Best Horse Racing Sites and Apps in the USA

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Best Horse Racing Sites and Apps in the USA

Thanks to steady popular demand, horse track betting in the USA remains a strong and profitable industry, which drives very intense competition for the status of best horse racing sites and apps in the USA. Consequently, if you are wondering where to bet on Kentucky Derby in USA the answer is not immediately clear since there are so many sites that accept bets on this race and offer solid conditions. There is a trend towards horse betting online in the US, largely driven by the legalization of sports betting nationwide, so chances are that you will find a great place to wager on horses on the internet.

This article tries to deal with the question where to bet on horse racing in the USA in a definitive way and provide some legitimate and reliable options for the bettors. Since this market is very dynamic and new competitors appear on a regular basis, it’s necessary to make a comprehensive analysis and take into account details of each offer. In addition to helping the players choose the best horse racing betting apps in the USA, we will also explain the easiest ways to make a winning bet from your computer or phone.

1. How to Pick the Best Horse Racing Betting App and Website

Let’s start with setting some criteria for evaluating horse betting websites in the USA as this should be one of the crucial points in any beginner's guide to betting on horse racing. Some of the most important factors to consider are the general reputation of the gambling brand and its owner, the depth of its offering for horse racing, existence of any bonuses or incentives, and good odds for a wide variety of horse racing events and possible outcomes. Of course, each bettor has a slightly different list of priorities, so the best choice may not be the same for everyone. Still, we can identify a group of high-profile bookmakers that meet all of the aforementioned criteria and represent safe picks for horse wagering in the US.

Most notably, big global brands like bet365 can deliver first-class experience and offer very attractive conditions, such as free bets and large bonuses. There are also many emerging US-based companies that are rushing to meet the growing demand for legal betting. Making a direct comparison between horse betting apps in the USA may require you to explore all of the options in some detail and to learn more about the specific policies they have in place, such as wagering requirements, ID verification, withdrawal limits, etc. Only then you can make a fully informed decision.

Making the most of the banoses offered by these top brands will be easier once you get familiar with different types of bets. If you wonder what ante-post betting is, take a look at our article.

2. Top Betting Apps to Bet on Horse Racing in the USA

Since mobile betting is very convenient and nearly effortless, a large percentage of US players prefers to place their wagers using a native app for iOS or Android. This percentage is steadily increasing, and it is followed by rapidly improved horse racing betting apps welcome offers and other perks. Since mobile betting is faster and doesn’t require the bettor to remain shackled to his desk, in some cases it may be easier to recognize a great potential bet and react before it’s too late if you are using one of the top horse racing betting apps in the USA.

There are plenty of mobile apps that support betting on horses and accept players from the United States, so again some research and testing might be necessary. Some of the better known names from this group include the mobile versions of major gambling brands like BetRivers, where you can take advantage of our BetRivers affiliate code for new players. It won’t be hard to learn how to download horse racing betting apps on iOS, and you should be able to quickly master the interface and start placing bets on your iPhone in real time. Similarly, those who know how to download horse racing betting apps on Android have an excellent choice of options and shouldn’t expect any bugs or technical problems.

3. Best Horse Racing Betting Sites in the USA

We previously outlined the main factors that decide which horse racing betting websites in the USA deserve to be trusted and provide the most attractive horse racing betting odds. Using this approach, it won’t take you long to whittle the list down to 3 or 4 most serious candidates. A great place to start is one of the international powerhouses like bet365, so that you can compare their offer with lesser known contenders that might offer better race odds and bonuses. You should pay special attention to local horse racing gambling sites in the USA, as they are continually getting more numerous and more competent, and their coverage of North American equestrian scene tends to be more complete. This group of horse betting sites in the USA includes BetRivers and several other sportsbooks.

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites in the USA

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Since the odds for each horse to win or place are clearly displayed, you won’t need to spend a lot of time deliberating how to bet on horse races in the USA. Of course, it helps to understand how parley bets and similar features work or what a trixie bet is, as well as to be at least cursorily familiar with the horses participating in the race and the specificities of the racetrack. The final step is choosing the exact bet you want to make based on the comparison of odds from best US horse racing betting sites and calculating the amount you have to risk in order to get a big payout. If the risk is too great, you might also want to make a hedging bet on the same race.

4. Best Horse Racing Betting Sites and Apps in the USA FAQ

4.1 🏇 What is the best online horse racing betting site?

As we explained above, there are many candidates to be recognized as best horse racing betting sites in the USA. A few up and coming gambling brands active in the American market that you shouldn’t overlook include BetRivers and bet365.

4.2 🏇 Which apps let you bet on horse racing?

Practically all of the gambling websites we mentioned above are available from mobile if you download an app. In fact, many mobile-first players tend to choose the place to play based on best US horse racing betting apps released by gambling operators. We would like to single out BetRivers as an example of a great mobile app.

4.3 🏇 Which horse racing betting apps have the best promo codes?

Since promotions change periodically and promo codes expire after a certain period, it is difficult to say which of the top horse racing betting sites in the USA currently has the best offer. If you want to catch a promo code deal that grants large bonuses, you need to follow the market and take action as soon as a new promotion is announced.

4.4 🏇 Which betting apps provide the best horse racing odds?

In a very competitive market, best horse racing sites and apps in the USA often have similar odds on equestrian events, so it is best to consult several apps, such as bet365 and Betrivers, and cross-reference the offers.

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