League of Legends Betting Tips

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League of Legends Betting Tips

For those who enjoy a bet, eSports is fast becoming one of the go-to options for punters seeking profit and statistics show, that it is one of the most popular games out there.

As the competitive element of games like League of Legends and DOTA continues to thrive, so does the demand to place a wager or two. Many of the leading bookmakers in the UK and across the world have caught on to the demand, and now sportsbooks as diverse as bet365 and ArcaneBet are offering odds on the latest tournaments in League of Legends.

The demand to watch the best eSports events is increasing rapidly, and so to is the demand to place a bet on the outcome.

If you are completely new to LoL betting then don’t worry; the team here at JohnnyBet are on hand to help you through every step of the process.

We can help you to get your hands on some fantastic bonuses and promotions for signing up with certain bookmakers, and when the time comes to have a wager we can help you to make the most profitable decisions courtesy of our informed and comprehensive League of Legends betting tips.

1. Our LoL Betting Tips

Our aim here at JohnnyBet is to ensure that our followers are kept up to date with the very best eSports betting tips each and every day, so whether there are huge tournaments or more casual games going on you are armed with all of the information you need to bet smart.

We will cover all of the main games, from CS:GO betting tips to LoL, Dota 2 and Overwatch, and indeed our League of Legends betting predictions have proven to be incredibly popular with our followers.

All you need to do is head on over to the ‘Betting Tips’ page on our website, scroll down to the eSports category and enjoy our collection of top-notch predictions which include LoL betting tips and many more. You can use the handy search bar to narrow your selections by event name, bet type, game and other useful parameters.

And don’t forget: you can use the brilliant bonus codes and promotion links on our site to bag yourself a fantastic welcome offer at a number of different specialist esports bookmakers that we have partnered with!

2. How to Bet on League of Legends

You may be a fan of LoL, a regular player and somebody who watches the big competitions online, but have you ever placed a bet on it? If you answered no, you might want to carry on reading our guide to maximising the benefit of our League of Legends predictions below.

Betting sites like bet365 and ArcaneBet will list a number of competition that are available to wager upon in the eSports category of their site. From the World Championship to seasonal comps like the Spring Split and big competitions from CLS, LVP and more, punters can find a range of markets to bet on.

You can bet on the team/player you think will win outright, which is naturally the most popular esports market to bet on. But is it the most profitable? There are countless other options too, including match handicaps, individual map winners, total maps (over/under) and much, much more.

If you have a real fascination for League of Legends and want to turn your knowledge into cold, hard cash, then the good news is that many LoL betting odds are what we might call ‘great value’. What that means is that the bookmakers in question don’t always necessarily get their prices right, and that means that you, the smart bettor, can use your insight into League of Legends to profit.

3. League of Legends Odds and Bonuses

As mentioned, here at JohnnyBet we can furnish you with stacks of LoL betting tips and our active community of tipsters are constantly adding new tips and LoL predictions to the page.

If you want to follow in some of our League of Legends predictions, but are a little short of cash, then help is at hand courtesy of your friends here at JohnnyBet.

The Best League of Legends Betting Sites

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Click through to our ‘Top Bookmakers’ page, and there you will find a treasure trove of bonuses, promotions, free bets and all sorts of goodness just waiting to be taken advantage of. Those are mostly traditional online bookies, but some of them got really extensive esports betting markets list. For example, you can read about our VIP bet365 bonus code, it could get useful when it comes to betting on their website.

This really is the best way to get into esports betting, and in some cases, you don’t even need to make a deposit to take advantage.

So go on… what are you waiting for? Start your esports betting career today, and take advantage of the fantastic free League of Legends betting tips on offer here at JohnnyBet.

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