Tiplix Promotion Code

Tiplix Promotion Code

Tiplix Promotion Code

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Sports bonus: Free bet up to €100
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I've always been the biggest sports nut. Ever since I was a little boy, I loved playing baseball with the other kids and watching football and basketball on TV. I became a football player myself in high school. An injury cut short my NFL dreams, but watching a big game is still one of my biggest pleasures in life. I love reading about sports, I write about sports for a local newspaper, I keep up with all the latest sports news and I pretty much live and breath sports in general. Yes, sometimes it can drive my wife a little crazy, but she's a sweetheart and she tries to be patient with me.

So as you can imagine, I also like to place sports bets every once in a while. Specially when it comes to basketball! Despite having been a football player, basketball is really my game. If you're also into sports (or at least sports betting), you know that there's not many places where you can place a bet in a safe and convenient manner. Believe me, I should know. Some of them are pretty shady, others are just unreliable and not constantly updated and some are even hard to use! My point is, they're a mess! I thought for sure I'd never find a good betting site, at least not one up to my high standards. Boy, was I wrong!

Rating JohnnyBet
4.1 / 5

1. Why it's so Good

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Well, first of all, they have like a million sports. My old love, football, is there. So is basketball, my current obsession. Soccer, the most watched team sport in the whole world is obviously present. They also have tennis, golf and hockey. If that was all, it would still be a pretty robust selection. But these guys went all out! I mean, they have handball, volleyball, handball... they have water-polo, for crying out loud! And that's not even the whole list! This place was clearly built for people like me, true sports fans who like to spice things up with the occasional bet. They have all the tools you need to make an informed decision and their site is designed with clarity of information in mind. There's no ambiguity to be had before you place your final bet. The way it should be!

2. Incredible Promotions and Bonuses!

A place for sports fans by sports fans where you place bets on pretty much every sport known to man. What more could you possible want? Well, I'm so glad you asked! How about some of the very best promotions and bonuses around? That's right, you can get more bang for your buck if you register through JohnnyBet.com! You probably have to enter several referrer and bonus codes to get them, right? Wrong. Registering through JohnnyBet.com is all you need! At Tiplix you can receive free bet up to €100. Just place a bet with minimum odds 2.1 and you can place another bet (free bet) at the same amount of the first bet up to €100. The freebet is only valid for new customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

3. Deposits are Really Easy

A website is a business, so they should make it easy for you to actually give them money right? Well, in theory that's correct. The sad truth is that way too many sports betting sites have ridiculously limited payment options. Thankfully, Tiplix does is also ahead of the curve at that. They let you pay using Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, Eps, Wirecard, Thawte, Sofort, etc. I've never had a single problem adding credit to my account, you shouldn't either.

4. Verdict

As you can see, this is a great site overall. There's a huge number of sports available, and thanks to a nice selection of payment methods, placing a bet is always a breeze! If you're either a sports fan or you like placing bets, you need to stop wasting time and go to tiplix.com right now!

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