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Tipster Competition

Have you got a great knack for predicting sports matches in a tipster competition? Who will win, how many goals/points will be scored, and so on?

Then we’ve got a fantastic way for you to make your predictive skills really work for you – our outstanding tipster competition 2024/2025!

There are many different tipster competitions you can join that are already out there, but we believe ours is far superior to the rest for a number of reasons – the main one being that it’s free to enter and yet you can win some exceptional cash prizes for betting when you outperform your rivals!

So if you are an expert football, tennis or horse racing who thinks you have what it takes to win our betting tipster competition, then read on to find out everything you need to know about entering.

1. What is the JohnnyBet Tipster Competition?

One of the thing we have always prided ourselves on here at JohnnyBet is providing our followers with some of the best, most informed betting tips around – helping you to make a profit while you take advantage of the huge list of welcome bonuses and promo codes we have available.

You may consider yourself to be something of a tipster yourself, but rather than simply give your picks away for free perhaps you have been looking for free tipping competition with prizes to win.

Our tipster competition with prizes pays out €30,000 every year and that is shared between the very best tipsters who submit their picks into the contest.

There’s no gimmicks, no smallprint, no obstacles to overcome – quite simply the best tipsters get paid their monthly prize money into their PayPal account with no questions asked.

2. How Do I Win the JohnnyBet Tipster Competition?

The rules of our free tipster competition are pretty straightforward to follow. In short, the best tipster wins….it’s as easy as that!

So all you have to do is submit your tips on our website, whether you want to enter our free football tipster competition, our tipster competition tennis or whichever sport you choose. The results are automatically updated, and you will be able to keep track of your score in our interactive leaderboard.

But it’s not a case of winner takes all in our tipster competition for today, because there are a number of different prizes to be won.

That whopping €30,000 yearly prize pool ( €5,000 in the preseason and €25,000 in the main season) is split between a number of different winners, and they are paid out in the following ways:

Main season prize pool breakdown:

  • 1st place - €15,000 (€7,500 in the first season)
  • 2nd place - €3,000 (€1,500 in the first season)
  • 3rd place - €1,500 (€750 in the first season)
  • 4th place - €1,000 (€500 in the first season)
  • 5th place - €500 (€250 in the first season)
  • 6th place - €400 (€200 in the first season)
  • 7th place - €300 (€150 in the first season)
  • 8th place - €200 (€100 in the first season)
  • 9th place - €150 (€75 in the first season)
  • 10th place - €100 (€50 in the first season)
  • 11th place - €100 (€50 in the first season)
  • 12th place - €100 (€50 in the first season)
  • 13th place - €100 (€50 in the first season)
  • 14th place - €100 (€50 in the first season)
  • 15th place - €100 (€50 in the first season)
  • 16th place - €50 (€25 in the first season)
  • 17th place - €50 (€25 in the first season)
  • 18th place - €50 (€25 in the first season)
  • 19th place - €50 (€25 in the first season)
  • 20th place - €50 (€25 in the first season)

Every month, the JohnnyBet community gets to cast their vote on their fellow tipsters, with a score of 1 through to 5 available based on the individual’s contribution to great tipster action.

And once those votes have been collected, the overall winners are revealed – they get to share 30% of the monthly prize pool.

Tipsters League with €48.500 Prize Pool

3. How to Join Our Tipster Competition

It couldn’t be easier to enter our tipster competition horse racing or any of the other sports we cover: all you need is a registered JohnnyBet account.

Then you can navigate to our community section, and you will see the tipster competition advertised.

The next thing you need to do is start adding tips – it can be on football, tennis and lots of other sports. These will then qualify you for the tipster competition, and of course you can start voting in our monthly survey too. Also, you'll be a part of our superb betting tipsters community that brings a lot of perks for tipsters.

4. Five Reasons to Join Our Tipster Competition

Hopefully after reading our tipster competition betting guide, you are ready to get started with posting your tips.

However, should you still need persuading then here are five reasons why you should join our tipster competition for free today.

4.1 Strut your stuff against the best

There are many people out there who believe they are the best tipster, but how will you ever know if you don’t test yourself against some of the most proven winners around! All tips submitted to the JohnnyBet community are ‘proofed’, e.g. a result is published. So why not show how good you are in our tipster competition football 2024/2025.

4.2 Get connected

The tipster leaderboard is continuously updated, so you will know where you stand throughout the month. That gives you the chance to show your friends and family exactly how well your tips are performing.

4.3 Social media goals

When you share three or more of your tipster competition picks via your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Vkontakte), you can earn an extra 10% on your tipster league winnings (terms & conditions apply). Now you can make those hours spent on your phone really count!

4.4 Improve your betting

As you engage in our tipster competition for tomorrow, you may take a look at the other picks being submitted by your fellow tipsters – many of these will be winning bets, so by following them you could even improve your own betting.

4.5 Make some money

And here is the ultimate aim of entering our free tipster competition: to make some money! Remember, you don’t have to spend a single penny or cent on entry fees, and yet you could still walk away from our tipster competition with a slice of our €25,000 seasonal prize pool.

Tipster Competition by JohnnyBet
Tipsters League with €48.500 Prize Pool
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