UFC Betting Tips

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UFC Betting Tips

The UFC launched in 1993 and the over quarter century that has followed has seen the combat sport grow massively in size - there are events taking place throughout the year so we prepared for you some of the best UFC betting tips. AS UFC now rivals boxing for popularity, UFC betting odds are available on all major bookmaker sites including 1XBET, William Hill, Unibet and Bet365.

1. About UFC

The UFC is a mixture of boxing, wrestling, kick-boxing and other martial arts. Events take place inside an octagon that has a fence around it. Anyone who saw the famous bout between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor will know the fence can easily be climbed over.

The company has its headquarters in Las Vegas and the number of events it stages each calendar year has been steadily increasing. The largest events they hold are their shows that can be seen on PPV. There are numerous of them throughout the year, even during the coronavirus pandemia. This is why you can always benefit from our betting predictions for UFC by taking advantage from the most attractive betting odds for UFC.

2. Betting on UFC

As the sport has expanded in recent years so has the number of UFC betting opportunities and it is possible to find UFC odds on popular bookmaker websites such as 1XBET, Bet365 and William Hill. It’s on the PPV events that the UFC make the most revenue and hopefully, the UFC picks that you make will be profitable too. Following the UFC betting tips and predictions included in this article can help achieve that.

Just as in boxing, the UFC is split into several weight divisions, namely: Heavyweight, Light-Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, Lightweight, Featherweight, Bantamweight, Flyweight and Strawweight, with the latter only for women. Women only compete in the bottom four weights but there are some great fights that have taken place in the past. Ronda Rousey was in her time one of the most prominent female UFC fighters before moving on to the WWE. With women fighting as well as men, it means more chances to find suitable UFC odds.

It’s not uncommon for UFC fighters to move up or down in weight. Conor McGregor won the featherweight title but later moved up to welterweight for an unsuccessful title bid. He then switched to lightweight and upset the UFC predictions and tips by becoming the first UFC fighter to hold titles in two weights simultaneously. It's less common in boxing but sometimes, it also happens there. If you fancy a wager on boxing from time to time, we advise you to do it with our Boxxer Series betting predictionsfrom the related article covering this brand new promotional company in the United Kingdom.

Every month sees a PPV event held, mainly in the USA though there have been cards held in Australia and Brazil from time to time. There are plenty of tips and predictions for UFC that can be made with not just the main card bouts but also preliminary and Early Preliminary bouts (not part of the PPV event) held too. As the usual UFC event holds up to 12 or even 14 fights, there are a lot of opportunities to place bet using our helpful UFC fight betting tips.

It’s on these UFC PPVs that the top fights take place and when the amount of UFC bets reach their peak. The best fighters in every weight category regularly top PPV events. These shows draw large PPV buy rates and high figures for UFC fight betting.

In addition to the PPV events, there are also the UFC Fight Night events with numerous of them taking place every year. UFC picks can be made on these events that are held all over the world. Despite the coronavirus pandemia, 2020 has already seen events held in particular countries all over the world. Look out for UFC betting tips for free on the upcoming cards. UFC also hold ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ series of events so there is never a shortage of matches to be placing bets on with the help of free UFC tips and predictions - with an average of three being held every month. If you're a fan of combat betting be sure to read also our article with boxing predictions and betting tips alongside other free sports betting tips.

Betting tips
02-12-2022 20:00 Correct Score, Whole Match by Karim1
ODDS 10.00
Correct Score, Whole Match by Karim1
02-12-2022 20:30 Double Chance, Ordinary Time by Jorge 27
ODDS 1.67
Double Chance, Ordinary Time by Jorge 27
02-12-2022 20:30 Matchbet And Both Teams To Score (6-way), Ordinary Time by stormcraft
ODDS 4.60
Matchbet And Both Teams To Score (6-way), Ordinary Time by stormcraft
02-12-2022 20:30 Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by Thanos04
ODDS 2.32
Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by Thanos04
02-12-2022 20:30 Asian Handicap (0), Ordinary Time by levsky
ODDS 1.64
Asian Handicap (0), Ordinary Time by levsky
02-12-2022 20:30 Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by JuanFutbol
ODDS 2.42
Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by JuanFutbol
02-12-2022 20:30 Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by vovan888
ODDS 2.36
Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by vovan888

3. UFC Betting Odds and Popular Bets

It is worth knowing that bookmakers such as William Hill and Bet365 offer attractive UFC betting odds on potential fights that may or may not happen. If they don’t take place by the end of the specified time, your UFC bet is null, and void and your stake returned.

When placing bets on UFC, there are several markets that are available. We’ve just mentioned the potential UFC match-ups but sites such as 1XBET and Bet365 will offer ante-post betting on confirmed bouts whether they be taking place in the next few months or sometime next year.

It’s possible to make UFC picks on who will win the fight and the method of victory such as a knock-out, via submission or a points decision. You can also make UFC bets on the round in which a fight will end. Sites like William Hill will offer in-play betting odds for UFC and these will change constantly during the fight depending on what is happening in the octagon.

Despite the controversy of the already mentioned famous Nurmagomedov vs McGregor contest, UFC is surely set to continue to grow, though the trash talking may be softened a bit. The coming months already have plenty of events for you to be placing UFC bets on and specific free UFC fight predictions and tips will be available for you on our website.

Placing bets on UFC at William Hill is pure pleasure!

4. UFC Live Streaming

Live stream for UFC is actually quite easy to find. First of all, depending on a country you live, you can watch fights and events in TV. However, if this is not a case and none of TV channels available for you show UFC, you can always turn to bookmakers.

In fact, most of them give the opportunity to watch UFC events and fights. Once you register at brands such as Bet365, 1XBET, William Hill or Unibet, you may be able to get the acces to UFC live streaming that will allow you to enjoy the best knockouts. Fore more information you can read the related article that is about UFC live streaming options only.

5. UFC FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

As you have already gathered basic information concerning UFC betting predictions, there are some final questions we don't want to left unanswered. Study them and be ready to make your own predictions and use UFC tips to place bets on UFC fights.

5.1 💥 What do the letters UFC stand for?

The letters UFC stand for the Ultimate Fighting Championship that is one of the best known organisations in the MMA field.

5.2 💥 Is there any difference between MMA and UFC?

MMA stands for mixed martial arts and it is the name of the sport, whereas UFC is the organisation that associates MMA fighters and holds MMA events.

5.3 💥 What are the weight divisions in MMA fighting?

The division is very similar to the divisions in other fighting sports. In MMA the devisions are: Heavyweight, Light-Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, Lightweight, Featherweight, Bantamweight, Flyweight and Strawweight (the last one only for women).

5.4 💥 What UFC events can I place bet on?

You can place bets on almost every UFC event, because most of the bookmarks provide their players with the UFC offer on a daily basis. Thus, you have a lot of opportunities to make a good use of our UFC betting tips.

Place your UFC bets here:

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