The Best Esports Betting Sites

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The Best Esports Betting Sites

There are lots of different platforms that let you have a wager, but which are the best Esports betting sites around?

That is a million-dollar question, because there are strengths and weaknesses when it comes to each of the bookmakers. We didn’t just want to compile a list of major sportsbook sites that offer Esports betting, we really wanted to dial down into what separates the best from the rest.

So this list of sportsbooks that offer Esports can be used as your guide to which Esport sites to join and which to avoid.

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If you are wondering where can I bet on Esports, feel free to bookmark this page and refer back to it from time to time. You can use our links or registration codes to join Esports betting sites featured below, so that you are sure that you're taking advantage of the recommended and carefully checked offers.

Without further ado, here’s our guide as to the best sites on where to bet on Esports.

1. Betting on Esports

One of the fastest growing industries in the world, millions of pounds, euros and dollars are wagered on Esports betting each and every year.

That has been aided by the popularity of games like Fortnite, while new editions of Call of Duty and FIFA have continued to drive demand for playing Esports games, live streaming content and betting on the outcome of the key competitions and leagues from around the world. And then there are the old classics: CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft and much more. These games are timeless in their appeal, and some of the most prestigious Esport matches are centered around them. Also relatively new Riot Games production - Valorant ( is among the popular titles.

2. The Best for Esports Betting Odds: BetRivers

A sportsbook available in a number of the US states and in Ontario, BetRivers competitive advantage are great odds and many Esports markets available.

No matter what time you visit their site, you are almost guaranteed to be able to wager on your favourite games, with all of the best tournaments across CS, LoL, Valorand or Call of Duty being there.

Offering odds on all of the key competitions and leagues, we are happy to recommend the BetRivers Esports betting platform as one of the best on the market thanks to these incredible prices. You can learn more about this brand in our BetRivers affiliate code review.

3. The best Esports Betting Site for User Experience: bet365

When you look at all of the leading sports betting websites, few can match the brilliance of bet365 when it comes to user experience. This extends to Esports betting too, and it doesn’t matter whether you are wagering on the app or on your device’s browser: this site is a joy to use, with clearly marked navigation and quick and smooth loading times.

For that reason alone, the bet365 Esports betting is one of the finest around, and when you add in additional features such as live streaming and exclusive promotions you will be hard pressed to find a better platform.

This brand has been on the market for a long time and its well-deserved reputation is known in numerous countries. No wonder this brand is among the best online bookmakers in the USA that we list in our article.

4. The Best Esports Betting Sites FAQ

4.1 🎮Is Esport betting offered by every bookmaker?

Although Esport bets are getting more and more popular, not all betting sites include them in their offer.

4.2 🎮What Esport tournaments can I bet on?

The most popular Esport betting categories are LoL, Valorant, CS and Call of Duty.

4.3 🎮Where to bet on Esports?

The best Esports betting sites that we recommend are bet365 and BetRivers.

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