What is Ante-Post Betting?

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What is Ante-Post Betting?

One of the keys to successful sports betting is understanding the terms involved. When you look for horse racing tips for example, you will find many terms are used, some of which are betting terms and others are horse racing specific.

One such horse racing betting term is ante-post betting. You will not get very far when betting on horse racing if you an unfamiliar with ante post prices and ante post tips. You will sometimes hear the term ante-post betting for other sports, such as football for example but it is closely linked with horse and greyhound racing and we will be using the former in the examples below.

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This article will help you become familiar with these betting terms as we answer the question; what is ante-post betting?

1. Ante Post Betting

Putting it simply, ante-post betting is a long term bet where the event, such as the Grand National, will not take place for some time. You could place a bet on a horse to win the Grand National in December when the race itself does not take place until April the following year. You can find example of Cheltenham 2024 ante post odds at JohnnyBet.

A similar ante post bet in football would be to place a bet on the winner of the Premier League just after the previous season has ended. Both of these are long term bets and classed as being ante post bets.

However, ante post tips do not always have to be so far in advance of the event itself. A bet placed the day before will also be classed as an ante post bet, especially in terms of horse racing. In most cases, the runners in a horse racing event must be declared at 10:00am the day before the race takes place and any bet placed prior to this is an ante post bet or sometimes referred to as a futures bet.

2. Why Place an Ante Post Bet?

Now we have answered the question; what is ante-post bettin? We will look at the reasons why you may consider placing an ante-post bet.

Many people choose to place a bet on horse racing at ante post prices because you will not find better odds at any other time. When bookmakers release their ante post odds, they are doing so without knowing which horses will actually run in the race. The number of horses named in ante post betting will usually be much larger than the number which will take part in the race itself.

So, if a bookmaker does not know for sure which horses will be involved in a race, you will find better odds during the ante post betting than you will on the day of the race, when all horses have been declared.

Furthermore, as the day of the race approaches, you will find more and more ante post tips become available and some horses will receive stronger backing than others.

As the day of the race gets nearer and more people back the same horse, the price for that horse will drop but if you have backed it at ante post prices, your odds will not change.

So, ante post betting certainly has its advantages, especially if you have received local knowledge about a horse which is in good form and will definitely start the race. However, there are also some things you must be aware of when ante post betting and these areas addressed in the FAQ section below.

3. Ante Post Betting FAQ

3.1 What Happens if You Back a Non-Runner?

Unfortunately, if you place an ante post bet and your horse does not run in the event, you will lose the bet. Occasionally, a bookmaker will run a special offer involving a refund or free bet but, in most cases, unless specified otherwise, you will lose the bet.

3.2 What Happens if a Horse Withdraws?

If you place a bet at ante post prices and a horse which is not your own pulls out of the race, nothing changes. Your horse will still run at the price on which you originally bet even if the price has dropped since. However, if you placed your bet on the day of the race, Rule 4 applies and your winnings might be affected.

3.3 What Does Ante Post Mean in Horse Racing?

So, to sum up, ante post betting in horse racing means placing a bet before the runners and riders have been announced, which is usually the day before the race. For example, you will find ante post prices and ante post tips for the major horse races, such as the Grand National and Cheltenham Gold Cup well in advance of the race every year.

Speaking of it: read out Cheltenham 2024 betting tips to know which horse to bet on.

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