatever sport can be bet on, we have it.

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