Meet Biro85, the Expert of the 2022/2023 Season

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Meet Biro85, the Expert of the 2022/2023 Season

After the fierce competition in the Tipsters League Season, we have crowned a new Tipster of the Year. The Title of the “Expert of the Season” in 2022/2023 was awarded to Biro85. Who is that? How has he won this prestigious title? What are his aims for the upcoming season?


1. The Interview with Biro85

After two years of asenlv's domination, the JohnnyBet tipsters' throne has been taken over. The top prize of €15 000 was awarded to Biro85. Following his Tipsters League victory in the 2022/2023 season, we had a chance to meet him in person, hand over a statuette and a cheque! We also used this opportunity to ask him a few questions...

JB: How long have you been a tipster? What has made you start your tipping adventure?

Biro85: I have been a JohnnyBet user for 4 years. At the beginning, I didn't know too much about this website. I was chasing the four-leaf-clover in the Find Lucky Symbol contest much more often than I was tipping. It was only at the turn of November and December last year (2022) that I joined the Tipsters League, however I was treating it more like a big adventure or fun. Every participant was a rival to me, both the ones from the top and the ones from the bottom of the list. This made me willing to keep betting on the results of the next fights and matches.

JB: What are your main sources of information when tipping? Which strategies do you use to pick your bets? Do you rely on the analysis of statistics, your intuition or some other factors?

Biro85: I mainly rely on my intuition, however I also take risks. Of course, I use the information published on the sites about the history and achievements of the teams.

JB: Is there any particular league, sport or type of bets which you feel the most comfortable and successful to bet on? What are your criteria for picking sport events which you tip on?

Biro85: 99 % of my bets are on football. I like to bet on the Dutch league. It's dynamic, with lots of goals scored. However, in general, each match is good to bet on if you can get a profit from it. The rank or the level of the league is of secondary importance.

JB: What was your greatest success as a tipster in the previous year and why do you consider it to be the greatest?

Biro85: Of course, winning the first prize in the Tipsters League. It was a very important achievement. It boosted my confidence to continue tipping.

JB: What are your aims when it comes to the upcoming Tipsters League season?

Biro85: Taking into consideration the pre-season, the aim is to reach the TOP 20 (which will be difficult to do after such a red series). When it comes to the 2023/2024 season, I will of course fight for the victory! There's no other option!

A new season means a new beginning...and new chances to get prizes from the €30,000 prize pool, including a €15,000 prize for the winner! Will you get the main prize this time? Good luck in the Tipsters League!

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