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AFL Betting Tips

The most popular sport in Australia is Australian Rules Football, and we are excited to bring you our AFL betting tips article. AFL leads the ways in Australia for sports fans and in 2022, the total number of people who watched the AFL was over 6.5 million, and in 2024 it is expected only to grow. The 2021 AFL Grand Final had an average national audience of 4.11 million people, which is an incredible figure.

Australian Rules Football is a thrilling sport and can be compared to a combination of American football and basketball. The athleticism of the players is incredible, and some of the things the best players can do with the ball is amazing. There are also many big collisions in the AFL, making it one of the most physical sports on the planet. All that combines to make the AFL a fantastic sport for betting. On this page, you will find out everything you need to know about Australian rules betting, including AFL odds, AFL match previews, and how to make good AFL predictions today.

1. AFL Betting Fundamentals & Strategies

To bet on AFL, you need to know the basics of Australian rules football betting odds and markets. The Australian Football League is the leading and only fully professional competition of Australian rules football.

There are 18 teams in the league, and there is no promotion for relegation to or from the AFL. The Premiership season begins in March, with 24 rounds, and ends in August. Each team plays 23 matches and the top 8 teams go through to the final series, culminating in the Grand Final. Now you know the basics of the AFL, we can look more closely at AFL betting, beginning with the different types of AFL odds.

1.1 AFL Betting Odds

The AFL best bets and AFL footy tipping experts always find the best odds, for every game. If you want to know how to compare betting odds, you can either read our article, or use an AFL betting odds comparison tool to find the biggest odds for every bet, and many are available online.

The reason you must always try to use the best Australian rules football betting odds since if you fail to do so, you increase the potential losses. If you are betting regularly on the AFL, you could lose only a few dollars by not using the best odds on one game, but if you do that for every match, it soon begins to add up.

1.2 AFL Betting Markets

Placing an Australian football players bet adds a lot of excitement to a match because not only will you be supporting a team to win, but also watching an individual player closely in the hope they are going to score. There are many AFL betting markets to choose from, however, it is vital to only understand a few. The most popular markets for Australian rules betting are match winner, handicap betting, winning margin, totals, quarter/half markets, first goalscorer, most goals, and most disposals. Find all the details below:

AFL: Betting Types Details
Match Winner Only involves picking the team you think will win the game.
Handicap Betting Often used when a match is expected to be one-sided and the favorite is given a points handicap to overcome.
Winning Margin The final number of points by which a team will win the game.
Totals Betting Betting on the number of goals in the match and the first goalscorer, most goals, and/or many markets which are focused on the performance of individual players.

1.3 AFL Betting Tips

Similarly to how it is with strategies for virtual sports betting, all AFL expert tips will follow strategies that are used to produce an AFL prediction. For example, the best AFL betting tips will always analyze the form of the two teams, the head-to-head record of the two teams, the team news, the playing conditions (weather), and the motivation of each team to win. AFL footy tipping experts are using all this information to produce just one bet on AFL.

In terms of AFL best bets, these are when the odds are considered to be higher than they should be for the bet. For example, one team may be higher in the AFL table than the opponent, but the opposition has been in great form. The teams are moving in opposite directions, but because one team is higher in the table, they are considered the favorite to win by the bookies. That means the odds for the in-form team will be higher, making it a good bet.

2. Expert AFL Tips and Predictions

Following AFL betting tips every week is the perfect way to bet on the AFL. Why is it worth following AFL footy tipping experts? Footy tips experts do all the hard work, so you do not have to worry about spending hours online conducting research. Same as it is with our free boxing betting tips, the top AFL tipsters will be working throughout the week, analyzing the latest team news and player statistics to generate the most accurate football tips AFL.

However, it is worth noting that AFL expert tips 2024 are not always going to be 100% accurate and there will be times when the AFL betting tips are wrong and result in a losing bet. You must accept that if you are going to follow AFL tipping experts, no matter how good their record may be, there is always a chance the bet could lose. For instance, a key player might get injured during the match, and that changes things completely. However, that is the beauty of AFL live odds and we will come to that in more detail below.

AFL expert tipsters will often write AFL match previews and make their AFL predictions at the end of the preview. Most of the time these are good AFL betting tips to follow because they present the facts and reasoning behind the tips in the preview. You can see why the AFL tipping experts have come to their decision, rather than simply seeing the tip in isolation, without knowing why the person offering the AFL betting tip has come to that conclusion.

In addition, the leading AFL tipsters will be happy to show their previous betting record and have their overall success rate on show. For instance, they could share an information that they have one a tipster competition. That way, when someone calls themselves an expert at betting on AFLthey are telling the truth.

3. AFL Match Previews and AFL In-Play Betting

3.1 AFL Match Previews

We have already touched on AFL match previews and in-play betting above, and they both play a key role in successful AFL punting. Detailed AFL match previews can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed bet on the game. Form, team news, weather, head-to-head record, and motivation to win are all vital ingredients in a good AFL match preview.

They are also the key to making successful AFL tips and using AFL match previews is highly recommended when betting on the AFL. The official AFL website is a good place to begin and this is the home of AFL match previews.

You will find a comprehensive statistics page for every team and player, plus they have their own tipping section, where you can follow the latest AFL betting tips. There are videos and podcasts packed full of information about upcoming AFL matches on the official AFL website.

3.2 In Game AFL Betting

AFL in-play betting is much like betting live on any other sport. It gives you the opportunity to follow the opening exchanges of the match before placing your bets. For many punters, in-game AFL betting is more exciting because you can follow the match live and place bets during the game.

Betting in-game is now possible with the best bookmakers in Australia!

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It is also a good way to bet on a favorite to win at bigger odds. If the outsider to win the game starts strongly, the odds for the favorite will drift out, and you can place the bet at bigger odds than were available before the game started.

Perhaps an AFL team is known for making fast starts and even if they are the outsider, they could start well against a stronger team, only to fall away as the match progresses. You must keep track of games as they are taking place using live AFL scores 2024 and by finding out who’s playing AFL tonight.

If you have placed a bet before the match, and you feel the bet is going to lose, because of a key player injury for example, you could cash out the bet. That would mean taking a smaller loss rather than waiting and losing all the money, if you strongly believe the bet is going to ultimately lose.

The finest online bookmakers, such as bet365 and Unibet that offer AFL live betting use real-time data when creating in-play AFL betting odds. AFL odds Sportsbet is a good example, and this online sportsbook updates their live odds instantly when there are changes in the match, such as a goal. Without access to real-time AFL data, live betting on AFL would be impossible.

Finally, it is also vital to use only the bookmakers who offer either the best odds or the most profitable bonuses. Fortunately, both bet365 and Unibet are on the list the best promo codes for casinos and bookmakers in Australia, but if you have already used their welcome bonuses, then please read the article to find more beneficial options available for you in 2024.

4. AFL Betting Tips: Q&A

4.1 ❔ Who has won the most AFL Premierships?

Collingwood, Essendon, and Carlton have each won the AFL Grand Final 16 times, and as for 2024 they have the biggest winning score in AFL.

4.2 ❔ Is AFL live betting available?

Yes, all the top online sportsbooks such as bet365 and Unibet offer in-play AFL betting for their customers, and we think it is a great way to enhance the betting experience.

4.3 ❔ Should I follow AFL expert tips?

Since there are many excellent AFL betting tips available throughout the season for punter interested in AFL, it is very beneficial to consider using them for betting on AFL.

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