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Aljosa was born in 1978 in Kraljevo, Serbia. After completing senior year of high school in the US, he studied psychology at the University of Belgrade. Turning full time to writing commercial as well as artistic content in his mid-20’s, he is working in this niche ever since. He is very fluent in the English language and capable of delivering native-level quality of text for a variety of purposes.

Since 2018, Aljosa is enjoying a fruitful collaboration with JohnnyBet and regularly contributing content for this website. In addition to this engagement, he also works as a freelance contractor for a variety of other clients from around the world. He owns a small creative agency located in Belgrade and works remotely through several online platforms such as LinkedIn.

In terms of topics and style, Aljosa is very versatile and capable of adjusting his writing to the requirements of the project. Some of his areas of expertise include professional sports (basketball, soccer, football, baseball…), sportsbetting and gambling, technology, video games, movies and TV, digital marketing, travel, business management, and many others. Whenever possible, Aljosa relies on his own experience and previous knowledge to make his work unique and meaningful.

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