Lucky Symbol Contest

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Lucky Symbol Contest

The compelling “Find Lucky Symbol contest” is one of JohnnyBet's excellent free and recurring competitions, which offers account holders fantastic opportunities to play for big rewards. The cash prizes in Lucky Symbol online contest challenges, can be hugely significant, as we identify here.

Additionally, there is an explanation of how to join in with all the action; disclosure of what the lucky symbol actually is, and we reveal where and how to find it and then crucially, what to do next to enable players to fully enjoy a share of the growing Lucky Symbol prize pool.

1. What is the Lucky Symbol at JohnnyBet

Although this competition gives players the chance to find various symbols for cash rewards, the actual top prizes in the Lucky Symbol contest are won by finding a symbol representing a four-leaf clover, which is why it is also often referred to as the “Lucky Clover contest”.

This obviously is an acknowledgement that this variation of the clover is traditionally considered to be extremely lucky, due to the rarity of the plant. This coupled with the fact that the majority of the clovers, or shamrocks as they are also known, only have three leaves usually, which are said to represent faith, hope, and love; so the rare genetic occurrence of a fourth leaf is said to symbolise luck, which makes it the perfect choice for the lucky symbol.

2. How to Join Lucky Symbol Contest Online

To join Lucky Symbol contest online for free, all that an interested participant needs to do, is to sign up for a JohnnyBet account, in an extremely straightforward process, and then locate the “contests” page on the website. Here you will find several other fantastic competitions to choose from, but obviously, for this one, a player would just click on the “Find Lucky Symbol” option. So, it's completely different from our FIFA online tournament for PS4 and PS5 where you just have to play this game good enough to win.

Details of what is required from finding a lucky symbol forward will be displayed on the screen so that players can continue to attempt to find Lucky Clover and win money by simply using their own observational skills. It is all perfectly safe, and new members will quickly feel part of the larger JohnnyBet community, and enjoy the challenge of attempting to win money in Lucky Symbol contest for players, at this innovative platform.

3. How to Find Lucky Clover Symbol

As you would expect from any lucky symbol finding contest online, the key element involved, and therefore the skill-set required is observation. There is a real need to possess the ability to scrutinise an area of a screen, but crucially here it needs to be carried out with lightning speed. If you prefer a contest you can approach slower, take a look at our free contest for tipsters with prizes described in the related article.

The administrators of the Lucky Symbol, or Lucky Clover Symbol contest, will inform players of which symbols are available to be searched for, and provide imaginative clues as to how to find them. Then the ball is very much in the players' court to go and do exactly that, and do it as quickly as possible; as the average game time in this Lucky Clover online competition is incredibly less than forty seconds.

Looking for a great competition with rich prizes?

Players will need to copy and paste a specified phrase into a search engine of their choice, and then locate any results with a link to one of the active domains recognising the phrase, and for that reason, it is vital that it is copied over exactly as printed. If a symbol is found, a player should click on it to reveal a hidden code, which will need to be copied, before returning to the JohnnyBet site and its Lucky Clover online contest page. There a player will find a field for the code to be pasted into, so it is immediately apparent if there has been a successful outcome.

The clues are genuinely helpful, especially if a player is able to follow any hunches they might have and can pick up on subtle hints. Being perceptive can gain a player those essential few seconds, which can make all the difference between winning a prize - even potentially the jackpot - and missing out. And this is a nice addition if you're already a regular contestant in our online 1x2 tipping competition presented in the related article.

4. Lucky Symbol Free Contest with Prizes

There really is something exciting and addictive about the Lucky Symbol online contest with prizes being won - big and small - each and every day. Just knowing that there is potential to win a jackpot of €10,000, simply by using observational skills, makes this free Lucky Symbol competition with cash prizes as its reward, something that players will find hard to resist.

In addition to the maximum that this captivating Lucky Symbol contest with prizes can offer, there are also regular opportunities to walk away with winnings of €500 and €1,000; plus a consistent stream of smaller values, each making a player desperate to return to try and uncover a larger sum, at their next success.

This Lucky Symbol online competition with prizes has a prize pool which keeps on growing, and naturally the more times a player engages with the contest, the greater their chances of finding that precious four-leaf clover, and hitting the jackpot. Anybody who hasn't yet given this competition a try will quickly find themselves hooked after just one round.

There is no doubt that JohnnyBet has found a winning formula with the Lucky Symbol contest, so players should hesitate no longer, and “plant” themselves well and truly into the mix, in the quest for that four-leaf clover and a huge top prize.

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